Penis Stretching
Really Work?

last updated December 26, 2019
5:29 pm

penis stretching works

Yes it does! Penis stretching dates back thousands of years. And it can make your erections noticeably bigger and straighten them.

Why some of us get so obsessed by a bigger rod is a story unto itself. But, is it wrong? No! Of course not. If it makes you happy, go for it. Just do it right or you may seriously hurt yourself.

Is Penis Stretching Healthy

Today the politically correct term for making a bigger shaft is called "Male Enhancement".

If you already have a normal dick (5-6 inch erections) and feel like you must have a bigger dick to be more masculine, you'd be much better off seeking some psychological counseling. If your erections are normal, size isn't what will make you a great lover. Or more of a man.

But, if you just plain want to be bigger because it would make you happy there's no reason not to do it. Just do your penis stretching in a way that won't cause injury or deformation to your body.

Getting a bigger dick is no more absurd than breast implants, collagen for lips, tattoos, or big huge muscles. It's a form of personal physical enhancement. It's simply a personal choice. If it really makes you happy it is worth doing!

What You Can Expect

You can expect to spend about 6 months to a year enlarging your shaft if you do it correctly.

You can look for about 1/2 inch to maybe 1 1/2 inches of of length after this time. And, with correct traction you can also expect to see some increase in width as well as length.

How big you can get is dependent on a number of things: How big you were to start with. Genetics (how much your tissues are capable of). And most importantly: How diligently you apply a good penis stretching program.

Just don't expect the absurd. You're not going to add 4 inches of length to a 3 inch penis through penis stretching or any other method. It's never going to happen.

Don't Waste Your Money
on Penis Stretching
Doesn't Work!

Male enhancement pills, patches, creams, etc... will never grow you a bigger dick. NEVER. No matter what the ads say.

These items may stimulate you glands more and make your shaft harder. Or last longer. Or get you hard when you're not able to naturally. But, your dick won't actually grow.

Think about it: If these pills, etc. made your actual shaft bigger they'd also make other body parts grow too. It's true. And it's common sense. Your nose would grow, your ears would grow, your boobs would grow, maybe your lips....

In order to create a bigger dick you have to add new cells to the existing tissues. You actually have to create more tissue. No pills, patches or creams will ever do this. So forget the advertising hype. That advertising is just there to get your money.

By properly stretching you can do this. It can give you a longer and thicker shaft. And it will be a permanent enhancement.

The Penis Stretching Methods
Do Work!

There are a number of methods of penis stretching that can make your dick really grow bigger:

  • Pulling it regularly
  • Hanging Weights from it
  • Penis "exercises"
  • Jelqing
  • Using a traction device

There Are Dangers
Be Careful!!

Now before you start by just grabbing your dick and pulling, you have to know the possible dangers of doing the job incorrectly or too hard or too fast: You can permanently damage your organ and/or cause it to become permanently deformed.

The Original
Penis Stretching Techniques

Thousands of years ago in Africa and the Mid East, penis stretching was quite popular. Men would just systematically pull on there member for hours a day and after many many months it would be noticeably bigger.

Then, as time went on, being as clever as we are, men learned penis stretching was easier if they suspended rocks and other weights from their shaft all afternoon while they sat and gazed at the sky. Day after day. Month after month.

These things worked! Quite well often. More or less depending on how faithfully and how long it was done.

The Different Methods
Available Now

There are some methods that definitely work better than others. And these are safer and more effective and give better faster results.

Weights are actually a decently safe and effective method if you do it gradually and can sit around for four or five hours a day with your pants off and let the weights hang there. But, who in today's world has time for that? Or who really wants to?

Penis exercises are actually not real "exercises" as there are no muscles in the shaft of your penis. These "exercises" are actually manual (by hand) stretches. You won't get the maximum results with these alone. But they can enhance a program done with correct traction.

Jelqing is claimed (by the jelqing equipment makers) to be better than just pulling on your shaft because it supposed to give an even pull. But, jelqing has it own real danger: You can cause blood vessel damage if done too vigorously. I would not use this method.

Surgery to me is the most insane. It will give you about a whole 1/4" more length when erect (or often about 1/2" less length if you are trying to make your shaft thicker). Wow Wee! Isn't that exciting! (I'm being sarcastic of course...)

The really bad part is, with this type of surgery you face possible horrible and hideous side effects. Including erectile dysfunction. So now that your dick is a little thicker and maybe 1/4 inch longer, you possibly can't get an erection any more. How great it that??? The risks are insane! And completely unnecessary. I would NEVER risk this type of surgery.

Correct Traction is King!

Then we come to the traction method of penis stretching.

Correct penis traction is the King of all forms of penis stretching and all forms of "male enhancement".

Correct traction is the:

  • Most Effective
  • Safest
  • Easiest

method of penis stretching, and real permanent male enhancement, available in the world.

It's easy to see this as correct penile traction is medically endorsed and physician recommended in 29 countries worldwide for male enhancement!

However: As good as correct traction is for penis stretching, if you use a crappy traction device, you can easily and permanently injure your organ

Getting The Best
Safest Traction Unit

Whenever there is something good on the market, marketers want to make a quick and easy profit on it. So there are a lot of cheap imitation traction devices available right now.

Unfortunately most of the poorly made traction devices look pretty much like the good ones. The difference is the quality and strength of the materials used. And this, you unfortunately can not see in the pictures of the different units. But, it is critical to your health and safety.

Of the 23 traction devices currently on the market, only 2 meet my personal requirements for safety, reliability, and effectiveness. These are the and the Quick Extender Pro and the Pro Extender devices. They are the absolute ones.

And, either one will give excellent results!

They are both:

   * Made of the best Medical Grade Materials

   * Classified as Class 1 Medical Devices

   * Bear the "CE" seal. This is a stamp of safety given to medical devices by European Health Authorities.

   * Physician recommended and endorsed

successful penis stretching with the quick extender proQuick Extender Pro

penis stretching for a permanently bigger cockPro Extender

These two units are also the best units for straightening a bent or curved penis. X4 Labs is my own personal choice.

penis stretching for straighteningbefore
penis stretching for peyronies disease

successful penis stretchingafter

Don't Take
Unnecessary Risks

So, please, don't take any unnecessary risks.

Is it worth taking the kind of risks that could cause you physical harm and ruin your sex life too if you don't have to? Of course not!

Especially when the 2 very best penis stretching traction units in the world (mentioned above) only cost about $100 more than the cheap copies that may damage you for life.

Get The Results You Want!

So, if a bigger shaft is something you really want to have, go for it! Or, if you are trying to straighten a bent penis or a curved penis, you want to do it right and get the results you want.

Don't fall for the gimmicks. They are waste of money.

And, don't risk the health and safety of your body to save $100 on some cheaper imitation traction device.

Safe successful penis stretching has been proven most effectively done with correct traction. It has worked beautifully for tens of thousands of men and it can work for you too!

successful penis stretching #2

Be Well.....

~ William

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