Penis Traction Device
Can you Trust?

doctor recommended penis traction device

Buying a penis traction device that does the job correctly, and that you don’t have to worry about damaging yourself with, is not the easiest thing to figure out.


Because: There is so much the junk on the market. At my last count, there are 23 different units available on the market.

AND, they all look pretty much the same.

AND, they all seem to make the same claims.

But, some of these units, I find, can be just downright dangerous!

So how do you tell the quality units from the ones that may cause you permanent harm and/or disfigure you?

Don’t Risk
Permanent Injury

If you have been reading this website, you know that I always say: "Get the best penis traction device that you can. Don't risk serious injury."

The Quick Extender Pro pictured above is the best I have ever found. It is my own personal first choice for Safety and Effectiveness. My second choice would be the Pro Extender.

If you find you agree with me, or if you trust my opinion enough, you can click on the photo above right now and go directly to the site to purchase one for yourself.

The inferior penis traction device models you can find elsewhere on the internet will usually only save you $100-$200 over the cost of this one.

The VERY BEST one I have ever found, however, currently costs under $300.

They’re really not expensive. Any man can afford the best here. Especially when you consider that they are much safer than a $16,000 surgery. Or, $30,000 of injections.

Doing It Right

The only reason the cheap units came along is that the good ones were so effective. Men were buying a lot of them.

When that happens, you'll find every unscrupulous marketing company wants to jump on the band wagon and price competition becomes their game. NOT quality.

The ones this hurts is the uneducated consumer.

A penis traction device is not something that breaks or malfunctions and you say, “Darn!”

If a unit breaks or functions poorly while you are using it, you could have serious permanent damage or disfigurement.

penis traction device causing permanent damage and discolorationPermanent crown damage and discoloration

Who is really going to knowingly foolishly scrimp and risk permanent damage or injury to himself to save a $100 - $200?

If you’re willing to do that, just skip the rest of what I’m writing here today, go buy a cheap one and take your chances.

But, if you get injured, don’t write to me 2 months from now and tell me about your tragedy. I already know what can happen.

That is why I’m writing this article:
So you can get the results you want,
you can avoid possibly terrible disfiguring accidents.

The second very important point here is:  Use your high quality unit correctly.

Using a high quality unit correctly is a very safe practice. It's medically endorsed and doctor recommended.

“Penile traction therapy (PTT)

is increasingly being recognized as a viable nonsurgical approach
Peyronie’s disease.”

reference:  Dr. Shaan A. Setia MD
Devices for Penile Traction

Let's Talk About

Smart and Safe

If you’re still reading I commend you!

So now: Which are the best penis traction devices?

Well, the kit above is my #1 personal first choice for a penis traction device.

Unfortunately, there are only 2 brands that meet all of my personal requirements for Safety AND Effectiveness. I wish there were more.

The two brands I found best are:

  • Medically Recommended
  • Made of the Best Medical Grade Materials
  • Classified as class 1 medical devices
  • Showing a “CE” seal of approval. A stamp of safety that European Health Authorities give to medical devices that meet their standards of safety.
  • Money Back Guaranteed (to work and do what they say they do) by the manufacturers

The Two Best
Penis Traction Devices
in the World

As I said, there are units that I find superior to all the rest.

There are, by my last count, 23 devices that I have found available. I researched them all. These are the only two manufacturers  that meet all of my personal requirements for Safety and Results:

My first choice, by far, is the Quick Extender Pro device. I find they do the fastest job with the highest quality materials. And, they are the most comfortable. The unit at the top of the page is the best of the best.

Second is the ProExtender. Just click on the link and take a look at them. These are also first quality all the way.

Both of manufacturers are excellent. You don't need both. Click the links above, read about them, and see which you think is the best.

The kits contain other valuable items that make the whole process more enjoyable and can speed your progress.

If funds are a problem, just the penis traction device alone will do the job very well.

What Can You Expect?

So what can you expect from a penis traction device?

Well, there are 2 MAIN REASONS why a man would buy one of these:

1) To create a Bigger and Thicker erection

2) To straighten a bent or curved penis

Now, for reality’s sake, let’s talk first about size increase. You’re not going to turn a 4” erection into a 9” erection with one of these.

Theoretically, you could. But, in real life, I’ve never seen it happen.

However, you can add some nice size. Maybe an inch to your length. And that’s pretty darn impressive!

What About
Peyronies Disease
(bent penis)

This website is primarily about Safely and Effectively straightening a bent penis.

For those men who suffer from Peyronies Disease, 99% of the time you can easily make your erections comfortably straight again. It takes a little while. But, they are easy to fix if you do it correctly.

Now, I hear this question sometimes: "Perfectly straight like an arrow?" Answer: Probably not. But, straight enough so that no sex partner or anyone else will ever question it being normal. Would that be good enough for you?

The fact is, most “normal” erections have a bit of a curve or bend. Yes, most. Over 50%.

How Long Does It Take
Get Straight Again?

how long does a penis traction device take to work

How long a man needs to use a penis traction device varies according to each man.

If you are straightening a severely bent penis or just a curvature, the time it will take depends on:

  • The severity of the bend or curve

  • How straight you need it to become

  • How thick and/or hard the scar tissue has become

  • Genetics

  • Personal health and healing ability

  • How diligently a man uses the penis traction device

If size increase is the goal: Making an erection permanently longer will take some time. It depends on how long the shaft is to start with and how much you are trying to add to it.

How diligent you are in using the penis traction device, how long you are trying to get, and, Genetics (how easily your particular tissues will stretch and repair) also are factors.

It Will Not Happen

Penis traction therapy takes some time.

Don’t get frustrated if all your straightening and/or enhancement dreams don’t come true after using your penis traction device for a week. The results you want don’t happen overnight. It's like having a baby. A woman can not get pregnant and then deliver a child in 2 or 3 months.

Some men will reach their desired goal in 2 or 3 months. Most will take a bit longer.

Straightening a severe bend can take 6 - 12 months. Adding an inch if new growth can take that long or even longer.

Progress may seem slow. But, it is definite! The time is going to pass anyway. Why not make it work for you.

And, think about this: Just the fact that straightening and lengthening can be done so easily, without surgery, so inexpensively, and safely, is practically a miracle in itself!


"Correct penis traction
has none of the possible hideous side effects
penile surgery."

penis surgery or penis traction?99.99% of the time: This is UNNECESSARY

First: There is no surgery that will give you a longer erection. They can make it thicker, but not longer.

Second: Penile Surgery to correct a bent or curved penis is dangerous and comes with the risk of many hideous possible side effects. Including the inability to get or maintain an erection, and possible impotence.

" (Bent Penis) Surgery is characterized by a risk of complications and unwanted outcomes and lack of consensus among the medical profession on the indications for surgery and the techniques used. That is why
a non-invasive technique is preferable."

reference: Dr. Paolo Gontero
Medical News Today


“....over 65% of patients were unhappy with the outcomes of the Peyronie's surgery at 5-year follow-up. Penile length loss and worsening of erectile dysfunction was the most common reason for dissatisfaction.”

reference: Dr. Nelson Bennett,
“Five-year follow-up of Peyronie's graft surgery: outcomes and patient satisfaction.”

Compare using a high quality, medically approved traction device to a risky $12,000 penile surgery that could leave you impotent or unable to have intercourse again (due to lack of sensation and/or nerve damage) and a high quality penis traction device does seem almost “miraculous” in what it can do.

If you’re weighing your options, doesn’t it make sense to try a safe high quality penis traction device first?

penis traction device, or, penis surgery? QuickExtenderPRO

You Wear it
Your Normal Daily Activity

Using a penis traction device is extremely easy. You wear the device under your clothing while you go about your normal daily activity.

It takes about 30 seconds to put on (once you get used to doing it!), and about 15 seconds to take off. That's it. It's no more difficult than tying and untying your shoes.

No one even knows you have it on.

wearing a penis traction deviceWhich man is wearing the penis traction device?

Never Risk
Hurting Yourself

Be sure to be Safe.

That is what this whole article is about.

With the economy being what it is, most of us are trying to save all the money we can.

But, don’t skimp on a cheap and inferior unit just because it looks like the good ones in the advertisements and makes the same claims.

If you do, like I said, don’t come back and write me about any disasters you have. I’m trying to help you avoid that right now.

The Best
Most Effective Method

If a bent or a curved erection is destroying your sex life, a high quality penis traction device has PROVEN to be the

  • Best
  • Safest

  •  Medically Endorsed and Doctor Recommended

method in the world for straightening a bent or curved penis!

This statement is backed up by the fact that:

Penis Traction
is now medically endorsed and recommended
in 29 countries around the world.

As for male enhancement:

The decision to make your erection longer is personal. If it makes you happy, Why not?

It can be cooler than a tattoo. Or, a new designer suit. And, way more fun!! PLUS: the results are permanent!

And, there is nothing wrong with doing it if it makes you happy.

Get The Results
You Want

a penis traction device that works
successful penis traction
straighten a bent penis
penis traction device for penis enlargement, male enhancement

A penis traction device of high quality
should give you the results you want
without any unwanted horrifying consequences.

“Penile traction devices have been studied as a treatment for straightening the penile curvature in men with PD (Peyronies disease)....

There are no serious adverse events, including skin changes, ulcerations, hypoesthesia (numbness), or diminished rigidity.”

reference: Dr. Ali Can Albaz, European Medical Journal
Peyronie’s Disease: Recent Treatment Modalities

The best way to make sure that is what you get, is to use only the best possible device you can find. And, use it correctly.

For me, as I said earlier, of all the 23 brands I have found available currently, the Quick Extender Pro units best meet all of my personal requirements for Effectiveness, Safety, and Comfort in a penis traction device.

Be Well.....

~ William

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