Do Penis Pumps Work?

do penis pumps work

Do penis pumps work? This is a question I have been asked many many times. And, it always makes me laugh because I keep thinking of Austin Powers in the movie where he keeps denying that the penis (enlarging) pump is his!

Sorry! It was just so funny in the movie!

So, back to the question: Yes and No. It depends on what you are using a penis pump for.

First, let's see what they really do:

Do Penis Pumps Work?

Pumps work by vacuum aspiration (this simply means they create a vacuum around your shaft). By squeezing a bulb, or using a plunger, or electric pump, air is sucked out of the cylinder that is placed over your shaft.

vacuum penis pump

As the air is sucked out, a stronger and stronger vacuum is created around your shaft. Your shaft gets pulled into the cylinder. The blood pressure within your shaft causes extra blood to rush into the erectile tissue. This causes engorgement (erection).

Then a round clamp is used to hold the extra blood in the created erection for about 30 minutes. Clamping it any longer can cause serious problems.

The erection caused by a pump is not the same as a normal erection. It is softer and spongier.

Penis Pumps
Erectile Dysfunction

Do they work for men with erectile dysfunction? Yes, they can. And very well! This is what they are best suited for. And, unlike surgery and implants, pumps are also totally non invasive.

penis pump to create an erection

The penis pump does not cure erectile dysfunction.

The pump can create an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse.

You get what is called a "manufactured erection".

It is not as hard as a true erection.

This erection can be a great benefit to men suffering with ED (erectile dysfunction), or impotence. Medically:  penis pumps have been recommended to those with diabetic conditions or where Viagra type drugs are not effective.

If you have certain health conditions like blood coagulation, sickle cell anemia, or you take blood thinner medications you may need to be more cautious with these devices. Talk with your doctor about it first.

The pump is actually classified as a medical device. Many of the better ones are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Can pumps work for erectile dysfunction? For these men, generally yes!

You want to be sure to use a high quality product with a vacuum regulator.

advanced penis pumppenis pump with a gauge and vacuum regulator


Now, let's also look at the other reasons these devices are used:

Do Penis Pumps Work

Do they work for enlarging your erection? NO. Obviously. If they could do that every man would have an 8 or 9 inch cock. Right? AND, the devices would then cost thousands of dollars instead of about fifty to a few hundred dollars.

Because they can make your cock larger than when it was limp, the manufacturers can legally claim the devices enlarge your cock.

The reason they do not work as actual enlargers is that they do not stretch the tissues of the skin enough to make it actually grow and become larger.

"They can, however,
cause severe blood vessel damage
when they are used too often and too aggressively."

To really increase the size of your dick you need to stretch the penile tissues sufficiently. And you want to be sure to do that safely the way a high quality traction device does.

Penis Pumps, or, Penis Traction?

A penile traction device is the only way to get real and permanent size increase. As much as an inch is possible! (don't believe the ads that say you'll get 3" longer. You won't.)

a Bent or Curved Erection

Do penis pumps work for straightening a bent erection?

Again, NO. Well, at least not effectively. Only about half as effectively as a high quality traction device does.

“Both the PTT (penis traction therapy) and VED (vacuum erectile device/penis pump) groups had reduced penile curvature at 8 weeks compared with measurements at week 4 and control group at week 8.

Penile curvature was reduced by 65% in the PTT (penis traction) group and by 33% in the VED (penis pump) group.”
reference:  “Nonsurgical Peyronie’s Treatments Compared”, Renal and Urological News

As you can see, the traction device delivers twice the results. And, traction is much easier to use.

The pump causes blood to flow into your shaft. It does a very weak job in elongating the scar tissue or to balance the existing shorter and longer tissues that exist in a curved or bent penis.

Do They Work As
A Sexual Toy?

Do they work as a sexual toy?

Yes. They can be fun! For some men the feeling of the blood flowing into their cock is highly erotic. But caution must be used here because too much vacuum pressure can cause the blood vessels to burst and cause serious complications.

Do Penis Pumps Work

The sensation of the flowing blood caused by the vacuum is very pleasurable to some men. For these men they are often used as a form of masturbation. And, some men just like the way their cock looks all stretched out in the cylinder.

Do penis pumps work for these men? Yes.

Are There
Possible Harmful Side Effects?

"Do penis pumps work?" is not the only consideration. Used according to directions, they are normally safe for most men to use. Many of the better ones have been classified as medical devises for use in ED (erectile dysfunction or impotence).

BUT: There are possible side effects which can include:

  • Hemorrhagic (broken blood vessels) spots on the penis
  • Numbness or coldness of shaft
  • Pain
  • A bruised cock
  • A sense of trapped semen during ejaculation or after ejaculation


Do penis pumps work? Are they safe to use?

These devices are classified as medical devices for use in ED (erectile dysfunction or impotence) by the FDA. A device with a vacuum limiter is always recommended.

According to the FDA, they are normally safe if the directions are followed.

But, like many things, They can be dangerous if misused!

You must be sure to follow the instructions closely. One with a vacuum limiter should always be used.

The American Urological Association recommends only those devices that come with a "vacuum limiter." This vacuum limiter automatically lets in air if too much vacuum pressure builds up in the tube. Excessive vacuum pressure can cause penile bruising. It can also cause serious tissue damage from rupture in the capillaries.

Do penis pumps work? Yes, and, most men can use them comfortably. But, remember, overuse or abuse can cause injury problems. And, men with weak or delicate tissues can have serious complications from using these devices.


do penis pumps work #2

Do penis pumps work? Yes, they enable blood to fill the shaft causing a semi hard erection. It's an erection that can be sexually useful and a great joy for those who suffer from ED (impotence, erectile dysfunction).

Do penis pumps work as sexual toys? They can. Some men find them fun.

But, do penis pumps work to straighten your bent erection or enlarge your cock? No. Don't listen to the hype. You'll be very disappointed. To straighten or enlarge your cock you need the correct type of equipment.

And remember, if you decide to try a penis pump, they should always be used with extreme care and moderation.

Be Well.....

~ William

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