Can Mastrubation Cause
Bent Penis?


can mastrubation cause a bent penis?

Mastrubation (also spelled Masturbation) can make your penis take on a definite curvature. It doesn't get as bent as a Peyronies bending can. And, for this reason the curvature caused by masturbating is usually called a curved penis as opposed to a bent penis.

Curved vs Bent

The main difference between a curved penis and a bent penis is the severity of the bend. And, the bent penis is almost always caused by scar tissue that can not stretch sufficiently on erection.

can masturbation cause a curved or bent penis?

Why Most Doctors
Are Baffled!

There is a big difference between a bent penis and a curved one.

The bent one is caused by some hardened internal tissue. The curved one is either congenital penis curvature, or, one that has had some abnormal stretch. The kind of stretching incorrect mastrubation can cause.

A curved penis usually has no scarring. It is usually caused by genetics or a part of the penis being overstretched. That is all the curvature is. It is a condition. It is not a "disease".

The curved penis condition is the most baffling to doctors because, when it is not congenital (present from birth), they all too often need to believe a disease caused everything abnormal. But, when your doctor says you have nothing wrong, you can be pretty positive you stretched yourself out of shape.

The good news is, that curve is almost always very easy to fix.

Mastrubation can cause a bending in your penis if you continually are using the same hand and especially if you masturbate aggressively and you are always pulling to one side.

Most penises have some small bend to them. It's just the way they form. Two sides of any body parts are never exactly equal. So, on erection, the shorter areas of the penis will cause the penis to curve or bend in that direction. It's that simple.

Masturbation can make it's own curve.

Your Penis
more Delicate than you think

mastrubation curved penis

Your penis is a delicate organ. I know it doesn't seem that way when it is erect. It seems super strong. Like steel. It is not. That's why so many of them get bent out of shape. Or, even broken. Mastrubation should be done with a certain amount of care.

The fact is: Your penis is actually much more delicate erect than it is in a flaccid (limp) state.

When your penis is limp it is very soft and supple. It can bend and twist in a wide range of directions with little or no harmful effect.

When you have a good stiff erection your penis is VERY vulnerable to injury from being bent. And, during mastrubation most men tend to get quite aggressive as the sensation heightens. Do you find that true?

During erection, many parts of the penis are already stretched out to their maximum capacity. Did you ever have a boner so intense that it was actually painful? That is because it is stretched so far internally.

So, when your penis is erect, and you bend it or pull it too hard, you can actually tear the tissues inside of it. Much like a minor sprain. The tear, or damage, may hurt a lot or it may be relatively painless. You just never really see it.

But, you do see the resulting bent penis or curved penis later on.

When the tiny tear heals, it can leave an internal scar. Or, in the case of masturbation, it may be just stretched out more than the rest of the penis. This is why it often baffles physicians. Either way, it will make your penis curve on erection.

A fractured or broken penis
from Mastrubation
is rare!

You could even get what is referred to as a broken or fractured penis. These are serious! They are considered a medical emergency. You should get to an emergency room immediately. It may require a surgical repair.

Although there are no bones actually in a "boner", the damage done with a severe bend may cause so much tissue damage that it is referred to as a fractured penis.

Every other form of a curved penis or bent penis is usually very easy to fix.

A fractured penis from mastrubation is very very rare. A fractured penis is usually the result of putting a great bending stress on the penis during sexual intercourse in strange and gymnastic positions. Or, missing the vagina when slipping out then trying to reenter aggressively during rough sex, and missing. Does that sound familiar?

A fractured penis could even occur from getting a major erection while wearing very constrictive clothing. But, it's not common.

With masturbation, however, the skin, underlying fascia, and Corpus Cavernosum, can be repeatedly stretch very gently over and over again until the penis takes on a real curve. It is just the same as when an athlete trains.

masturbation and a bent penis

The athlete continually and regularly stretches the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia to elongate the legs or the arms or the back. This gives a greater range of motion.

Same with the penis. All the body tissues are stretchable (except the bones). So if you are regularly pulling on something, it is going to stretch out. The more often you do it the more it will stretch. The longer it will get.

This is one reason why you don't see a lot of curved penises in very young men or boys. They haven't spent many years repeatedly stretching out their penile tissues.


The other reason is: As we get older, our tissues become less elastic. All that means is they don't snap back as well. Like a new rubber band or an old dry one.

When the tissues lose elasticity they become more brittle. They break more easily. The tears or breaks can be microscopic. But each time they heal, a few new cells are added and the tissue becomes a tiny bit longer. Repeat this over and over again and they become longer, and longer... until a definite curve or bend appears in your penis.

This, of course, does not mean you should not masturbate. Mastrubation can be a very healthy practice for many men. There are many different ways to masturbate. There are good ways to masturbate and bad ways to masturbate.

What is the best way to masturbate? The truth is, mastrubation can pretty much be done any way you want as long as you don't pull your penis too hard sideways.

Your erection was designed to be straight and meant to be used like a piston in a car. In and out straight up and down. It was not designed for sideways bending. That can give you a bent penis or curved penis.

The best mastrubation is the way that gives you the most satisfaction. But do it safely and wisely. Using a specially designed  device, like a Fleshlight, can really help you avoid bending your penis during mastrubation. And, a Fleshlight can give you the most amazing orgasm possible outside of a woman.


During mastrubation, be very careful not to pull or bend your penis. Keep it straight.

If masturbation has already caused you penis to be uncomfortably or embarrassingly bent, you can safely and easily straighten it out again.

Be Well.....


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