Peyronies Disease
Not Really a Disease At All

peyronies disease is easy to fix

Peyronies (as horrible as it may seem)
Is just

a Simple Condition
That is Usually Very Easy to Fix

Peyronies disease is easy to correct

Why is this type of bent penis not really a disease? Because it is simply a mechanical injury. Like a broken bone, a sprain, a cut or a burn.

To really understand this, let's use a burn as an example.

Say you were in a fire and part of your arm was burned badly. So badly that after it healed the skin was deformed and looked like it was a molten lava flow and not like skin at all.Would you now have "fire disease"? Or would you simply have a terrible scar?

Of course, just a terrible scar! You could skin graft and fix it.

Peyronies Disease is really nothing different. Your penis was injured and you now have a mass of scar tissue inside your penis structure that gives you a bending or curved penis every time you get an erection.

That "Peyronies Disease" scar is usually on the tunica albuginea. This is the fibrous envelope that surrounds the corpora cavernosum.

tunica albuginea and a bent penis caused by peyronies disease

the cause of peyronies disease penile bending

That is what causes Peyronies disease.

That's all that is happening. And, even though it segems really horrible now, this bent penis condition is so much easier to fix than the burn we just discussed. So you can stop worrying and relax! If you're like 99.99% of men, you can straighten it back out again.

When you name something a "disease", it becomes mysterious, mythical, and highly regarded. That's nonsense! The problem is, it makes us panic and worry a lot.

Peyronies disease is really very simple in all aspects.

Peyronies Disease
Got It's Name

what causes a peyronies disease bent penis

The scarring that causes this curving and bending was first discovered by Francois de la Peyronie in 1743.

Back in those times, when medicine was just beginning to be organized, it was a very common practice to name anything discovered after the person who discovered it.

So, this condition was called Peyronie's Disease. Later the apostrophe was dropped. It's that simple.

Peyronies Disease should really have been named "Peyronies Condition." That's all the mystery there is behind it.

Once you understand the condition this way, and what it really is, you will realize why it is so very simple to fix!

Is My Erection bent?

why is my erection bent?
peyronies disease #2

With Peyronies Disease, your penis can, and probably does, look perfectly normal when it is flaccid (limp, not erect). But, on erection, you have a bent penis. Your penis can be curving up or down or off to one side. Or even in more than one direction. Sometimes severely!

This intense pulling may cause considerable pain and embarrassment also.

That is because scars are not very elastic. They don't stretch much. They are a harder more fibrous tissue. Nature did that on purpose to strengthen that particular area so it would not break down so easily again.

If your scar is directly below the skin, it is usually very easy to feel with your fingers when your penis is limp. The scar usually feels like a small pea. If it is inside your penis (in the corpus cavernosum) you may not be able to feel the scar so easily.

Now, because scars do not stretch much, your erection becomes crooked. It bends in the direction of the scarring(s). That is all that is happening.

Did The Scar Get There?

The penis is actually very delicate. Although, we often like to play hard with it. And that is what usually causes the problem!

The scarring here is often considered to have no known origin. But, let's get a look at reality here: EVERYTHING has a cause. Some things are very hard to find that cause for. But, everything has a cause.

Fortunately, the causes of this condition are usually very simple to understand.

A seemingly insignificant injury, even a relatively painless one (like rough sex), can cause a break in some of the delicate penile tissue and scarring can occur. This is why the bending that develops later can seem mysterious.

Also, most people who live on a modern diet are deficient in Omega 3 fats and Vitamin E, Lack of these nutrients (and lack of saturated fat) make cellular connections brittle. And make smooth healing more difficult.

These factors can often cause excessive scarring and cause the scarring/bending problem with just a small penile injury. Genetics is a factor also.

Regardless of how the scarring got there, it is almost always very easy to remedy.

Peyronies Disease

There are a number of current treatments for PD. These include:

  • Surgery
  • Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy
  • Injections

  • Oral Medications
  • Penis Exercises (and massages)
  • Penis Traction

Which Treatments Have Been
Clinically Proven
to Work Best?

There's no point in wasting time or money. OR, putting yourself at great possible risk.

So, let's take a look at them:

OK. Let's be practical here. If you're a surgeon looking at Peyronies Disease, would you say penis surgery would be the correct answer? Even though it may leave you impotent, will shorten your penis, cause nerve damage, maybe make erection impossible, and will reduce the sensation in your penis? Doesn't that seem insane? Cost: usually $6,000 - $15,000.

If you're in the medical field and asked about treatment, even though correct traction is now medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide,  the usual three options are oral drugs, injections (which can CAUSE Peyronies Disease), or Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy.  Cost: about $1,000 - $10,000. Success here has proven to be minimal.

Even with the newest FDA approved drug, success is about 35% at best. And, only for certain men. The full treatment will cost you about $30,000. Yes, thirty thousand dollars.

If you have absolutely no money in this world and are suffering from a curved or bent penis, penis exercises (or massages) might be your choice. Exercises won't scar you further. They can be effective on a penis that has only a mild curve. They can be somewhat effective on scar tissue. But, not very. And this can cause great frustration and discouragement after months of practice and little results. Cost: $0 - $100

Then there is penis traction.

"Penis Traction
has been clinically proven to be the Safest and Most Effective method for straightening a bent penis
caused by
Peyronies Disease."

Penis Traction has the ability to lengthen the scar permanently. In most cases, the scar can be made equal in length to the normal skin when the penis is erect. And, that means a straight, painless erection!

natural peyronies disease treatment that works, medically endorsed bent penis straightening

Clinically Proven

Safest AND Most Effective!

Penile traction, correctly done, has been proven to be the safest and surest method to a straight erection. The results will be permanent! You can also get one of the Best and Safest penile traction devices in the world for under $200! Compare that to the thousands of dollars you would have to spend on other methods that come with so many possibly devastating side effects!

Because of it's safety and effectiveness, penile traction is now recommended by Doctors in 29 countries around the world.

How It Works!

As you now know, scar tissue is causing the erection to bend. In order to have a straight erection you must do 1 of two things:

1) Lengthen the scar to an equal length as the normal tissue (during erection.) Or,

2) Shorten the skin on the opposite side of the scar (surgery).

The problem with a scar is that it won't ever stretch sufficiently. You have to actually make that scar tissue longer. That is what the traction device does.

A traction device pulls on the scar until it creates microscopic tears in it. They will not bleed. And there really is no pain. The tears are very very minute. They mend very rapidly.

BUT! This is the key: When these microscopic tears mend, a small amount of new cells are added. By repeating this process over and over again, the scar tissue gets measurably longer.

With correct traction, 

"there are none of the dangerous side effects
connected with
Peyronies Disease surgery."

peyronies disease surgeryPeyronies Disease surgery

Penis traction is so effective in lengthening tissue, that traction devices are more commonly purchased as enlargers than Peyronies Disease remedies! A man can actually add over an inch to his penis length with traction. Some say 3 inches. This process will also make your cock a little wider.

Don't worry. When you use a penile traction device to straighten a bend,  you will not make your shaft any longer until the scar tissue has caught up to the normal tissues.

After that, however, you will be able to add length if you want to.

it's easy to fix a bent penis caused by peyronies diseases 99% of the time


There are about 23 different types of penis traction devices available currently that claim to be effective for straightening penile curvature. Don't make the mistake of buying a "bargain". You will only save about $50 - $125.

Although they all look similar, they are not. If you get a cheap one, and it breaks, and permanently damage your penis, how much did you save??? You would regret that forever!

The only penis traction devices that have met all of my requirements for safety, reliability, and comfort are the Quick Extender Pro devices. They are classified as a Medical Device Type 1 by the health authorities of the European Union

  • They are Medically Approved

  • And, they are Guaranteed to work for you

Peyronies Disease can be fixed nicely for about 99.99% of men who get it. Although it can be grotesque sometimes, and even quite painful, most men can fix it up themselves at home over a period of time.

So, now that you know what Peyronies Disease actually is, you know it is usually not such a big deal to get rid of. It just takes some time, a small amount of discipline, and some persistence.

Be Well.....

~ William

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