Peyronies Disease

peyronies disease stages

It's Not Really

Peyronies Disease is not a true "disease".

It should never have been labeled one in the first place. It is simply a condition that is quite scary if you get it and know nothing about it.

It is simply a scar formation in your penis that prevents you from getting a straight erection. That's all it is. Period.

Peyronies Disease was named after Francoise de la Peyronie, the man who actually discovered that is was scar tissue that was causing some men's penis to bend.

peyronies disease discovered by Francoise de la PeyronieFrancois De La Peyronie

Your bending may be ugly. It may be painful. It may cause a form a "false impotence". It may inhibit your ability to have intercourse. But Peyronies "Disease" is only a simple scarring condition that can be easily remedied 99.999% of the time.

Bent Erection

The only reason your penis does not get a straight erection with Peyronies Disease is that the scar tissue which has formed does not stretch as well as the normal tissue. It won't get as long.

So, your penis bends in the direction of the scar(s). That's all there is to it!

If you had the same scar anywhere else in your body, you would never even notice it. And it would never be called a "disease".

Why Peyronies Disease
Gets "Worse"

As your penis gets more and more bent, you think you are getting "worse". More sick. Nothing is further from the truth.

You need to understand the healing process involved with scar tissue to understand what is really happening in the natural progression of a Peyronies condition. So let me explain:

After a wound or tear in bodily tissue, the body first seals the area with a scab from the blood supply. Then the cells of the torn tissue(s) form new cells that create a scar. The scar mends the broken area.

At first the scar is small and soft. But, Mother Nature does not want you to be wounded in that area again. So, as time continues, she toughens and thickens that scar so that the area will be much stronger than it originally was.

She may even make some fibrous deposits there to assist the strength of the area.

As all this develops, the area becomes less and less flexible. Your penis bends more and more. The pull on this area during erection can cause a lot of pain. That pain can cause "false impotence". This process can continue for over a year.

This is why you think the Peyronies "disease" is getting worse. It is only the natural healing cycle for scar tissue that is progressing.

When The Cycle

Now, after some time has passed (usually about 12-18 months), if there are no more traumas to the area, your dear Mother Nature realizes so much reinforcement is not necessary.

If your body is able, Mother Nature will dissolve up the fibers and let the scar soften. This also takes some time.

Then the penis will gradually straighten up. Usually not completely. But enough for comfortable sexual intercourse. This can take another 6 months or more. This is what we all hope for. But, it rarely happens.

Whether or not she does this for you depends on a number of factors.

Most Penises Stay Bent

Genetics is first. How your body heals is the number one factor here.

Diet is second. Diet is paramount in correct healing. If your diet is insufficient in certain nutrients, you may never have much softening of the scar. Or, dissolving of the fibrous plaques.

And, you will continue to have a bent penis forever unless you straighten it.

Most modern diets lack enough of the necessary nutrients to allow a body to heal really well.

As you learned, genetics is terribly important also. How your body heals. Some families scar terribly. Some almost unnoticeably. Most people fall in the middle ground.

A small percentage of men who develop this condition will have their penis straighten sufficiently and naturally with no outside assistance.

The vast majority will need some type of therapy to get their penis straight again.

The Different Symptoms
of The Stages of
Peyronies Disease

There are two stages to Peyronies disease. It all has to do with the cycles of scar tissue healing. The first cycle usually lasts about 18 months.

Stage 1:

These first five questions (1-5) relate to symptoms and characteristics in the early stages of Peyronies Disease. It is often referred to as the "acute" or "inflammatory" stage.

  1)   Has your bent penis problem been present for less than 18 months?

  2)   Do you experience erectile pain that you did not have before your penis started to bend or curve?

  3)   Does the location or amount of pain change from time to time?

  4)   From time to time, does the bend or curve in your penis change?

  5)   Does the lump (or lumps) changes as time goes by? Does it get harder or softer? Bigger or smaller?

Stage 2:

The next five questions (6-10) relate to the symptoms and characteristics of the end stage of chronic Peyronies Disease. This is sometimes called the "stable" stage.

  6)   Has your bent penis problem been present for more than 18 months?

  7)   Has the amount of bend or curve in your penis been unchanged for at least a few months?

  8)   Has most of the pain, or all of the pain, stopped during erection?

  9)   Are you having any problem with the strength or the quality of your erection?

  10)   Have you become unable to achieve an erection?

If you are answering "yes" to questions in both the first and second sections you are most likely entering the "stable" stage of Peyronies Disease.

For The Lucky Ones:

If you are answering "yes" to these last 3 questions (A-C), you are part of the small percentage of men whose Peyronies Disease condition resolves by itself.

   A)   Have you noticed the bend in you penis is becoming less and less as time goes on?

  B)   Has all your erectile pain disappeared?

  C)   Are your erections becoming stronger and healthier again?

For almost all men, safe and effective penis traction therapy (PTT) will be necessary to straighten your penis out.

There's No Need

This is the natural cycle for the simple condition that is called "Peyronies Disease".

As you can now understand, it is actually just the evolving healing cycle for any scar tissue.

If your penis does not straighten out by itself, or if does not straighten out sufficiently to make you happy, Don't Worry! A bent penis caused by Peyronies Disease is easy to fix 99.999% of the time!

Be Well.....

~ William

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