Penis enlargement
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beware of Penis Surgery

it could leave you impotent!

Why would I discuss penis enlargement on a site that is for fixing a Peyronies (bending erection) condition?

Unfortunately, there are many men who have made the mistake of using surgery to straighten their bent penis. Now, these men have a straighter, but considerably shorter cock.And, some have become impotent. Unable to achieve or maintain a decent erection.

And, the same hold true for surgical penis enlargement. It may leave you impotent. With ED, erectile dysfunction.


Because you have just had so many nerves and blood vessels cut down there that your shaft can no longer function correctly.

Is this true for every man who uses a surgical procedure here?

No some are luckier than others.

Is it worth the risk to you?

And surgery can only make you wider. Never longer. So what's the point???

possible penis enlargement surgery side effects

Can your cock then be made longer with another surgery? No.

Recently I discussed surgical penis enlargement with a well known Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. He explained that there is no surgical method to lengthen the erection. They can simply add girth (make it fatter/wider).

So, if you are wanting to increase the length of your erection, the only penis enlargement method proven effective is correct traction. Correct traction is now medically approved and recommended in 29 countries worldwide.

Had these men used a simple high quality penis traction device in the first place they would have saved themselves a LOT of needless suffering and expense. And the shorter section of their erection would have been made longer to match the rest and the extreme bending would gone.

Other penis Surgery Problems

Besides shortening the shaft, another major problem with surgery is that you are cutting blood vessels and nerves.

penis enlargement surgery can be dangerous because it comes with a lot of horrible possible after effects

Though the human body has miraculous healing powers (that we usually take for granted), blood vessels and nerves never heal the same as they were before. We often mistakenly presume that they do. But, they don't.

We presume that when the tissues are all healed everything is normal again. But, it never really is. Surgery is a major assault on the body and it should be reserved for times when it is the only remedy.

There is always some permanent degree of damage done in every penile surgery.

Now, your sexual parts are very delicate. Your erection requires a strong blood flow and depends on sensitive nerve response to do it's job. That is: to get hard and erect and ejaculate sperm into a female vagina.

If blood flow is reduced and sensation is sufficiently diminished, your shaft can not function properly.

The Horrible
possible surgical side effects

possible penis enlargement surgery side effects

Complications that can come from bent penis surgery include and are not limited to:

  • impotence
  • inability to get a hard erection
  • numbness and lack of sensation
  • inability to achieve orgasm
  • urinary problems
  • infection

Safe Penis Enlargement
can make you
longer and wider

Why take all those risks when they are totally unnecessary. And, when you can't even add 1/2 inch in length to your erection?

A high quality penis enlargement system using correct traction can give you both. Safely.

safe penis enlargement with correct traction

wearing a penis enlargement device

Traction may also prove useful in reversing some of the after effects of the surgery.

A high quality traction device, used correctly, has been clinically proven to be safe, painless, and easy when done according to the directions. After penile surgery, traction can restore lost length to the penis.

Reversing Surgical Impotence

The better penis devices also come with a set of "exercises".

Now, there are no muscles in your cock. So these "exercises" are actually manual stretching manipulations that greatly increase blood flow to your cock and enable it to heal more completely.

These "exercises" can improve nerve function, blood circulation, and sensation. If impotence was a side effect of your surgery, these exercises may help you correct the problem.

The two Best
Penis Enlargement Devices

If you've been reading the pages on this site you know that I have found about 23 different penis enlargement devices available on the market.

There are only two that I would ever personally use. Or, have used.

Why just these two?

Safety and Effectiveness. That is all that really mattered to me.

The cheapest units out there are about $99. These two companies make the best units available in the world and they are only about $400.

Only the X4 Labs and Quick Extender Pro devices meet all my requirements for:

  • Safety

  • Effectiveness

  • and  Reliability

Don't risk injuring or ruining your penis permanently because you were trying to save a few hundred dollars. Be smart. Get one of the best available.

Click each picture to read all about them. Then, choose the one you like best. You don't need both.

best penis enlargement with quick extender proQuick Extender Pro

best penis enlargement with x4 labsX4 Labs

Both of these traction devices are:

  • Type 1 medical devices
  • Medically approved and endorsed
  • Currently doctor recommended in 29 countries
  • Money Back Guaranteed to work

Like I said:  There are cheaper devices available. There always is with everything. The cheaper enlargers often look the same, but they are usually made with inferior non-medical grade materials. Costs have to be cut somewhere.

To me, it's just not worth saving a few hundred dollars and risking the health and safety of your one and only cock when you can get one of the two best units in the world for about $400.

Is Penis Enlargement For You?

successful penis enlargement
safe effective penis enlargement success

This is strictly a personal desire and decision.

Now you know surgery here is not the best choice. Or, even a good choice. It's unnecessarily dangerous and could ruin your sex life permanently.

But, you also know the Safest and Most Effective Method of penis enlargement available. And, you also now know which devices are the best.

If you really want it, go for it! There's nothing to be ashamed of. Just do it right.

Be Well.....

~ William

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