Does Male Enhancement Work?

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There are many men who ask the question: Does male enhancement work?

The answer is Yes. And, No. It depends on how you approach it.

If you are using male enhancement pills, patches, creams, etc..., all you are doing is increasing the blood flow to your penis and getting the most out of what is there.

But,these things won't make your erection bigger unless you are having somewhat limp erections to begin with. They will not make it grow. If these things really worked we'd all have 11 inch erections! Right?

Does male enhancement work then? Yes. If you use a method that actually increases the number of cells in the tissues of your shaft. This can be done by continual stretching in a correct and methodical way.

What Methods REALLY Work?

There are only 5 methods for truly enlarging a penile shaft:

  • Penis "Exercises"
  • Weights
  • Jelqing
  • Surgery
  • Traction

Of these 5 methods, the Most Effective and Safest is correct penis traction.

Traction is also the only non surgical method
that is medically approved and recommended.

ALSO:  Correctly applied traction carries NONE of the serious risks
penis surgery.

Now, let's take a brief look at each method:

Does Male Enhancement Work
Penis Exercises?

penis exercises for male enhancement

Penile exercises are not true "exercises". The penile shaft has no muscles that you can build. These exercises are actually stretches that you perform manually (pulling your shaft with your hands).

These exercises may be effective in lengthening the penile tissues. But, these "exercises" take a LONG time and are very difficult to do in a way that will stretch the tissues evenly. You must devote a lot of time to them on a daily basis. That is why most men stop doing them after a few weeks.

Unfortunately, even if you have the discipline and patience of a saint, they will take a long time to produce a small amount of results.

Does Male Enhancement Work

does male enhancement work with jelqing?

Jelqing is a technique similar to the "exercises", but, is performed with a jelqing device. This device will help to pull the shaft in a more even way.

Again, this method of stretching in very laborious and time consuming. It also carries the very definite risk of blood vessel damage if done too forcefully.And, it's very easy to do it too forcefully with a jelqing device like you see here.

Using too much force with one of these devices is all too common because men want results. Results with jelqing, just like the "exercises", is very slow. So, many men keep adding more force when results don't seem to come after a few weeks. This is how the damage is almost always done.

Why do men still try using them? Because: they cost very little. And, the advertisements are enticing.

Please, don't risk injuring and possibly deforming your shaft because you are trying to save a hundred dollars.

Does Male Enhancement Work

does male enhancement work with weights?

Weights are actually very effective. And, you can adjust the amount of penile tension easily. They were first used in Africa and then the Mid East about 2,000 years ago.

The problem with weights is that you must sit naked with the weights hanging from your member for about 2-5 hours a day. Want to do that? 2,000 years ago men had a lot more free time on their hands.

Today, who has time or desire to sit naked like that every day for a year or two?? That is the main drawback of weights.

Does Male Enhancement Work

Penis Surgery is by FAR the most dangerous method of male enhancement. It is also the most risky. AND: You can only widen the shaft with surgery. You can not make a longer erection with surgery. In fact it may even be a little shorter after surgery.

The risks following penile surgery include and are not limited to:

does male enhancement work with penis surgery?
  • Inability to get an erection (so what was the point??)

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Inability to maintain an erection
  • Serious infection 

  • Future lumping of the filler

Are these things you are willing to risk for a fatter cock?

Does Male Enhancement Work


does male enhancement work with traction?Penis Traction Device


Penis traction has proven to not only lengthen but also widen a penis. It can add as much as a full inch or more in length to a normal shaft. As well as some width. It will also make the flaccid (soft) member longer. And, the results are permanent.

Correct traction is medically endorsed and physician recommended in 29 countries world wide.

Correct traction also works in a decent length of time. Normally 6-12 months. Yes, it takes some time. But it is:

  • Safe (when properly done)
  • Effective
  • Permanent

And, you can go about your normal business while it is working and no one will know you're doing it!

“In recent years, penile traction therapy (PTT) has gained considerable interest as a novel (new) nonsurgical treatment option for men.... resulting in increased penile length.... It appears to be safe and well tolerated.....
ref: Dr. Eric Chung, Dr. Gerald Brock,
Penis Traction Therapy Safe and Well Tolerated

A Bent Penis

Does male enhancement work for straightening a bent penis?

Yes! If you are using a high quality traction device correctly.

Correct traction has also been proven most effective for straightening a bent penis caused by Peyronies Disease or any other reason.

The reason for this is that it can balance the penile tissue so the the erection is straight and not pulled to the side (or up or down) by the shorter tissues.

It will lengthen the shorter tissue, and not the longer tissue, until both sides stretch evenly.

Then, if desired, after the shaft is straightened, it then becomes possible to lengthen the entire shaft evenly.

Is Male Enhancement
Right For You?

This is a very personal question. And, you are the only one who can decide on this.

If a bigger or straighter erection

is something that would just plain make you feel happier
more self confident,

then some enhancement may be just what you want or need.

Just remember: Sexiness and ability in bed is not determined by size. If you have a normal sized erection and you feel insecure, then some psychological counseling may be what you need instead.

But, if lack of size or straightness is causing you great mental torment and insecurity them some male enhancement may be right for you.

So: Does male enhancement work? Yes, if you do it correctly and safely.

does male enhancement work well?

Be Well.....

~ William

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