Erectile Dysfunction

what are erectile dysfunction symptoms?

Erectile dysfunction symptoms?

Why are you looking for this? Seriously.

We know when we’re not functioning sexually.

Men who really have serious ED don’t normally search for pages on erectile dysfunction symptoms. They know they have ED.

But, you’re sexual power is diminishing. Right?.....

In this article, I going to tell you some truths you may never have learned about male sexuality and male sexual health.

It May Not Be
What You Think It Is

erectile dysfunction symptoms and aging

This article has been written for the tens of thousands of middle age and older men who are just getting older, and, in normal health. But, who are worrying about their sexual slow down because they think it means they have erectile dysfunction symptoms.

That may be totally false.

This also isn’t time for sexual stimulants. Or, training for the Olympics. This is time to respect your body and go comfortably and happily with the flow of life.

I want you to know you can stop worrying so much.

Not All
Sexual Decline
Is Erectile Dysfunction

It’s the decline in desire and ability that’s concerning you. Isn’t it? You're concerned that these are erectile dysfunction symptoms. Right?

We ALL hate the slow down. None of us like when this happens. But, it's natural. And, it doesn't mean anything is wrong with you.

Here’s something you need to know:

“Many men think they have ED

when in fact they do not.”

So let’s take a look what may be happening to you.

Blame Advertising

I’m not making light of your situation here in any way. Erectile dysfunction symptoms scare every man.

Unfortunately, advertising has us thinking if we’re not having sex like rabbits, or, 20 year old men, there is something wrong with us.

But, here’s the thing with “erectile dysfunction symptoms”:  It’s just like asking for headache symptoms, or nausea symptoms, or blister symptoms.

If you have a headache, your head hurts. If you feel like vomiting, you know you are nauseous. If you see a blister on your foot, you know you have a blister.


If things are not working the way they used to down there, you know you are experiencing some erectile dysfunction.

Or, are you?

What Are The Symptoms?

Now, for those of you who really need a list a erectile dysfunction symptoms, here is the entire list:

  • Inability to get an erection

  • You’re only getting weak useless erections

  • Your erections don’t last and you don’t orgasm

Erectile dysfunction symptoms are pretty simple. Right?

And:  All those things can, and do, sometimes happen to men to men in perfect sexual health.

The thing is, a lot of older men don’t have an erectile problem. Or, erectile dysfunction symptoms. They just think they do because they can’t have as much sex as they did 20 years ago. Or, these days, they seem to “fail to perform” at times.

Well, that’s just natural and normal as we age.

There is a big difference between ED and normal slowing down with age. Or, ED and some occasional sexual fatigue.

Soon you’ll be learning just how much ejaculation is “normal” throughout our life cycle. And, you’ll see it’s a lot less than you've been told and/or made to believe.

Why A Man Develops
Erectile Dysfunction

There are a number of reasons men wind up with ED.

Most are just physical degeneration and fatigue. Some a psychological and/or emotional. Others are the side effects of certain diseases like diabetes. Still others are drug and alcohol related.

I’m not going to get into all of them in this article. It would simply make this article too long and off purpose.

What I want to talk with you about today is why many men think they are developing erectile dysfunction symptoms, when all that is happening is that they are aging and they are slowing down as nature intended.

That’s right. We ALL slow down physically and sexually as we age. It’s part of living a long life. It's doesn't mean anything is wrong with us.

Don’t believe the advertisements that says you should be as sexually able at 60 or 40 as you were at 20.

It’s just not true.

Soon I’m going to be passing on some information to you from Chinese Medicine. A school of medicine that has been around for over 10,000 years.

In this article you’re going to learn just how much ejaculation is normal for men of different ages.

Things Are NOT Always
As Serious
As They Seem

understanding erectile dysfunction symptoms

Here’s another problem many of us have these days:  For some reason these days, we seem to be all caught up in having a serious illness or malfunction


I have a dear friend who own this giant “book of symptoms”. Geeze! She gets a cold, and she wonders if she may have pneumonia or tuberculosis. She gets tired from over working and she wonders if she has Epstein-Barr Syndrome (mononucleosis). She can’t remember one of the items she went to the grocery store for, she thinks she may be developing Dementia....... on and on.....

I am beginning to believe we are being trained to be sick! Chronically sick. When usually we are not seriously ill at all.

Usually, what I have found is: we are just trying to do too much.

Yes, I know, modern life is demanding. And, highly competitive. But, you don’t need to compete in the bedroom.

Sex is supposed to be fun. And, it’s a gift. So enjoy it when you are able. Don’t stress out on it. And, you’ll have a much healthier sex life and a much healthier sexual system.

What About These
Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms?

OK. Back on topic:

There are, in reality, no erectile dysfunction symptoms.


You are functioning, you are functioning poorly, or, you’re not really working at all down there.

That’s it.

Does it really need to be more complicated than this? Would you be more comfortable if I gave you a list of things to look out for in your daily life? And, you sex life? And, your mental behavior? And, what you eat? etc. etc...... I don't think so.

And, does your lessened ability, as you age, mean you have a fatal disease?

Does it mean your sporadic malfunction is a sign your sex life is ending soon?

No. Not at all. And, the natural slow down with age is not indicating erectile dysfunction symptoms.

So, let’s get a little reality check first.

How Much Sex Is Normal?
and healthy

Here we are. This is the section where I promised you would learn just how much sexual ability is normal and healthy at different ages.

This is something important for you to know. And, most of us are never taught what you are about to learn here.

All we see and hear about sexuality are advertisements for more and more sex. At any age.

It’s not a reality. It’s not healthy.

“Every man who overindulges

for a long period of time,

or continually forces sexual activity,

will wind up with sexual malfunction and possibly
severe pain.”

So, please, take what you are about to read here to heart.

Chinese medicine dates back about 10,000 years. It’s had a lot of time to observe human beings and what “normal functional ability” is. Here’s what Chinese medicine has to say about normal sexual ability for men:

erection problems and Chinese medicine

“  -   For teenagers, ejaculation can be stimulated even twice a day and may not be too much

  -   By the time a young man is in his 20s, five to seven times a week is probably the maximum. (That’s still a lot!)

  -   As we get into our 30s, three to four times a week is a very full sex life. And, often, far too much.

  -   In our 40s, twice a week is considered very strong. Once a week is good.” (And, most of us won’t really complain about that.)

  -   “Now, in our 50s, once a week is a very good showing.” (Unfortunately, all the advertising has us thinking we now have erectile dysfunction, or at least, erectile dysfunction symptoms because we can’t ejaculate every day. Nonsense.)

As we age, our senses of sight, smell, and taste diminish. Our capacity for strenuous activities and exertion decline and our recuperation takes more time. I’m sure you’re well aware of that already.

We all know this. Or, realize this when the time comes.

Along with this, our sexual ability and even our sexual sensations decline. Our diminishing ability to “perform” is very natural. It is not erectile dysfunction symptoms.

"This does not mean we don’t desire or enjoy sexual activity
into our 80s or even 90s.

It just means we’re not going to be running in the Olympics,
we won’t be playing on the Varsity team any longer."

 “In your 70s, only once a month may be a sign of very good sexual health.” (Yes, just once a month.)

great sex after 70

When You

70 and Over!

Yep. If you’re in your 70s and you’re getting a nice usable stiffy each month, you are NOT suffering from erectile dysfunction symptoms.

I know, at least every week would be nice. Right? And, I’m sure there are a few blessed men out there who can do just that. And, they make you feel impotent. But, you are not.

You’re simply an older fellow whose sexual system has peaked long ago and it slowly winding it’s way down.

Remember This:  Age is not a disease. The natural slow down is not the beginning of erectile dysfunction symptoms.

As you learned, this sexual decline is natural. Normal. And, it is no way a sign that you will not be able to continue have sex well into your 80s if you desire.

The fact that you are still functioning even once, regularly, every month at 70 or 80 means your sexual health is probably normal and better than most men of your age. So, if that's you, forget about erectile dysfunction symptoms.

Too Many Men
Break Down Too Soon

Yes, ED is a serious problem for a lot of men these days. And, erectile dysfunction symptoms start to worry all of us as we age. So often unnecessarily.

Unfortunately, on the other hand, too many men break down much too soon. Unnecessarily. But, that's another article in itself.

Here’s a bit of interesting (and sad) information you may not know:  40% of men over 40 these days suffers from ED?

Can you believe that?

Yes, 40%!!

So, if you’re in your 50s, 60s, 70s or 80s and your motor is still running, even though much slower than before, you’re in a lot better shape than 40% of men half your age.

A Word
Some Revered Professionals

Now, I want you to hear from the people who are probably the most revered and quoted people on human sexual activity.

Most of us over 50 have heard of Masters and Johnson.

In the late 1950s they were the recognized, and very famous, pioneers of research in human sexuality. They did a huge amount of research into understanding human sexual response, and sexual disorders including erectile dysfunction.

Masters and Johnson discovered that ‘...human sexual response may be slowed by the aging process, but it is certainly not terminated.’ Several recent reports indicate that the majority of women and nearly all men from 50-80 are still interested in sex. These studies also confirm that the majority of the elderly are capable of engaging in and enjoying sex.”   reference:

When We’re Just Getting Older
it’s not
Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

With all of that said, (and, I hope you read those last two links), what we often think of as “erectile dysfunction symptoms” has nothing at all to do with ED. We’re all just getting older and not necessarily liking all the changes that come with advancing age.

I’ve been talking about men in their 70s and 80s.

But, even men in their late 30s and early 40s who get upset because they can’t always raise the flag, need to relax and accept the natural life process.

At 40, you can’t compete with the prowess you had in your teens or early 20s. You just can’t. It's not erectile dysfunction symptoms. It's nature.

Don’t Blame Yourself

Don’t blame yourself. Don’t think anything is wrong with you. Don’t be like my dear friend who looked for fatal illnesses with the same symptoms as a headache or a common cold.

And, please, do yourself a HUGE favor: Stay away from erectile stimulants. They may seriously hurt you. Possibly even kill you.

If your sexual cycle resembles what you just learned from the texts of Chinese Medicine: Relax. You’re sounding pretty normal and generally sexually healthy.

What About
Peyronies Disease
A Bent Penis?

peyronies disease and erectile dysfunction
bent penis and erectile dysfunction

This is the Bent Penis Website. The ED caused by your bend (yes bending can cause ED all by itself) may be what got you to this page.

So, I want to tell you a bit about what is called “Psychological Impotence” and how it can be caused by Peyronies Disease, a bent penis:

“A bent penis can be the entire cause


erectile dysfunction.”

Yes, the bending itself can be the entire cause.

Here’s the good news:

“If your bending was the cause of your erectile dysfunction symptoms, straightening your erections out again will usually make the ED disappear ‘like magic’.”

Yes. It’s true.

So, if your ED came about shortly after your bending became severe, why don’t you try straightening your cock out BEFORE you try any other type of ED treatment.

For 99.99% of men with a bent penis, straightening can be Safe, Effective, and Easy. And, you can do it without the use of surgery, injections, or drugs 99.99% of the time.

If you straighten your cock first, I think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised!

A Harsh Reality
too Many Men

Yes, erectile dysfunction symptoms are a harsh reality for far too many men these days. And, there are definite reasons and causes for ED. Fortunately, it is also possible for a large amount of men with ED to reverse their problem naturally.

But, erectile dysfunction symptoms DO NOT include the diminishing number of times we can “perform” as we age. That’s just part of Nature’s plan.

Be Well.....

~ William

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