Penis Injections
A Bent Penis?

can penis injections cause a bent penis?

Penis injections
used to treat Peyronies Disease
can (and too often do)
cause future Peyronies Disease."

With penis injections, it is not what is being shot into the shaft that is the trouble maker here. It is the act of continually puncturing the penile shaft and causing many tiny internal scars that can themselves cause a new and possibly worse bending again later in life.

Why Risk
Creating a New Problem?

The purpose of injections into the scar, or plaque, is to dissolve the plaque (calcium deposits and fibrous tissue) and/or inhibit formation of further plaque or scarring. The hope its that the scarred area will then be flexible enough to allow a straight and painless erection.

Normally a series of penis injections is done repeatedly over a six to twelve month period. Each of these punctures causes a tiny scar to form where it takes place. Unfortunately, the injecting is repeated over and over again in the same spot.

Now the problem in the first place, in a Peyronies condition, was abnormally heavy scarring and plaque formation inside the shaft. It affects about 4% of the male population.

When a man has a problem with forming an excessive amount of penile scar tissue, why on Earth would anyone subject this man to more penile scarring and injuries? Every time the injecting is performed a small puncture must heal. This healing involves creating new scar tissue.

Are you starting to understand what is happening here?

A penile injections series (for Peyronies Disease) usually involves 12 to 24 treatments. All in the same spot. Skin puncture after skin puncture in the same place. Is it any wonder that this process often forms a new problem later on?

And that is the biggest risk with injecting anything into a penis that already has a scarring problem. The same problem may be created from repeated impotence or erectile dysfunction injections.

Xiaflex® Injections

Xiaflex® is the only one of all the penis injections that is currently FDA approved for treating a bent penis caused by Peyronies disease.

Xiaflex® is a trademarked named for collagenase clostridium histolyticum.

This is one of the only three medically recommended methods of bent penis treatment for Peyronies disease that has proven to work effectively and reliably. Surgery and traction are the other two.

Xiaflex® is pricey. It will cost approximately $30,000 (yes, thirty thousand dollars) for a full set of injections including the doctor's fees. It has been nick named "the rich man's treatment".

Xiaflex® states it can straighten the curvature by up to 35% in certain types of cases. 35% may not sound impressive, but, it is very often enough to make sexual intercourse possible and painless for both the man and his partner. And, that is the whole point.

Unfortunately, "XIAFLEX® can cause serious side effects, including: Penile fracture (corporal rupture)..."

The explanation of penile fracture and other possible side effects can be found on the official Xiaflex® page.

Why Penis Injection Therapy is
A Poor and Dangerous Choice

penis injections are a dangerous choice

Besides Xiaflex® there are a variety of injectable pharmaceutical drugs currently used to treat Peyronies Disease, or a bent penis caused by the formation of scar tissue or plaque. These include (and are not limited to) chemical agents such as: collagenase, dimethyl sulfoxide, steroids, verapamil and other calcium channel blockers.

Now the big folly here is this:

According to the results from all the clinical tests, penis injections (other than Xiaflex®) will not make a bent penis straight! It's a documented fact.

At best, these injecting treatments seem to be able to reduce the curvature in random cases. And, that is only for "certain men". And, a full series of these injections will cost you a few of thousand dollars. So, what is the point?

Some of these chemical agents (drugs), like collagenase and Verapamil, have proven to be effective at removing the pain associated with the bent erection. But, none of them has proven effective to straighten it.

Pain Reduction
Without Injections

If you suffer from pain on erection because of a plaque or scar, and decide to use drug therapy for that, you don't need to risk penis injection therapy. There is now a topical form of Verapamil.

It is a gel that has been shown to remove the pain in most cases, after it is used for a period of time. It is NOT yet FDA approved. But, it is, none the less, available by prescription.

However, if you use penis injections as a pain relief therapy, you will still need to use a traction device or risk surgery and all of it's likely side effects, if you want to straighten your bending problem. The other option is waiting. Peyronies Disease sometimes resolves itself in 1 to 5 years. Sometimes.

Note: Surgery appears to be unnecessary for almost every bent penis condition because of the success  of penis traction therapy. Surgery costs thousands of dollars and the very possible adverse side effects of penis surgery can be horrendous.

Why would any sane and informed man risk all that when, clinically proven, straightening with a simple medically approved traction device will do the job in a more effective and, more importantly, much safer way?

The Only Method
Clinically Proven
to be
Safe AND Effective

“More and more,
the medical community is turning to correct penis traction
as the first line of treatment
Peyronies Disease.”

ref: Dr. Paolo Gontero
Medical News Today

The only effective medically approved method for straightening a bent penis (other than dangerous surgeries and Xiaflex® injections) is PTT: Penis Traction Therapy. Other penis injections won't do it. Furthermore: correct penile traction is so effective that it is now recommended by doctors in 29 countries.

The penile traction device was invented by Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, M.D. in 1994. Dr. Siana was a penile surgery specialist. He invented his traction device to assist in the healing of penises after surgery. He soon found it could be used most effectively to actually straighten a bent penis all by itself!

forget about penis injections for peyronies disease

Correct traction can lengthen the scarred area until it is as long as the surrounding tissue on erection. When the process is complete, there will be no more pain on erection and the shaft will have a normal straightness.

A slight curve still may remain. But nothing that would cause embarrassment or inability to perform intercourse pleasurably.


Penis injections have not proven to be highly effective for straightening Peyronies disease curvatures.

And, many doctors who employ injection therapy for curvature reduction add penis traction to get the desired results.

"There are three different medications available to be used for intra-lesional injections for men with Peyronie’s disease.  While no study has compared them to each other, it appears that they have similar efficacy.  These medications tend to work for about 30% of men.  If one medication does not work, it is possible to try a different medication. Typically, at New York Urology Specialists, we advise that men use penile traction therapy in combination with penile injection therapy."


Penis injections alone just do not solve the problem of a bent penis condition very well. They are costly. Further, penis injections can actually make the bending problem become worse in the future.

On the other hand, safe straightening (with no surgical side effects) can be accomplished 99.99% of the time simply by using an inexpensive high quality medically approved traction device all by itself.

Be Well.....

~ William

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