A Weak Erection
Caused by
Peyronies Disease

A weak erection can be caused by a number of factors:

  • Poor health
  • Prescription or street drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Exhaustion
  • Poor diet
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease

  • Peyronies Disease

and many others.

However, if your inability to get erect properly is caused by your curved penis, you usually do not have a serious problem at all.

Yes, Peyronies disease may cause some muscle and blood flow problems that create ED.

But, most commonly, a severely curved penis can cause you to have weak erections due to something called psychological impotence.

What this means is your emotional disturbance over the situation is emasculating you. Yes, it is subconscious.

Still, the effect is very real.

And, this has a very real effect on your ability to get a decently hard penis. Or, any kind of erection at all sometimes.

Thankfully, this type of erectile dysfunction usually “magically” disappears once your shaft is straight again.

Is Your Weak Erection
Psychological Impotence?

weak erection due to psychological impotence

Having a severely curved penis is humiliating. At least to me it was. And, I know it was to countless other men who have been right where you are today.

It’s really quite funny how our minds work.

We lose our ability to get erect because we are embarrassed about the one we currently have.

Almost like a bad joke. But, not funny when it is happening to us.

Pain can also cause weak erections. And, many men with Peyronies disease experience pain when getting hard because the tissues are being pulled too hard.

This pain also can result in psychological impotence. Your body just does not want to create the pain, so it stops letting you get hard enough to do that.

Make sense? It’s true.

Once the pain is gone, the problem seems to “magically” disappear also. That’s an easy one.

emotional Distress

So, let’s talk about the other type here. The kind we get simply because we are embarrassed, or humiliated, or nervous...

It’s exactly the same type of impotence men can get with performance anxiety.

If you noticed that before your Peyronies
you were working just fine,


that as your curving problem increased,
your weak erection problem increased,

 you can be pretty darn sure
you have
psychologically induced impotence

And yes, this is a very real type of erectile dysfunction!

This is just all too common with a severely curved penis.

But, at the same time it is no less frightening or depressing to each of us as it happens to us.

Don’t Make
The Big Mistake

The biggest mistake many men make at this time is to go get some sexual enhancement drugs. Boner pills... you know what I’m talking about.

Whether they are herbal or prescription, they are almost always the wrong choice for any man in this situation.


First off, sexual stimulants can be very dangerous. They may make you go blind or even die.

Second, with the bending you now have, you’re going to get a fairly useless boner anyway.

Third, you’re going to need a decently straight shaft to have good sex again anyway.

So, the smart and successful route here is to handle first things first.

A Straight Hard Cock

What you need is a decently straight cock in order to correct this problem.

Does that make sense to you?

I go into detail on successful straightening in many pages on this site. Here are a few so you can have the best information and resources possible:

A Bent Penis is Easy to Fix

The 4 Types of Bent Penis

How to Fix a Curved Penis

What you need to know now is this:

"If your curved penis is causing
 your weak erection problem,
straightening it
will, without doubt, be what remedies it."

And, yes, you can straighten out your shaft.

If you do that I can almost guarantee that you will not need boner pills, psychological counseling, or any other nonsense to return to a normal sex life.

The Only Two
Straightening Methods
Have Proven Truly Successful

There are only two ways to actually proven to straighten a curved penis effectively. And, only one way that is really Safe and Effective.

Here are the choices:

You can opt for surgery. That may turn out to be one of the stupidest mistakes you ever make in your life.

Or, you can use the  medically endorsed and recommended  method called penis traction.

Both work.

Here’s the difference:

Penis surgery of this type will cost you about $16,000 and may leave you impotent or with a weak erection (just the problem you were trying to solve). And, your hard shaft will be about 1/2 - 1 inch shorter after the surgery. That is why I call this choice stupid!

Correct traction, on the other hand, will cost you between about $250 and $400. And, you risk none of the possible hideous surgical side effects. But, it will take a few months longer than a surgery.

Which makes more sense and sounds better to you?

Obvious, right?

You’re Not Alone

A weak erection is not at all uncommon. Especially with a severe penis bend.

Erectile dysfunction in all forms together is so epidemic these days that the estimate is over 40% of men over 40 suffer from this problem.

That’s terrible!!
And, it tells us something about the sad state of affairs in men’s health these days.

The good news for you is:

 If your weak erections
 are caused by your bent penis,

 it is one of the easiest types
of psychological impotence to remedy.

The Remedy
Is Almost Always Simple

Don’t let anyone, no matter how much of an “authority”, talk you into believing you have some terrible condition or “disease” that requires very expensive and/or risky treatment.

That is rarely true.

If your weak erection is caused by Peyronies disease, and you are like 99% of other men (who have been in your same situation), the solution to your weak erection problem can be very inexpensive and easy.

fixing a weak erection can be easy

It has worked for me and thousands of other men at every age.

You owe it to yourself to give it a try!

a strong erection after penis straightening

Be Well.....

~ William

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