Don't Risk
Penis Augmentation Surgery

Penis augmentation surgery is a very risky proposition. Very foolishly and unnecessarily risky!

Here is a list of some of the potential side effects you face from penis augmentation surgery:

  • Lack of Sensation
  • Inability to achieve or maintain an erection
  • Inability to orgasm

  • Impotence
  • Scarring (which could later develop into a bent or curved penis)
  • A shorter penis
  • Damage to the Urethra (the tube which carries your semen and urine from the body)
  • Infection

Does it seem worth THAT???

penis augmentation surgery or correct penis traction?

What Can You Gain?

- Penis augmentation surgery can NOT make your erection longer. Well, 1/4 of an inch is the most that has been reported. So what’s the point?

- It can make it thicker.

- It can make a limp, not an erect penis, look longer (by cutting the suspensory ligaments. These are the ligaments that attach it to the pubic bone.)

penis augmentation surgery is worthless for male enhancement

If you cut the suspensory ligaments you will get an erection that no longer points upward. Rather it will point outward or downward. Embarrassing!

But, you’ll look good in the shower at the gym. (Who cares about that???)

If the suspensory ligaments gets cut this will also make your erection much more in danger of penile fracture. An extremely painful trauma that requires immediate medical attention.

What Are Your Male Enhancement Goals?

Male enhancement is something a man only thinks about, and researches, if he is not satisfied with his “equipment” for some reason.

It is almost never a necessary surgery.

The only reason you are reading this is because you want more of a “package” for whatever reason. And, that is not a bad thing or anything to be ashamed of.

Male enhancement is a personal desire. Just like hair color, big biceps, etc...

But, penile surgery is probably THE worst choice for getting the results you want.

You can enhance your erections, make them longer and wider, much more effectively and in a safe way.

penis augmentation surgery

comes with

Some Very Serious Risks

Surgical penile change is only something we think about because it seems “quick and easy”. Or, because it is all we know about.

However, surgical enhancement is always risky. And, it is very unnecessary risk!!

Penile surgical enhancement is always performed under general anesthesia.

Because surgery seems to be such an everyday practice, we assume that this type of operation is without risk. Even though, you sign a multitude of paperwork freeing the surgeon from responsibility for any and all kinds of hideous possible side effects and even death.)

You should take those signings VERY seriously. Why do you think you have to sign these?? If there weren’t significant risks, you would not have to sign papers of that sort.

do you really want to risk

the possible consequences
Associated With general Anesthesia?

Here’s an article from “Time Healthland” August 4, 2011: “Under the Knife: Study Shows Rising Death Rates from General Anesthesia”"

Surgical procedure, with anesthesia, can very often be a lifesaver. But, there are the inherent extremely serious risks.

There are circumstances where these risks are in order. They are NOT valid just to have a bigger erection!

Is it
Worth The Risks??

Now, the question I have to ask you is: Is surgical male enhancement worth the risk of all those items mentioned in the beginning of this article or even death?

If you say “Yes” to that question, I think you should first consider some serious mental help.

Not because you desire a bigger erection. But, because you feel you need it so badly that you would even risk possible death or impotence to get it.

You CAN Have Your Cake AND Eat It!

Fortunately, there is a way to get those results you want without the risks associated with penis augmentation surgery.

It has proven the best method of male enhancement in the world.

It has proven to be:

  • The Safest Method

  • The Most Effective Method
  • Very Inexpensive

AND: It is medically endorsed in 29 countries worldwide!

Now is that you’re looking for!? I’ll bet it is!

The Method That Has Been Proven

Most Effective and Safest!

If penis augmentation surgery was something you were seriously considering, I am extremely happy to introduce you to correct penile traction.

The traction method is amazingly simple, safe (when used correctly), and inexpensive.

Instead of paying $6,000 to $12,000+ for penis augmentation surgery, you can get one of the best penile traction units in the world for about $350 - $400. That’s it! Complete!

In my article “Does Male Enhancement Work?” I’ll explain more about this traction method to you. AND, I’ll also show you how it compares to penis augmentation surgery, as well as the other 3 available methods of obtaining the penis augmentation you desire.

I’ll also show you which traction devices are Best and why they are the best.

you don't have to take unnecessary risks
Get The Results You Want!

Surgery for male enhancement just comes with too many serious unnecessary risks. Save it for when and where it is really needed.

With correct traction and the best quality traction device you can get the results you are looking for and never have to risk the horrible possible complications of penis augmentation surgery.

Be Well.....

~ William

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