The Cause of Peyronies Disease

Peyronies Disease
NOT Really a "Disease"

How do I fix Peyronies Disease?

Peyronies disease is one of the most misunderstood  conditions that exists. It is NOT an actual "disease". It is a developed condition that scares most men terribly.

a Peyronies bent penis is easy to correct
99.99% of the time

Let's take a look at how and why:

Safe Effective
Non-Surgical Penis Straightening

That is correct: This bending is not an actual "disease".

Once you understand exactly what has happened to your erections, you will be much more able to make an effective choice for truly straightening them out again.

The reason I say that is: the majority of treatments currently used today do not work effectively.

However,  99.99% of the time, a penis with this peyronies disease condition can be effectively straightened again. And, surgery is not considered the best option by most men. Or, even most doctors worldwide!

You Don't Need

As I keep saying, Peyronies disease is not really a disease. It is a developed condition. And I keep repeating this because men get so scared by it that a lot of what they read doesn't sink in.

They just keep living in fear and looking in panic for a "cure" for something that has no "cure". But, peyronies disease is relatively easy to correct.

Correcting this condition is also usually very simple and easy.

And, I know, right at this moment that may seem quite unbelievable to you. But, 99.99% of the time, this is true.

You Don't Need a Peyronies "Cure"

I want you to understand clearly what is actually happening with Peyronies "disease".

So, let's take a similar situation so that the actual problem is easier to understand.

If you cut your face badly and got a big scar across your cheek, would you need a "cure" to get rid of it?

That almost sounds like a really stupid question, doesn't it?

Of course you would not be looking for a "cure"! It's just a scar. And that scar can be removed. But, you know it is not a disease. And the idea of a "cure" does not even cross your mind.

In my whole life I never heard anyone say, "Oh my gosh, a while back I cut my face. Now I have a scar, and, I need to find a cure for it." And, I'll bet you haven't that either.

The same hold true for what is happening inside of a penis with Peyronies disease.

HOWEVER, there are simple, safe, effective, definite, clinically proven methods to correct the problem. And the one proven safest and most effective does not even involve penis surgery.

This wonderfully effective method is also medically recommended in 29 countries worldwide.

Do I hear a sigh of relief??

If you keep reading, you'll see the news gets even better....

What Causes
The Horrible Bending?

Here's the explanation:

Peyronies disease is a curvature or bending of the penis during erection, that is caused by a scar and/or plaque formation inside the shaft of the penis on one or more of the erectile chambers (the parts that fill with blood to cause your erections).

What causes Peyronies Disease?

What is Peyronies disease?

Peyronies disease can be caused by a single scar/plaque formation or multiple formations. The erection will bend in the direction of the scar(s). It may be up, down or to either side or any angle in between. It all depends on where the scars are.

If you are very unfortunate it may curve in more than one direction.

That's ALL peyronies disease is. That's all. Nothing more. It's really quite simple.

Peyronies Disease
NOT a "Disease"

Now, Peyronies Disease (although an incorrect terminology) is the term I will continue using in this article only because that is what this condition is commonly called. And, it may be what your doctor told you is causing your erectile problem.

So, don't worry about the word "disease" here anymore.

Correctly named it would be "Peyronies Condition". And that is how you should now think about it.

This condition is not contagious. You didn't catch it, you can't spread it. And, your children will not inherit it any more than any other scar you get this lifetime.

I hope you are getting a little more at ease with your situation now. So, let's continue and see how it most likely happened and what is considered the most effective and safest  way to correcting it.

How Did I Get
Bent Penis?

A Bent Penis caused by Peyronies Disease.

The cause of Peyronies Disease.

If there is an internal scar, there had to be an internal trauma (injury) of some kind.

Now, a scar/plaque formation is simply Mother Nature's way of healing a wound and trying to make that area stronger so that it has less chance of being broken or torn  again in the future.

"But, I haven't hurt my penis since I was in college having all kinds of rough sex." is a typical reply I hear from middle age men.

And, there in lies their answer.

Peyronies disease can develop 10, 20 or more years after the original injury and scar formed. This is a concept a lot of people do not understand.

Can You Explain This,

Peyronies Disease in mid life.

As we get older our bodies change a bit. I'm sure you've noticed.

Our hair thins a bit. It's easier to gain weight. We're not quite as athletics as we were in our 20s. Our eyes stiffen and need glasses when we read. Many eyes also get cataracts, etc… Kids never have these problems.

And, some of us have a genetic inheritance where our scar tissue may harden considerably, or get more fibrous, as we age. We are the ones who usually get peyronies disease.

So, for us, the softer supple scars of our youth become a lot harder and denser later on in life. Sometimes even 20 or more years later than when they originally formed.

In any other part of our bodies this usually makes no difference. So we don't notice it.

But, when we have an erection, our penis may stretch out to 4 or 5 times it's relaxed size.

The old hardened scar may now only be capable of a tiny stretch. So, our soft penis looks normal, BUT, our erection now curves off in the direction of the scar(s).

That's the mechanics of what is happening with peyronies disease.

There is No Mystery
Peyronies Disease

This hardening of the scars  later in life is also why some "authorities" say peyronies disease is a mystery. Hogwash!! Those "authorities" are simply unaware of this scar thickening/hardening phenomenon.

Peyronies disease is no mystery at all. It's a cause and effect Universe we live in. And, once you understand what has actually happened, Peyronies Disease will be no mystery to you either.

You have a trauma (Usually rough or over eager sex. Maybe you missed the vagina on a forceful thrust and your erection bent painfully for an instant… I would guess that to be the most common reason.).

It may have only hurt a little.

When your erection was bent, an internal erectile chamber sustained a small tear (the "trauma"). If you didn't break your penis, you probably never even saw a bruise. And most likely you forgot all about it in the next day or two.

 But, a scar formed in there.

Why Did It Happen To Me

Why does Peyronies Disease usually happen to men who are older?

You were young and the scar was soft and pliable so nothing seemed to have changed. Your erections remained strong and straight for years.

However, many more years later, when that scar started to harden,  your erections started bending. You probably didn't even notice it when it first began. But, the more that tissue hardened the more your erections bent.

Or, maybe you were looking at your erection one day and said to yourself, "Hmmm. I never realized my penis had a slight curve to it.

Now, they are bending! Possibly severely and horribly! And, maybe with accompanying pain during erection (from pulling the scar too hard).

Maybe your erections are now so bent that you can not even have intercourse without  causing yourself or your partner pain.

That's the "Mystery" to peyronies disease. That's all there is to it.

But, I know personally: When your erections start bending like this it is a really scary thing to see happen!

"Will My Peyronies Disease
Go Away In Time?"

Will Peyronies Disease go away by itself?

Does peyronies disease go away on it's own? Usually not. And, it is often accompanied by it's own erectile dysfunction problems.

But, Can It Be Fixed?

99.99% of the time: YES! Absolutely. And you almost never need to have it done surgically.

Straightening your penis will also cause the erectile dysfunction problems caused by peyronies disease to disappear also. Good news!! So, forget the erectile dysfunction treatments and worries until you straighten out your penis. You very well might not need them at all.

You may never get your erections perfectly straight again. But, workably, usefully and decently looking straight, yes. Almost always.

And, here's an interesting statistic: Over 50% of the male population has some kind of minor curve or bending in their erection. I'll bet you didn't know that. Right?

Oh, I know. I know! Yours seems so bent right now that you think you are one of the 0.01% that is beyond salvation. That's what I thought about mine!

And for you, like it was for me, that is most probably not true. 90 degree bends are common with peyronies disease. AND, even bends like this are usually very easy to correct very nicely.

Do I Straighten the Bend?

"There are a large number of "remedies" being sold for peyronies disease these days.

And: Most of Them Do Not Work Effectively!"

The clinical results are easy to find if you scan the web.

By that I mean: Most of the available treatments  for peyronies disease will not give much more than a small correction. After these lame treatments, you will still have an embarrassingly bent penis that may not be useful for intercourse because it causes your partner too much pain.

I will be explaining all of these current methods available on the different pages of this website.

However:  The method clinically proven to be the

  • Safest

  • Easiest

  • and, Most Effective

correction for peyronies disease was developed in 1994 by a Penis Surgery Specialist named Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, M.D.. Dr. Siana is a director and founder of the Scandinavian Clinic of Plastic Surgery in Germany and Denmark.

The method is called penis traction.

Correct Penis Traction is the safest medically endorsed and recommended treatment for Peyronies Disease.

The method is so effective that it is now medically recommended and endorsed in 29 countries worldwide:

USA • Canada • United Kingdom • Belgium • Denmark • France • Italy • Brazil • Switzerland • Sweden • Holland • Germany • Taiwan • Thailand • Uruguay • Portugal • Japan • Argentina • Philippines • Serbia • Venezuela • Luxembourg • Australia • Andorra • Mexico • Chile • Malaysia • Tunisia • Norway

His original device was developed to use on a penis after surgery so that it would heal straight.

He later found that this same traction device, used regularly and correctly, could stretch out the scar(s) in peyronies disease and enable a man's erections to become straight again.

That was an Amazing discovery! And a great thing for thousands of men. It removes the need for surgery in most cases AND it does not come with all the possible horrible side effects of a penis surgery.

Correct penis traction is:
 Medically Endorsed and Recommended
 in 29 countries worldwide

Don't Be Confused
By The Advertising

Even more remarkable is that Dr. Siana found you could actually add length and even width to a penis with it's continued use.

The original penis traction device was not invented as a male enhancement (the current politically correct term for: penis enlargement) device. Traction, or continued pulling, is simply is the only actual way of making a penis longer. There are no pills, or patches or creams that will do this.

Male enhancement, or penis enlargement, is very popular with a lot of younger men. About 20 to 1 buy a device for lengthening rather than straightening.

So, don't get confused when you read the various advertisements for these traction units. They are clinically proven to be the best  penis straightening devices available in the world today.

You Want to Choose
A High Quality Penis Traction Device

You have to be careful when choosing a penis traction device.

There are currently about 23 different copies of this device available on the market today.

Unfortunately, very few are made really well.

I have personally researched every one of them. And, there are only two manufacturers  that meet All of my personal requirements for both safety and effectiveness.

These two brands are Quick Extender Pro and Pro Extender.

Quick Extender Pro for Peyronies Disease penis straightening.Quick Extender Pro

ProExtender for Peyronies Disease penis straightening.Pro Extender

These two companies make the best penis traction devices available on the market today. And, surprisingly, their very best units cost under $300. That's it!

If you're on a tight budget you can even get a decent basic kit from either company for under $180.

Stay Away From
Inferior Products

Do yourself a very BIG favor. Stay away from inferior products.

I have found the other traction devices, though they may appear to look the same, are usually made of inferior materials and/or have inferior construction. Some are outright dangerous in my opinion.

What does this mean to you? It means you can save $60 by buying a cheaper device.

 BUT,  if one of those cheap devices breaks on your and punctures or tears your penis, or causes the tip of your penis to become permanently dark red or purple from broken blood vessels (usually a permanent condition), was it with the $100 you saved??

Be smart. It will cost you under $200 for one of the very best devices money can buy. If you can't afford to do it right today, wait until you can.

What About
Penis Surgery?

Peyronies Disease penis surgery.

Surgery will usually do the job for Peyronie's disease also. In fact, it's the only other method with proven satisfactory results. And, in some rare cases it is necessary for a straightening. That is not common. The cost of this type of penis surgery is usually about $8,000 - $12,000.


This type of penis surgery comes with some really horrible possible side effects including and not limited to:

  • Inability to attain or maintain an erection (Erectile Dysfunction)
  • Lack of sensation
  • Inability to achieve orgasm

Nice, huh?! You no longer have peyronies disease, but your penis no longer works….

So much for quick and easy. It's a terrible risk to take. And, almost always unnecessary. Especially when you can do this instead, for under $300:

Is penis traction effective for straightening a bent penis caused by Peyronies Disease?

Don't Make
A Tragic Mistake

Here's where you need to do some serious realistic thinking.

First, there are only 2 choices that have clinically proven to effectively straighten out a bent or curved penis caused by peyronies disease. Surgery and correct penis traction. That's it.

But, I encourage you to read about the other methods currently being tried so you know just how poorly they perform. And, most of them are not inexpensive either. I will be listing them all on the Navigation Bar on the left side of this page so you can study them.

For Peyronies disease, correct penis traction has clinically proven to be the winner by far. Far superior even to surgery. Mostly because it comes with none of the possible horrible side effects of the surgery.

Traction will also save you about $11,500 over the surgery.

Penis surgery wins in the speed category. You should be ready to use your penis sexually again in about 2-3 months after the surgery.

Unless of course, you get erectile dysfunction from all the nerves that are cut during the surgery. Then you may be out of commission for years, or in the worst cases, permanently. An unnecessary and truly stupid risk to take.

Correct traction will probably take you 6 months to a year to get a final result. But,your penis should normally be very functional  before you are done with the straightening process.

The Answer
Seems Almost Too Obvious

The smart answer to a peyronies disease condition seems almost just too obvious now. Doesn't  it?

Maybe you doubt that even the best traction device could straighten your incredibly bent, terribly embarrassing, and deformed looking penis (No meanness intended here. That's how I felt about my own.)

But: Knowing what the possible horrible consequences of surgery can be, for only $200, doesn't it make sense to give correct traction a try FIRST?

You'll Get a
Money Back Guarantee

That's how well these devices work.

You get: Guaranteed Results:  Yes, guaranteed. The units I mentioned and like come guaranteed by the manufacturers. If you're not satisfied with your results in 6 months, you can get your money back.

How many companies stand behind their products like that anymore?

Both of these devices are:

  • Medically Recommended and Endorsed

  • Classified as Class 1 Medical Devices

  • Made from the Best Medical Grade Materials

  • Carry the "CE" stamp of safety given to medical devices by European Health Authorities

On the other hand: If you are one of the unlucky ones who become impotent from an expensive peyronies disease surgery, can you get your old working penis OR your money back??

That risk was just too much for me.

You Don't Have to
Continue Suffering

There's no reason to continue worrying or living in fear of becoming impotent from a penis surgery.

Younger or older, correct penis traction has helped tens of thousands of men around the world. And it has proven to be safer and more effective than any other method for correcting a bent or curved penis.

If you are like 99.99% of men, you now know: you don't have to continue suffering from Peyronies Disease.

Peyronies Disease penis straightening results #1.
Peyronies Disease penis straightening results #2.
Peyronies Disease penis straightening results #3.

Be Well….. 

~ William

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