Can Collagenase
Bent Penis?

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straighten a bent penis with collagenase?

Collagenase is an enzyme that has the ability to digest collagen. It is injected into the scar tissue (usually referred to as: plaque ) that causes Peyronies Disease.

Can it straighten a bent penis caused by Peyronies disease?

No. Not really. Well, up to 35%. But, that is only for certain types of cases.

The purpose is to digest the collagen in the scar tissue in hopes of softening the scar(s) and relieving the condition.

It is one of the multitude of chemical substances, including: dimethyl sulfoxide, calcium channel blockers, colchicine, interferon, and steroids, that medical doctors use in an attempt to soften the scar tissue in Peyronies Disease.

The hope is that the scar tissue will then become soft and supple enough so that the tissue can stretch properly and evenly during erection.

It has proven to be the most promising of all these chemicals. Still, the results from it have only been marginal.

The most recent development of this enzyme for treating Peyronies disease is called Xiaflex.

It has shown the best results of all the enzyme injections available. It's cost? About $30,000 for a full set of treatments.

The Procedure

The collagenase solution is injected directly into each fibrous Peyronies plaque (scar).

penis injections for a Peyronies disease bent penis

The collagenase solution is injected directly into each fibrous Peyronies plaque (scar). The injections are made directly into the plaque of a flaccid penis. They are done at the point of maximum concavity with an artificial erection. A small amount of topical anaesthetic such as lidocaine, may be used.

If the scar is straight, it is injected as the needle is withdrawn. If it is a lump or irregular, the needle is fanned within it to distribute the solution within the entire mass.

When the injection is finished, the penile shaft is immobilized. Usually with a bulky gauze dressing and/or an athletic supporter. This prevents it from moving and keeps the collagenase from being flushed out too quickly by the blood flow.

The immobilization lasts for 4 to 12 hours. Usually if the procedure was in the early afternoon, the dressing is removed at bedtime.

Three series of injections are usually done over a week to ten day period. Then repeated again in 6 to 12 week intervals two more times.

From the
Clinical Studies

These are the results from numerous clinical studies:

  • In over 90% of the cases erectile pain was eliminated.
  • Those shafts with lesser deformity responded better to the treatments.
  • Less than 60% of patients had any change in the bending
  • The angular change of the shaft in those who responded to treatment was rarely more than 25% correction


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Side Effects

From the reports, there were no "substantial" side effects directly related to the collagenase. Whatever "substantial" is supposed to mean.

However, the points of repeated penile injections have sometimes had future scarring problems. And for some men, that means a formation of new scars and plaques, causing a new Peyronies condition all over again at a later time.

The Insanity
The Entire Procedure!

We live in a society that seems to demand a drug or "quick fix" for every situation. Whether it is the best solution or not.

In the case of Peyronies "disease", or a bent penis, drugs and injections have proven to be the least effective means of recovery. They may slightly lessen the bend. But, they have not been able to actually relieve the bent condition effectively, or, the cost is too much for most men.

And, Penile Surgery has proven pure insanity! The possible side effects include impotence, inability to achieve a hard erection, loss of sensation, urinary problems, pain, a shorter erection... Most men who undergo penile surgery will suffer from at least one of these side effects. It's just crazy!

There Are Only Two Proven Ways

Effectively Straighten a Bent Penis

Outside of surgery, only penis traction has been clinically proven to straighten a bent penis. And, the traction method has been clinically proven to be the safest and surest way to fix a bent penis.

The method was developed by Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, MD in 1994.

Correct traction is medically approved and currently recommended by doctors in 29 countries around the world.

The real beauty of it is: you can get the best medically approved traction devices in the world for about $300!

There are currently 23 different kinds of traction units available on the market today. Not all are medically approved. Some are definitely dangerous!

I have researched all of them. Only two meet all of my requirements for safety, reliability, and results. These two units were both designed by Dr. Siana. They are X4Labs and Quick Extender Pro.

Both are medically approved and made of medical grade materials. And both are Guaranteed to work or you get your money back.


To actually straighten a penile bend, the only two methods available are surgery and penis traction.

Penis surgery either shortens the shaft, or adds a graft of tissue to lengthen it. But, the side effects of either surgery can be so horrific and debilitating that surgery seems insane when the tissue can be safely and easily lengthened with simple correct traction.

Collagenase has proven to be effective in removing the pain associated with erections in Peyronies Disease. But, the scar tissue never becomes as elastic (stretchable) as the surrounding tissue. The erection will still keep most of it's bend. Collagenase and all the other chemicals have proven to have only a very limited effect in actual straightening.

Correct traction is the only straightening method that has been clinically proven to be fully effective in almost every case, safe, and free of dangerous possible side effects. It is so effective that it is now medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries.

Be Well.....

~ William

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