Straightening a Curved Down Penis
is Easy

When You Know How

A curved down penis is not that unusual. But, it can make sex difficult. Or, even impossible.

Curved Down Penis Pictures

However, it is easy to fix, without any need for surgery, 99% of the time.

The fact is: more than 50% of men have a curvature in their erection. So, you are not alone.

Some curve up, some down, some to one side or the other.

How severe your bending is will determine if you need to do anything about it.

It's a Condition
NOT a “Disease”

First, let’s talk about a curved down penis and Peyronies Disease (in case you have gotten a diagnosis).

Peyronies is NOT a true “disease”. But, it is usually the cause of a curved down penis

If you have not gotten a diagnosis, and the shape of your erection has changed from straight to bent only recently, it may well be  Peyronies Disease. Your doctor can tell you.

However, don’t let that name scare you or mislead you. Peyronies is just a simple (though personally horrifying) condition that is caused by some internal scar tissue hardening and not allowing your erections to form straight.

Again: It is not a “disease”.

The little bit of hard tissue inside your shaft  does not stretch as the rest of the tissue. So it pulls the erection in it’s direction.

That’s all there is to it!

And, that's usually all there is to a curved down penis.

Nothing else.

No mysterious boogie man. No “disease”.

A Special Problem
The Curved Down Penis

If you have just a mild curvature in any direction it will not really make any difference when it comes to having intercourse.

If the bending is more severe it can make sex painful to your partner.

If it is very severe it can cause you a lot of pain also. This seems especially true with a curved down penis.

But, almost every curvature can be corrected the same easy way. Even the very bad ones.

The big problem for a very curved down penis is that it is especially difficult to have sex because about the only possible position is doggie style.

If your curved down penis is severely bent enough, even this position will not be possible.

But, do not despair. This condition is easy to correct 99% of the time. And, I will explain exactly how it is done a little further down in this article.

How Did It Happen?

curved down penis problems

You, like me, and most every other healthy young male, probably enjoyed rough or at least very enthusiastic sex when we were younger.

Sometime we slipped out and kind of missed on the way back in.

“Oh My God”! That hurt. huh??



But, unless we broke our penis, we go right back to what we were doing and have a funny story to share later.

Well, that pain we felt was usually caused by a little tear inside. One you never saw.

Usually on one of the erectile chambers. The chambers that fill with blood that make you “hard”. They are called the corpus cavernosum.

At the moment, the pain was not that great and it was not enough to slow us down.

So, normally we forgot all about it.

Why Your Penis is Curving

Well, these little tears heal (like any other soft tissue wound) by forming a scar.

However, as our bodies age we change.

For about 4-5% of us, these little scars will harden enough so that they do not stretch sufficiently during erection anymore.

Why? Usually genetics. Some of us are luckier than others.

Your erection is bending in the direction of the hard tissue.

the cause of Peyronies disease curvature

This sudden bending can happen in the period of even a single year.

And, it can happen 20 or more years after the actual injury.

That is why so many think this is a “disease”. And, a mystery disease at that.

It is not.

It is simple biological changes that some of us have.

Does It Need Straightening?

Does your curved down penis actually need straightening?

This is entirely up to you.

For most men who have more than just a mild curved down penis, straightening seems very desirable.

I mean our erections used to be nice and straight and it seems they suddenly bend terribly downward. They are making sex almost impossible. And, way less fun than it used to be.

Yeah! We want ours straight again.

If you are one of us, and you are just starting to explore remedies for your curved down penis that are outside of surgery, let me tell you it’s an easy fix 99% of the time.

And, you can forget about surgery. Or, at least you should.

There are too many possible unnecessary serious risks with this type of surgery. Including impotence.

What if the Bend is Serious!?

A mildly curving penis usually looks somewhat banana shaped. Some women actually find them sexy.

Well, if they are curving upward.

A curved down penis is “a little strange” to most women.

A really bent one can go down at a 90 degree angle or even worse. Making intercourse impossible.  And, these can be very painful. And, humiliating.

If this is your situation, straightening can bring you enormous relief.

And, whether you have a simple curved down penis or a radically bent one, the way to straighten it, that has been clinically proven to be Safest and Most effective, is the same.

It just takes longer when the bend is greater.

No, I Mean Ugly, Hideously Bent Serious!

Even if you think right now it is too awful and horribly hideous, the way to fix it is quite simple 99% of the time. Really and truly.

And, without risky surgery.

I personally know it seems horrifying. Like an impossible situation. Right?

That is how it felt for me.

It’s not.

It’s usually much simpler to fix a curved down penis than you can even imagine right now.

So, take a deep breath and relax!

The chances are you can fix yourself up Easily, Safely, and without dangerous surgery, injections, or drugs of any kind.

And, then you will be able to return to a normal sex life.

Feeling a little better?

You should.

“As bad as it seems right now,
a curved down penis
is usually not a big problem to fix.”

What If I’ve Also Become

a curved down penis and false impotence

Weak erections?

Erections that don’t last?

Inability to get an erection?

This is not uncommon when a man has a severe curvature.

The pain associated with a severely bent or curved down penis can actually cause false impotence.

You just stop getting erections because they hurt too much, or, there is too much shame (psychological false impotence) and your body backs off when you get sexually excited.

In these cases, that’s often all that’s happening. So don’t worry here either.

I know this kind of false impotence can add more anxiety and  depression to your already miserable situation.

Don’t let it.

You have a much greater understanding of what is actually happening if you’ve read this far.

If you are like most of us, you can be OK again before too long. You just need to take the correct action.

False Impotence
Will Normally Disappear
Once You Are Straight Again

Until your curved down penis is straight again, there is no urgency for medical or psychological intervention for your false impotence.

It usually just disappears when you are straight again.

And: If this false impotence is happening to you: You do not need erectile medication for this type of impotence. And, you do not need the health risk those drugs come with. Like blindness, heart attack, stroke....

Straighten your erections out first.

If the false impotence started around the time your bending became severe, it will probably go away as your shaft straightens.

How Do I Know If I Need Straightening?

Something to Remember: If you have a curved down penis and it is not interfering with your sex life, there is really no reason why you have to do anything about it.

That’s kind of the base line judgement area.

If you have a severely curved down penis, straightening is probably something that would improve your quality of life. And, your current mental state.

However: Even if you have just a simple curved penis, and it is really bothering you, if it makes you feel self conscious, or embarrassed or uncomfortable, it’s easy to straighten.

 And, there’s no reason not to do it.

99% of the Time
You Do Not Need Surgery

Surgery, can be a lifesaver at certain times. But, it always carried risks. And, sometimes very serious ones.

So, save surgery for when it’s really needed.

A curved down penis is easy to fix 99% of the time with simple correct traction.

”A curved down penis rarely requires
surgical straightening.”

Let’s Talk About Serious, Safe,
Effective Straightening

“Correct penile traction
is medically endorsed and recommended
in 29 countries world wide.”

Correct traction is just not as well known as surgery. And, traction makes your doctor no money.

A curved down penis surgery will cost you between $9,000 and $16,000. It may leave you impotent also. It’s a serious risk.

On the other hand, the very best, medically endorsed traction devices in the world cost only about $400.

And, with correct traction, you have none of the serious possible surgical risks. That was extremely important to me.

This should be important to any man who wants straightening.

Is a Curved Down Penis
Going to Cause Me Problems?

A curved down penis that you can have comfortable intercourse with is fine.

However, if you are embarrassed by it, or uncomfortable with it, if it is causing you a lot of physical or emotional distress, by all means, straighten it out.

When done correctly, straightening is quite simple, safe and easy.

Methods to Avoid

Now, you know you are not alone with this condition. A lot of men have it.

So, there are numerous methods available to you.

These include and are not limited to:

  • Surgery
  • Injections
  • Drugs
  • Jelqing
  • Seemingly Endless Massage
  • Correct Traction

Of all these methods, the only 2 that have proven to really work effectively are surgery and correct traction.

The difference is, with correct traction, you face none of the possible horrible side effects of surgery. And, you save a lot of money!

High Quality Traction Device

If you are still contemplating surgery at this point, I think you are out of your mind. And, you may as well stop reading here now.

For those of you who are still with me here, let’s talk about finding the best traction device possible.

straighten a curved down penis

Here’s where you may have a little problem.

Unfortunately, the same device used to straighten a bent or curved penis can also be used to make it bigger.

Yes, you can actually make your cock longer.

So (are you ahead of me here?) how do you think most of these are marketed?

Right. The biggest marketing for these devices is as “male enhancement” devices. (That’s the politically correct term for “penis enlarger”.)

That would not be so bad in and of itself.

However, because the ads tend to prey on sexually insecure young men, there are many companies who are out to make a fast buck here, with no concern for a man’s well being or safety.

Unfortunately, now a lot a of cheap and poorly made devices are being manufactured and  sold.

There is
No Need to Take Unnecessary  Risks

Poor quality is dangerous.

It can hurt you seriously.

A poor quality device can break and puncture your shaft.

A poorly made device may break the blood vessels in the tip of your shaft and leave you with a purple or bluish tip that has little sensation.

A disaster waiting to happen.

You do not have to risk this. You just need to know which are the best ones.

I found the very best devices for correcting a curved down penis cost under $200.

Any man can afford these. So, please, don’t take unnecessary risks.

The Best Possible Unit

By my last count, there are currently 22 devices available. If you want to sort through them all, please be my guest.

I have researched every one of them. In detail. Only 1 meets all my personal requirements for Safety as well as Effectiveness. These devices are made with medical grade materials and carry the CE seal. They also both come with a full, no hassles, money back guarantee.

These excellent devices and will give you the best results possible. These are also the only ones I personally ever use.

They are the Quick Extender Pro penis traction devices.

Now It’s Up to You!

after curved down penis is straightened

The fix is simple.

Yes, it takes some time. Usually 6 months to a year.

But,  99% of the time, there is no reason why you have to suffer from a miserable sex life (or no sex life at all) because you developed a curved down penis.

Be Well.....

~ William

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