Erectile Dysfunction Pills
Not For You

"Erectile dysfunction pills are of no use to men who have a bent penis."

erectile dysfunction pills and a bent penis

Peyronies disease and penile bending will not improve at all with the use of these pills.

Making Your Erections Strong Again
Without Pills

If your erections are weak, or, non existant because you have a bent penis, is it really going to matter if you have a hard erection bent at a 90 degree angle?

erectile dysfunction pills and peyronies disease

That’s useless.

And, MOST IMPORTANT, the use of prescription erection pills, and even natural erectile dysfunction pills, is extremely dangerous for many men.

The worst part about them is:  Many men who don’t even know they are in danger when using erectile dysfunction pills. So, they gulp them down. Then, the unfortunate ones wind up with:

  • A Heart Attack

  • A Stroke

  • Blindness

  • Death   Yes, some men die from these.

Are those risks you are willing to take with erectile dysfunction pills for a useless bent erection? Especially if those risks are totally unnecessary? And, you could have a hard straight erection without them?

Erectile Dysfunction Pill
Are Almost Always

“If your erections became bent because of Peyronies Disease,
and then you started suffering from ED,
your ED is most likely a result of that bending."

If your erections were normally hard before the bending, the chances are they will be normally hard again after you straighten out your shaft.

Yes. For real. Penile bending can cause ED. Soft weak erections. Impotence.



So, what you first need to do is straighten your shaft out. Once you do, I think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised!

Safe, Effective, Inexpensive
Medically Endorsed and Recommended

That subtitle was a mouthful... But, true.

So, can you straighten yourself out easily? If you’ve been reading the pages on this website, you already knew the answer to that question.

If you’re like 99.99% of men with penile curvature, yes, it’s quite easy. It just takes a bit of time. But, you'll never do it with erectile dysfunction pills.

Now, if this article is your first visit to this website, let me direct you here:
“A Bent Penis Is Easy To Fix”.

That article will explain how easy it is to straighten a bent penis. And, you’ll learn why: surgery, injections, and drugs are not necessary 99.99% of the time.

When The Nightmare Ends

Yes, I know. Personally. Developing a bent penis is a horrific nightmare. And, then to watch your shaft get weaker and weaker, softer and softer... It’s an emotional disaster. Am I right?

Then you remember all the advertising for erectile dysfunction pills. You wonder if they will help. If they may straighten you out too. Am I right?

We all did that. You're not alone.

But, then it get worse. Right? You’re told you have Peyronies Disease. A disease! And, then you’re probably told it’s a disease “...that has an unknown cause.”. It becomes a continuing nightmare!

Well, all of that misinformation is nonsense.

Nonsense. It's just not true.

Peyronies has a very definite cause. And, it is easy to correct 99.99% of the time. Inexpensively. Without surgery, injections, or drugs.

As soon as you straighten yourself out, the nightmare ends. And, if you are like most men, you won't be thinking about erectile dysfunction pills because you'll be back to normal.

Is NOT A “Disease”

Here's a fact most men don’t realize: Peyronies is NOT a disease. It’s no more a disease than the scar you got the last time you cut yourself.

But, these are the words you read and hear:

"Disease. Mystery. Surgery. Injections. Unknown cause......."

Horrible! Scary!


And, I’ll bet no one you know, except your doctor, ever heard of this problem either. I’ll bet none of your friends ever heard of it (unless they have it also). Am I right again?

When I first heard of it, I literally began to sweat. Then I found out what it really is. It’s not a “disease” at all. Not at all.

Here’s all that Peyronies really is:

It is a simple bit of hardened tissue on one or more of your erectile chambers. It developed in your mid years. It won’t stretch like the rest of your shaft when you shaft gets erect. So your shaft bends in the direction of the hardened unstretching tissue.

It’s just that simple.

The bending can be super severe and even very painful. So it’s scary.

However, what you just learned, is all that is happening with Peyronies. And, erectile dysfunction pills will not straighten you out again.

erectile dysfunction pills for a bent penis
erectile dysfunction pills are not for a bent penis

Why Is It Called A

peyronies disease - francois de la peyronieFrancois De La Peyronie

Why is it called a “disease”?

It’s one of the old categorized conditions (named in 1742 after the man who identified the cause of this bending, Francois de la Peyronie).

It was misnamed a “disease” when all it really is, is a simple condition.

Since the development of the penile traction device in 1994, this bending is now very easy to correct without surgery for 99.99% of men.

99.99% Of The Time
You Can Correct The Bending Yourself

You'll never straighten yourself out with erectile dysfunction pills. Never.

But, yes. You can do it all by yourself. With a medically endorsed and recommended method.

“The traction method can be effective for 99.99% of men
with even severe penile curvature.”

And, it gets even better. You can get one of the best devices in the world for under $400. Yes, you read that correctly. Under three hundred dollars for one of the best devices in the world.

Peyronies Disease Treatments
Cost Comparison

Compare traction to:

  >  An $8,000 - $17,000 penile surgery.

  >  Or, the latest $30,000 injections.

  >  Or, $5,000 worth of various pills (these are not erectile dysfunction pills) that have clinically proven to be only somewhat effective at best.

Yes, Under $400 for one of the Best and Most Effective penis traction devices in the world.

I Have Three Questions For You:

I think you've learned by now that erectile dysfunction pills are not going to correct your erection problem. Ever.

So, of all the options listed above, which one do You think makes the most sense to try first?

Then second question is for some of my readers who have already tried something and it didn’t work well:  If you’ve already tried another method, and, you did not get satisfactory results, what do you think you should try now?

And, finally, what if correct penis traction came with a money back guarantee of your success? Is it worth a try?

Well,  it does with the only two product lines that meet all of my personal requirements for Safety AND Effectiveness.

The Fact Of The Matter

Not All Methods Work Effectively

The fact is:

Penile Surgery and Correct Penis Traction
are the only two
medically endorsed and recommended methods
of penis straightening
that have proven to really work.

All the other methods have proven to give only up to a 35% improvement at best. And, that was for the $30,000 injections. And, that was "for specific types of cases only". Not everyone.

Most other methods have proven useless. Just like erectile dysfunction pills.

What About Penis Surgery?

penis surgery

If this procedure works out with no problems, you're only out a few days of work and somewhere between $8,000 and $17,000. Depending on who does the surgery. And, you’ll have a straight shaft again. Congratulations!

If you’re not one of the fortunate ones, the possible horrible side effects of this type of surgery include and are not limited to:

  • Impotence

  • Lack of sensation

  • Inability to orgasm

  • Inability to maintain an erection

  • A shorter penis

  • Infection

Correct penile traction
has none of those possible surgical side effects.

You Can Do It Right And Be Very Happy
You Can Possibly
Make An Even Worse Mess Of Things

Yes. If you think things are bad now, you can make them even worse.

Yep. You can really mess yourself up down there. Seriously. And, permanently. That’s a risk you take with a surgery.

bent penis straightening surgery

If you don’t mind taking a bit longer, however,  if you don't want to risk ANY of the possible surgical side effects, and you want a money back guarantee of your success, then correct traction may be the better choice.

straightening a bent penis with a traction device

Erectile Dysfunction Pills
Not The Answer

Erectile dysfunction pills are not the answer. All they may do is give you a harder bent dick. How lovely will that be?

On the other hand, correct traction, which is also medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide (including the USA, Canada, France, Denmark, Germany...), can straighten out 99.99% of men with even severe penile bending.

"Yes, even severe penile bending can almost always
be straightened with the traction method.”

Almost always.

erectile dysfunction pills

You now know, you can forget about erectile dysfunction pills.

So, now that you know the options, and the possible consequences of a penile surgery:  What straightening method makes the most sense to You?

Be Well.....

~ William

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