Bent Penis Straightening

Using a Traction Device

references for penis straightening with a traction device

The History
The Penis Traction Device

Tissue elongation by traction dates back thousands of years to African tribes. Many of the early medical references for effective tissue stretching, now applied to straightening a bent penis, date back to 1993.

The initial medical use of the stretching process to elongate skin and body tissue was used in reconstructive surgeries.

Fixing a bent penis with a traction device dates back to 1994.

The penis traction device was invented by Dr. Jorn Ege Siana MD.

Dr. Siana specialized in penis lengthening (surgical). He invented the traction device as an aid for correct healing of the penis after surgery.

Dr. Siana soon realized the benefits that could be received from using the device outside of surgery and Penis traction device. This is where the current medically approved devices originated.

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