Understanding Fibrous Plaque Formation
Peyronies Disease

fibrous plaque in scar
fibrous plaque

Fibrous plaque?? It's bad enough that Peyronies Disease is called a "disease". Which it is not.

But then you are examined and told you not only have scar tissue, but this stuff too! Doesn't that just make you just feel like a leper?

Well you're not. And you don't have a "disease" either. You have a simple scarring condition that is very easy to fix 99.999% of the time.

What Is Fibrous Plaque?

I'm going to speak in regular person language here. Not medical or technical terminology. That way it will be easy to understand what this stuff is, why it is there, and why it is nothing to worry about.

The fibrous plaque in Peyronies Disease usually only develops in scar tissue in men who don't mend well or heal properly.

Mother Nature wants to take good care of you. So If your scar tissue is not really strong, your dear Mother adds some material to it, to increase it's strength.

Fibrous plaque found in scar tissue is basically a very tough thin threadlike stringy tissue. Is hard to pull apart or tear. It works like the steel belts that give strength to an automobile tire.

Does Everyone Get This?

No. People who heal and mend really well or even normally usually never get it.

So why did you?

It's simple. I also explain this in "Understanding Scar Tissue and Peyronies Disease".

Sometimes poor healing is a genetic factor. But, most often it has to do with a person's long term nutrition.

Specific nutrients required for good healing with small, strong supple scars include, but are not limited to:

  • Omega 3 fats
  • Vitamin C
  • Protein

Today's food supply is generally deficient in Omega 3 fats. (That is why over 80% of the population has an Omega 3 deficiency.) And Omega 3 is a key nutrient in creating strong yet supple body tissue.

Then there is Vitamin C. Most people consume barely enough Vitamin C to ward off scurvy. Plenty of Vitamin C is necessary for a strong connection between the cells. The most obvious symptom of Vitamin C deficiency is bleeding gums.

The modern diet is often deficient in these necessary nutrients and even sometimes deficient in adequate protein. And Protein is the the main substance your muscles, skin (and scars) and other organs are made from.

Why Fibrous Plaque Forms

How can you build a beautiful temple (your body) out of crappy building materials (nutrient poor foods)? You can't.

But your dear Mother Nature tries.

So when you get a cut, or a tear, or a break in your body tissue, your dear Mother still has to repair it. So she uses whatever materials are available.

She also wants your mend (scar) to be stronger than the original tissue to avoid having a wound happen there again.

So when she doesn't have enough of the ideal necessary materials to make a strong, supple, thin scar, she will make a big thick fibery scar that she feels is strong enough to do the job.

Painful Erections

This big thick fiber filled scar is hard and does not stretch well. This wouldn't really bother you or cause a problem anywhere else on your body.

But when you get an erection your penis stretches A LOT! So now when you get an erection, it can not stretch properly where that scar is and your erection bends in the direction of the scar(s). That's all Peyronies Disease is.

When you have Peyronies Disease the fibrous plaque makes your scar even tougher and less stretchable. So, when you get an erection with scar and plaque, the rest of the skin near that scar can be pulled so hard that the erection may really hurt also!

There are drugs like verapamil or collagenase or colchicine or steroids that are sometimes injected into these fiber rich scars to soften them. And hopefully dissolve the plaque enough so that the scar does not cause pain on erection.

The bent penis may get as much as 30% straighter with a series these injections. But, by clinical study, these injected drugs never really straighten an erection out. And they are expensive! And worse, they are unnecessary.

The Miracle of Correct Traction

Fortunately, correct traction is effective in not only lengthening the scar tissue in Peyronies Disease, but in lengthening the fibrous plaque that may develop also.

Once this is accomplished, your erections can be pain free and satisfactorily straight again.

With correct traction you use no drugs and surgery. And this type of traction has been clinically proven over and over again to be the best and safest method for straightening a bending shaft. Even a severely curving one.

This is true for at least 99.999% of all curved and bending conditions caused by scar tissue and/or fiber.

Correct traction is so effective

that it is now medically endorsed and recommended

in 29 countries worldwide.

Even With Fibrous Plaque

A Bent Penis
Is Easy To Fix!

So there you have it! Your dear Mother (Nature) is just trying to take super good care of you when she heals your wounds. She wants the patch to be very strong. So sometimes she reinforces it with some fibrous plaque.

But in the case of an erect cock, a heavy scar and this fibrous plaque can sometimes cause a problem. We call that condition: Peyronies Disease.

Peyronies can be painful, grotesque, and even scary when you don't know what is actually happening.

But don't worry! In 99.999% of cases, a bent penis is easy to straighten! If you do it correctly.

Be Well.....

~ William

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