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Hi. My name is William Zmachinsky. I am the author and creator of The Bent Penis Website. I'd like to tell you a little about me and how this website came to be.

The Reason
This Website Exists

I want you to succeed.

There is an effective,  safe and natural approach, that can be effective for most men who suffer from Peyronies Disease. A bent penis.

I want you to avoid all the anguish I went through.

I want you to have a normal sex life again, and, to achieve this in the safest possible way.

I started this website for one reason. To share some very important information with men like you, who developed Peyronies Disease, a bent penis, as I once did.

On this website, I will be explaining the exact method used for my own succes. A method that has proven successful for tens of thousands of other men also.

It is the Safest medically endorsed and recommended method available that has proven effective. It requires no surgery, injections, or drugs. And it costs under $300.

After straightening my penis with this method, the erectile dysfunction that my bent penis caused also disappeared.

Peyronies Disease
Greatly Misunderstood

Here’s the most important thing I learned about Peyronies Disease, a bent penis:

There is huge amount of  misunderstanding when it comes to Peyronies disease. The first thing being that it is labeled a “disease”. I learned that it is not.

It doesn’t involve viruses, bacteria, sexual transmission, etc., etc....

It is simply some hardened tissue inside our shaft that does not stretch out enough during erection.

This makes our erections bend. Horribly and severely for some of us.

Now, you didn’t catch it from someone. You can’t give it to anyone else. It’s not a “disease”.

It’s some hardened scar tissue. Inside your shaft

That’s all.

And, it may be making your erections bend hideously right now. Possibly painfully.

I Wish
I Had Known This

Had I known that when it first happened to me, my life and emotional stability would have been in a much better place. You may be in a similar situation.

It made me totally upset and depressed to think I had some disease “that no one knows the cause of”.

I really thought something terrible had happened to me.

If you are feeling the same way now, I hope my story and the information I share with you on this website will help you on your way to nice straight hard erections again. And, a normal sex life again.

Had someone told me how easy it could be to straighten my horribly bent penis, without a surgery,  I wouldn’t have suffered with it for so long.

I Wanted a Straight Penis Again
Surgery Scared Me

Here’s my own story:

I wanted a straight penis again, and, I didn’t understand why I now also had Ed (erectile dysfunction). What was wrong with me?

The first thing I learned about straightening out my penis was that surgery would do it.

As a side note:  Before 1994, penis surgery was the only medically approved method proven to work successfully.

Geeze! I really didn’t want to cut myself up down there. I saw some of the surgical photos. They made me ill. But, I was willing to do it if I could have my penis back.

The cost of that surgery was also prohibitive for me at the time. Almost $9,000. That was in 2006.

And, if I got the surgery, would I lose sensation? Would I still be able to achieve orgasm? Would I need Viagra or some other stimulant to overcome my erectile dysfunction? My head was spinning.

My anxiety and depression grew daily. I’m sure you can relate.

I did more and more research. I am actually a research geek. I don’t take a lot of major steps in my life without a huge amount of study.

Back then the internet was not what it is today. Research was very time consuming and there were many dead ends.

I Read About EVERY Type
Peyronies Disease Treatment

  • I learned about the different types of Peyronies surgery. Yes, it is performed in a number of ways. Some of the newer methods seemed far less invasive. And, were having very good success.

  • I learned about the drugs being tried.

  • I poured over every study and clinical trial of the injections being tried.

  • I read all the available reports on the creams.

  • I studied all the “exercises”........

  • I wanted to know what my options were.

Well, I also learned most of these things weren’t working very well. And, I really didn’t have the funds or desire to experiment with my penis.

Surgery seemed to be the only option with proven straightening results.

After 2 years of horrible bending, and, then weak useless erections, I began researching the different surgeons I could find who do this kind of penis surgery for me.

The Penis Surgery Specialist
who saved me from surgery

In my surgical quest, I landed on a penis surgery specialist in Denmark named Dr. Jorn Ege Siana. He  turns out to be the inventor of the modern penis traction device. I learned that he developed a penis traction device that was getting breakthrough results.

He originally invented this device simply to keep men’s penises straight after their penis surgery.

But, with some experimentation, Dr. Siana then found he could do the entire straightening with the device alone.

I liked the sound of that. That sounded right to me. And, the cost was minimal.

I wanted to try that first.

I put the surgery off.

Many Choices

This part was a bit confusing and a bit of an ordeal.

I found there were a number of companies making copies of his device. There are many more now. It took me a long time to distinguish what I thought was the best one. Many of the devices looked like junk.

I chose the one I thought looked strongest and safest. After everything I had read, Safety was my #1 concern. I didn’t want to compound my problems. It also came with a money back guarantee.

I bought it. Then I used it relentlessly.


can you fix a bent penis with correct penis traction?

It took some time, but I was relentless. I wanted my penis back. I just wouldn’t give up.

It turns out: It is very easy to use. You just have to do it every day.

Time went on.

After a number of months, not weeks, but months, I began getting decently straight erections again. And, even more exciting, I WAS GETTING ERECTIONS AGAIN. Nice, usable, decently hard ones. Straighter and straighter. And, they kept getting better and harder.

Both of my problems solved simultaneously! Do you know how exciting that was?

With just penis traction. Not quickly by any means. About 9 months. But, that was it for me. I never needed the device again since then.

The device I chose cost me $495. Total. Good price. Right? Today, the same quality device sells for under $300. And, the ones I found to be best even come with a money back guarantee.

As a reporter, I knew this was something a lot of other men like myself would want to know about.

And, that is how this website was born.

My Credentials

No, I am not a medical doctor. I don’t have a degree in anything medical. I am a research scientist and reporter.

Mostly, I’m a guy just like you. But, one who has done an extraordinary amount of research on Peyronies Disease, a bent penis, the erectile dysfunction it can cause, and every treatment ever tried to fix the problem.

As I stated, I am a research scientist and reporter. I do not diagnose or prescribe for anyone. Please don’t ask me to. But, if you have any other type of question, you can contact me here.

What I do is research and report empirical data. Things that work in the real world for real people.

Regardless of what is supposed to be or not supposed to be. I want to know what is actually working in real life. I report what have been actual experiences and actual real life results.

If, like for me, that’s good enough for you, I know you will find this website of great interest.

Anyone Can Locate
This Information

There is nothing on this site you can not find yourself elsewhere if you don’t mind spending a few years and countless hours looking for it, and studying the reports as I did.

Or, you can speed up your search, just read through the site, and, hopefully have your own epiphany, do what you need to, and attain great results as I finally did.

The fact is:

Straightening a bent penis is easy 99.99% of the time.

My Passion For Natural Health

Learning about natural health solutions is my passion.

No, I am not adverse to medical intervention when necessary. Not at all. But, I really do prefer doing things naturally whenever possible. And, trying natural methods first. It’s always been my choice.

And, I don’t just take the opinions of random people. I will also be giving you a lot of medical references on the pages in this website to substantiate my statements as well.

With the common bent penis, HOWEVER, simple natural correct traction, by itself, has given tens of thousands of men a straightened healthier erection.

The cost is also minimal.

And, nicely, it is medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide.

This includes: USA • Canada • Germany • Holland • Denmark • United Kingdom • Thailand • Taiwan • Uruguay •Belgium • Portugal • Japan • Argentina • Philippines • France • Serbia • Luxembourg • Venezuela • Italy • Australia • Andorra • Chile • Mexico • Malaysia • Tunisia • Norway

"For those of us who would prefer to avoid a penis surgery, I learned that correct penis traction has been proven to be
the #1 medically endorsed and doctor recommended method

Safety and Effectiveness."

I Learned
Natural Penis Straightening Is Possible

Surgery is a very workable solution for many men. It can be very effective in most cases. But, it does come with some rather terrible possible side effects.

Correct traction comes with none of these possible surgical side effects.

However, if you are at your wits end, as I was, surgery is quicker and may be a consideration for you as it was for me.

But, I personally wanted to try a natural solution first. If there was one. And, yes, there was this great one for me

Correct penis traction is also a medically endorsed and doctor recommended treatment. The best of both worlds! And, it has worked for tens of thousands of other men also.

Can it work for every man?

I don’t know. Probably not. Nothing works for everyone.

But, when you read the pages here, and learn what Peyronies disease actually is, it seems like it should.

What Else
Do I Know?

As I stated earlier, I am a researcher. I have 12 years specifically involved in men’s health and men who have fixed their problems with natural treatments.

I am also the author of two other very prominent websites:  prostate-massage-and-health.com and peyronies-disease-treatments.com. I now have approximately three million readers annually.

My prostate website is considered to be the #1 website for information on all natural prostate care. You may find it very interesting.

My Hope For You

Here’s what’s important to me:

  • I want you to succeed.

  • I want you to have a normal sex life again.

  • If reading my site helps you achieve these goals, I will consider myself a success.

I receive hundreds of emails and letters from men all over the world telling me of the great results they have attained from the natural methods I have learned and passed on to them through my websites.

I hope you will soon be sending me an email of your own with news of the great results you have achieved because of what you learned here.

Be Well.....

~ William

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