Penis Enlargement Surgery

What does penis enlargement surgery have to do with fixing a bent penis?

Well, interestingly enough, the best method used to straighten a penile curvature of bend, is also the best method for enlarging your shaft. Permanently!

The method is called traction.

Correctly applied traction is far more effective
infinitely safer than penis enlargement surgery.

Some men just have naturally smaller equipment. The problem is, sometimes this makes them very uncomfortable and/or sexually insecure.

Our own personal insecurities can often lead us to do things that are far too risky and far too dangerous. Penis enlargement surgery is one of these risky and dangerous things.

Learning How to Really Create
Bigger Cock You Desire

penis enlargement surgery

Enlarging your cock (erection) requires you to gain more actual tissue in your shaft. It's not about just stretching out more with a harder erection. (Most men's erections are just fine) You have to actually make the penis larger. So there is more of it.

Does that make sense?

As you remember, when you straightened your curvature, you were adding more cells to your cock with the applied traction.

You were actually stretching the tissues to the point where tiny microscopic tears were occurring and new cells were mending these tiny tears back together.

You repeated this process over and over again hundreds of times. This process made that tissue grow bigger.

And this adding of tissue is the ONLY way you can actually make your cock longer AND wider, Safely.

What You Risk

Penis Enlargement Surgery

OK. So let's take a real look at what you can expect from penis enlargement surgery.

I wanted the hard facts from someone who actually does penis enlargement surgery. So I went and discussed penis enlargement surgery with a prominent Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who performs these operations.

This is what he told me:

"You can make a penis wider with surgery, but you can't make it any longer without making it incapable of attaining an erection."

"If you make a penis longer with surgery, you will require an implanted mechanical pump to create an erection."

He went on to say:

"Still, all penis enlargement surgery is risky.

There is a HUGE possible risk of horrible side effects:

  • You may not be able to get an erection

  • You may not be able to maintain an erection

  • You may lose the ability to ejaculate

  • You may become permanently impotent

Before he will perform any type of penis enlargement surgery he said he always gets a "standard" waiver in which the client acknowledges and assumes complete responsibility all these risks.

He said no surgeon will perform penis enlargement surgery without one of these waivers.

Great huh? For $9000 you now have a slightly thicker penis that no longer works right. Or at all.

" reputable medical society endorses
penis enlargement surgery ..."


Is Penis Enlargement Surgery Even Performed?

If you are a medical doctor, you used patented drugs as your remedy.

If you are a Chinese Doctor, you use herbs and acupuncture to restore a body to health.

If you are a chiropractor, you do spinal adjustments to help the body function properly.

If you are a surgeon, you cut and sew bodies up because that is what a surgeon believes in. That is also the way the surgeon makes his enormous income.

Just because penis enlargement surgery is the most expensive way, does not mean it is the best way. It does not even mean it is a good way or a safe way to make your penis thicker.

Real, Effective, Permanent, Safe
Penis Enlargement

The only really safe method of penile enlargement is with correctly applied traction.

And, unlike penis enlargement surgery which can only thicken (but not lengthen) your cock, correct traction can add considerable measurable length, as well as width, to your cock.

It is done with exactly the same device and the same procedure you used to straighten your penile bending.

Sometimes, after successfully straightening his curvature, a man will ask me if continuing to use the same traction device can "really make a cock longer?".

The answer is yes! Definitely!

The only difference is this: Once your shaft is of equal length all the way around, the traction device will be stretching your entire shaft. Not just the part that was shorter and causing the curvature.

Are There
Other Methods for Enlargement?


However, they either come with a lot of risk, or are just a scam to get your money.

Men worry far to much about their size. So  enlargement has become huge business. There are always those rotten individuals who will take advantage of others insecurities. You have to be very careful when you choose "Male Enhancement" products.

OK. So here we go. Let's take a look at them:

Enlargement Pills and Transdermal Patches:

Enlargement pills and Transdermal Patches (patches worn on the the skin that release chemicals into the blood stream) are a scam. Pure and simple.

The only enlargement they deliver is to men with weak or soft erections. They can enable these men to get harder erections and their shaft will be bigger than it was with soft weak erections.

But, did it actually grow? NO.

Enlargement pills and patches contain chemicals that activate or stimulate the hormones that cause an erection. That's all they do. Just like Viagra type medications. They force an erection. Eventually this can leave a man with even more serious health consequences.

If your erections are weak, your entire system is weak. When you improve your general health your erections will improve also.

Enlargement pills that you can buy on line or in the convenience store are usually herbal  and not usually as potent as a prescription drugs. The patches are usually laboratory chemicals.

An occasional recreational use of these pills and capsules is normally harmless. But these pills and patches usually cause a rise in blood pressure and can cause heart attack or stroke in certain individuals (just like their prescription equivalents.) So check with your doctor before using them.

Penis enlargement pills and patches can also become "addictive" because they can become a crutch. You are whipping a tired horse. The more often you use them the more burnt out your sexual system will become.

If you use them too often, eventually you will require them to get an erection. After some time you may not even be able to get an erection at all.

Penis Pumps:

If you are capable of achieving a normal erection, pumps are useless. They won't make you any bigger.

Pumps can be useful for men with erectile dysfunction (ED). Men who can not get erections. They enable a man incapable of getting an erection to attain and maintain a semi hard erection for a brief period of time and have intercourse.

The danger with these pumps is pumping too hard. You can cause serious permanent damage to your shaft with a pump.

If you choose to use a pump, you should be sure to get one with a pressure regulating valve.


Penis "exercises" don't really exist. There are no actual muscles in your shaft. None. So you can forget about ads for these.

There are however penile stretches that are called "exercise" that can assist the process of your traction program. These "exercises" are included with the better traction devices.

What Are
Your Hopes and Expectations?

No, you are not going to turn a 4 inch penis into an 8 inch penis. Ever. Even with the very best products. There are limits to everything.

And, having a smaller cock is not something to worry about. Your skill as a lover is what counts. And that can always be developed.

However, adding some length and width to a small cock can often increase a man's confidence and feeling of well being enormously. And there's nothing wrong with that!

Even though 3 inch length increases are advertised, I have yet to meet anyone who has ever gotten much more than an added inch in length.

But, that inch can be impressive! And, it will be PERMANENT! And it is something you will never get from a penis enlargement surgery.

So, if a smaller cock has you embarrassed and is hampering you sex life, you will find the only SAFE and EFFECTIVE method of enlargement is correct traction with a medically approved traction device.

Exactly the same device you have already used to straighten your curvature and bending.

You Can Create a Bigger Cock

If you are seriously considering enlargement, "Male Enhancement", you want to be sure to use the method that is safest and most effective. Penis enlargement surgery is not the answer.

"All you will ever need,

to safely add some impressive length and width to your shaft,

is a high quality traction device."

One Caution:

Unfortunately, there is a lot of garbage being sold out there.

I have researched every device available (23 different ones at my last count!)

The only traction units that meet all of my personal requirements for Safety and Effectiveness are:  the excellent Quick Extender Pro devices and the Pro Extender devices.

And, the size you add will be permanent!

Be Well.....

~ William

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