The Best
Natural Treatment for
Erectile Dysfunction

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natural treatment for erectile dysfunction

What is the best natural treatment for erectile dysfunction?

When you have a bent penis, caused by Peyronies disease, the best natural treatment is almost always going to be the only treatment needed: Straighten out your penis. Naturally.

When the bending has caused the problem, straightening will almost always do the trick. No drugs, stimulants, injections, herbs, diets, exercises or other treatments are needed 99% of the time.

What Causes
Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a variety of things:

  • Hormonal Insufficiency
  • Sexual Overindulgence
  • Age
  • Blood flow
  • Psychological and Emotional Causes
  • Diseases, such as Diabetes
  • Certain Medications
  • A Bent Penis

The treatments can be very different.

In this article, I am going to stick strictly with ED caused by a severely bending erection. And, the best natural treatment for erectile dysfunction caused by a bent penis.

Erectile Dysfunction
Caused by a Bent Penis

There are a number of things that happen during Peyronies disease that can cause ED.

You already know that your bend is being caused by a scar/plaque formation inside the shaft on part of the erectile chambers or the tunica albuginea.

erectile dysfunction bent penis

bent penis can cause erectile dysfunction

But, here are some things that you may not be aware can happen with a severely bent penis:

 1)  The plaque that causes the bending, may impair the blood from flowing into the erectile chambers. This causes a soft erection.

 2)  The plaque may also prevent the blood from being contained in the chambers. So, the blood leaks out and the erection can not be formed decently hard and/or the erection may not remain hard.

These usually make a lot of sense to men who have Peyronies disease.

But, there is a third factor that most men are unaware of.

 3)  This other factor is called psychological impotence. Embarrassment, humiliation, fear of performance failure... can all cause an erection to go weak, or, not even form at all.

This type of impotence is just as real as ED caused by the physical changes. And, psychological impotence can be an even more powerful cause for malfunction.

None of these causes
need be addressed with stimulants, or, even psychotherapy
until after you are straight again.

The reason?

Once a man who had erectile dysfunction caused by a bending penis is straight again, he usually doesn’t need any erectile assistance if he has straightened himself out naturally. That means without the use of surgery, injections, drugs, etc... That is almost always the very best natural treatment for erectile dysfunction of this type.

Psychological Impotence

Let’s talk a little about how a bent penis can cause psychological impotence before we move ahead.

Psychological impotence is the sneaky one. Because you can’t see it, or measure it, or x-ray it or MRI it.... There’s no medication for it. It’s in your mind. Playing havoc with your entire sex life and with your emotional state. It can also cause serious depression.

ED caused from emotional issues often makes you think there is something physically wrong with yourself when there is not. This is not a time for sexual stimulants or antidepressants.

The more psychological impotence causes you sexual failure, the worse your ED becomes. And, the worse your emotion state becomes. It’s a vicious circle.

the “cure” is usually very simple.

Once the erections become straight (or even straighter),
the ED seems to disappear "like magic".
Like it was all just a bad dream.

The very best natural treatment for erectile dysfunction of this type is NOT psychotherapy. It is definitely NOT any erectile drugs, herbs, testosterone, or injections. It is most definitely not antidepressants.

Unfortunately, all these things are what most men will turn to when the ED sets in after penile bending starts causing the problem.


Because: We are taught, mostly through advertising, that these are the solutions to ED. And, it may be true for other types of erectile dysfunction.

Well, here’s something we are not taught very often, but, something that will correct many, or even most, of the problems in our lives:

Remove the cause and the problem will disappear.

If the bending is causing your problem, and you remove the bending (with natural straightening), guess what else disappears almost all of the time? Right! The ED.

This “remove the cause and you’ll remove the effect” is almost invariable with psychological impotence cause by a bent penis. Straightening (removing the cause: penile bending) seems to work “like magic” here. It is the best natural treatment for erectile dysfunction caused by a bent penis.

And, it is effective in almost all cases of this type.

The Best Natural Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction
caused by
Peyronies disease

The best natural treatment for erectile dysfunction caused by Peyronies disease is: Remove the cause. The bending. Straighten out your erection. Naturally.

If the bend was the cause of ED, straightening almost always makes the ED disappear.

Now, again, I must stress the importance of natural straightening. Penis stretching.


Because a surgery comes with it’s own set of possible side effects that include: impotence. Injections also come with serious possible side effects. Since there is only one FDA approved injection for straightening a Peyronies bent penis, I will give you a link right here so that you can read all about these directly from the manufacturer.

An Obvious Similarity

Before we get to the best natural straightening method, let’s take a very obvious similar example that is easy for everyone of us to understand: Overweight.

What is the best natural treatment for overweight?

How many diets have we all seen advertising how they will help people lose weight? Lots. Right?

Lots of diet pills too. Right?

Exercise equipment. Right?

Support groups. Right?

And, every one of them has a plan to sell you so that you can finally be thin again. Hmmmmm. something to sell you. Interesting, isn’t it.

We also have countless diets: The vegan diet, the all meat diet, the low fat diet, the high fat diet (for real), the shakes (you must buy), the prepacked meal plans, etc...... Endless.

And, we all already know one thing here that will make anyone thinner: EAT LESS. That’s eat. Eat less calories and your weight will fall. That’s ALL there is to it. Right?

But, that’s too obvious. We need a “program”. A pill. Weight Watchers. Jenny Craig. A new gym membership. Etc. Etc.

I’m not knocking any of these things. They all can help. But, at then of the day, it’s all about one thing: Eating less calories and exercising a bit. That’s all!

It’s The Same
A Bent Penis

Now, this is almost too obvious for explanation, but, sometimes the most obvious things are the hardest to see.

If the bending has caused the ED problem, straightening will almost always fix the problem. That is why straightening alone is the best natural treatment for erectile dysfunction when cause by penis bending.

That’s it. It’s really just that simple most of the time.

Natural straightening

is the best treatment
erectile dysfunction caused by a bent penis.

Too obvious? I believe so. Because there are literally tens of thousands of men who have developed ED from a bending penis that are trying all sorts of drugs, herbs, diets, hormonal injections, exercises and therapies to get their erections back. They’re spending hundreds of millions of dollars on this stuff.

And, MOST of these therapies aren’t doing much for them because the problem is being caused by the bending. Not a lack of hormones.

Now, if something else is causing your ED, straightening may not help the situation at all.

If you suddenly developed hormonal issues, a horrible disease, started on some medications that cause ED, have diabetes, general severe circulatory problems,.... Straightening is not going to correct the problem.

BUT: If your ED came about shortly after the bending penis. Or, at the same time.... hmmmmm. Can you see there may be a connection?

If the bending is actually causing the ED (which is very common) the best natural treatment for erectile dysfunction is going to be: Straighten out the erections. Get rid of the cause. It's the best natural treatment for erectile dysfunction of this type. The BEST.

Make sense?

The Best Natural
Medically Recommended

Penis Straightening Method

OK. So, what is the best natural penis straightening method? That is also medically endorsed?

The very best natural treatment for erectile dysfunction caused by a bent penis is called Penis Traction Therapy.

Penis traction therapy is the Safest and Most Effective medically recommended method of penis straightening in the world.

It is medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide. This included the USA and Canada.

Penile Surgery
Penis Traction Therapy

Yes, penis surgery is still the fastest medically approved method.

surgery for a bent penis

However, there are many serious possible side effects with a penis surgery.

These possible side effects include, and are not limited to:

  • Impotence

  • A shorter penis

  • Inability to orgasm

  • Lack of sensation

  • Inability to maintain an erection

  • Urinary problems

  • Infection

Penis traction therapy comes with NONE of the possible surgical side effects. This is also why it is the best natural treatment for erectile dysfunction. When traction is done properly, there are no unfortunate side effects.

natural treatment for erectile dysfunction caused by peyronies disease

Yes, traction therapy will take longer to fix a bent penis than a surgery will. Normally 6 - 9 months. That is the only drawback it really has.

Penis traction therapy will also save you a small bundle. $9,000+ for a surgery vs $300 for penis traction. Yes, three hundred dollars.

Which method do you think makes the most sense to try first?


Straighten Your Penis


When we get Peyronies, a severely bent penis that destroys our erections and our sex live, it’s easy to panic. You're not alone with these feelings. We all do that.

But, don’t do something foolish, and, possibly dangerous. Don’t get crazy and start on all kinds of therapies for erectile dysfunction, until you get your erections straight again.

Those things may cause you a lot of unnecessary problems. Sometimes serious ones.

Be smart:

If you’ve developed ED in conjunction with penile bending, PLEASE: Don’t go for erectile dysfunction drugs, therapy, group therapy, herbal treatments, injections, hormones, special diets, exercises.....

Just straighten your erections out first.

Then see what happens.

I think you will be more than pleasantly surprised.

Remember:  If you had normal erections before the bending, once you get straight again, you’ll realize that no other natural treatment for erectile dysfunction (or, any other kind of treatment at all) is necessary to regain good normal erections and a happy sex life.

natural treatment for erectile dysfunction #2

fix erectile dysfunction caused by Peyronies disease

Be Well.....

~ William

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