Can Vitamin E
Straighten a Bent Penis?

vitamin e to straighten a bent penis

Does Vitamin E have any value in straightening a bent penis?

Yes. Even the medical community has found it more helpful in correcting Peyronies Disease (a bent penis caused by scar tissue) than the entire arsenal of patent chemical drugs and other medical therapies that have been tried.

These other therapies include Potaba (a B vitamin derivative), injections into the plaque (steroids, calcium channel blockers, collagenase, interferons), ultrasound and radiation therapy.

What's more: E vitamin deficiency can be a cause of Peyronies disease.

This makes total sense when you understand that this nutrient makes tissues softer and more supple. Not weaker, but rather more pliable.

The whole Peyronies Disease problem makes even more sense when you learn that over 85% of the population in the civilized world is deficient in this vitamin.

Vitamin E Works

E has a profound effect on softening and reducing scarring. This can be seen when it is applied directly to fresh scabs and continually applied until healing is complete. It has proven to greatly reduce scarring. Often by as much as 90%!

can vitamin e fix a bent penis?

Scar tissue (as in Peyronies Disease) is hard and not very elastic. This is why the penis bends or curves on erection. The scar tissue is not stretching as much as the normal tissues so the penis bends toward the scar(s). This valuable natural nutrient can soften the less elastic tissue and make it more stretchable.

The scarring in Peyronies disease is often thought to form because the lack of this vitamin in the system has left the tissues weaker and more brittle.

Will Vitamin E
Straighten A Bent Penis?

Will taking supplemental E straighten a bent penis, caused by Peyronies Disease, all by itself? Most probably not. But, it can assist greatly when using a penis traction device.

It can do two things to help in healing Peyronies Disease:

  • It can soften the hardened tissue so that it can stretch more easily.

  • It can "thin the blood" (make it clot less). This enables the blood to flow more freely and helps promote more rapid healing after the stretching process.

Vitamin E
Works Best?

The E Vitamin is not one single molecule. It is a family of related molecules called tocopherols and tocotrienols.

There are a number of E supplements on the market. The most common being alpha tocopherol.

vitamin e and penis straightening

The natural form of alpha tocopherol is labeled d-alpha. The synthetic is labeled dl-alpha. There is a huge difference. The dl (synthetic) type is not used well by the body. It is in fact toxic. You can even remove nail polish with it!

Also, Natural E occurs in many forms. There is also beta, delta, gamma tocopherol. Since they all work together, the best Natural Vitamin E to buy is the natural mixed tocopherols.

The Best
Natural Sources
Vitamin E

This vitamin occurs naturally in many of our foods, but is lost in the processing of the foods.

Whole grains, nuts, avocados, corn, asparagus, chestnuts, tomatoes, carrots, goat's milk even wild meats all contain healthy amounts of the natural E vitamin. However, when these foods are processed and even cooked, much or most of the vitamin is destroyed.

The amount commonly recommended by doctors for Peyronies therapy has been 100-200 IU three times a day with meals. Only a few IU (international units) will be found in the best diets! To get the therapeutic amount, you will have to use a supplement.

Remember the synthetics, which have a "dl" prefix (dl-alpha-tocopherol) instead of a "d" prefix (d-alpha-tocopherol) are toxic and will probably do you more harm than good.

And, in nature, vitamins don't occur alone. They are in complexes. They work best in their complexes. So, a Natural Vitamin E complex supplement will give you more of the complete vitamin complex as nature intended.

Be Well.....

~ William

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