Penis Surgery

- The Horrors You May Risk -

bent penis surgery, is it necessary?

Surgery can be a life saver. Miraculous things have been accomplished with the help of a surgeons knife.

But, it can also screw your life up forever! Especially when it is used to correct a bent penis or a curved penis.

Surgeries Are Necessary

penis surgery

First you must understand that cutting the body and sewing it back together is a totally unnatural act.

But there are certain instances where nothing else will save a life or remedy a condition. At these moments, surgical procedures can be a most incredible and wonderful thing.

But, many people are under the false assumption surgery is always safe and that they can cure anything with it. That's false. Even surgeons will tell you that.

And that is why surgeons have you sign a pile of papers, stating these risks, before they will perform even the "simplest" operations.

Better Alternatives
The "Quick Fix"

The biggest problem is often times that most of us are just unaware of better alternatives. OR, that we want a "Quick Fix".

And, we are so accustomed to hearing about surgeries, that we have come to treat them like apples. Something simple, natural, safe and healthful. They are not.

They always come with risks and possible horrific side effects.

These days surgeries are so common that too many people jump into them without a second thought. This is a huge mistake.

Many of these people will then suffer immeasurably from unfortunate side effects. Sometimes for the rest of their life.

How Surgery
ALWAYS Harms The Body in Some Way

Of course surgeries can do some remarkable things. And, even be life savers. When necessary. But, there are times when surgery is NOT the best, or even a good choice.


Every surgical procedure involves cutting up the human body and then sewing it back together in some newly arranged form.

But, what happens when we do this? And, why is this a problem?

Blood vessels are cut. Nerves are cut. And these must mend together. And by Mother's Natures miraculous power they do! But ALWAYS in a compromised form.

The blood circulation is never quite what it was. And the nerve connections are ALWAYS diminished or gone.

The nerve connections suffer the most. And, nerve connection are the most difficult and longest to heal.

What About
Penis Surgery?

penis surgery comes with serious possible risks

Your ability to feel and have sensation in your penis is of utmost importance when it comes to sexual activity.

Penis surgery can destroy this ability in your penis. It may even make you impotent.

Blood vessel connections always astonish me! How the veins and arteries find each other and connect is nothing short of a true miracle.

I mean blood is rushing in two completely different directions through dozens or even hundreds of blood vessels! And after being cut apart, the vessels have to find a match and connect! And they do! Miraculous!

However, the circulation is always diminished to some degree for a long time. Often permanently. But the new circulation is usually sufficient to make life possible and comfortable. (The exception to this is the penis and the spine.)

Nerves on the other hand take a much longer time to heal and reconnect. Often 5 years. Sometimes more. This is what accounts for the numbness in an area after surgery.

And this is what often causes post surgical impotence and erectile dysfunction after penis surgeries.

The Biggest Risk
Penis Surgery

The biggest risk to a penis comes from the nerve damage that is done.

In other parts of your body, nerve damage and lack of sensation may not be a problem.

But, without sensation, you will not get an erection. Or, you will not be able to maintain your erection during intercourse. And/or, you will not be able to orgasm. Big risks!

If surgical intervention was your only choice, and your penis was severely bent, it may possibly be worth that risk.

But, these risks are unnecessary since penis traction has proven superior in EVERY clinical trial.

In 1994 the penis traction device was developed by Dr.Jorn Ege Siana, M.D. Specialist in Penis General and Penis Plastic Surgery.

The type of penis traction device developed by Dr. Siana soon became the industry standard for straightening any bent penis or curved penis. And it proved superior to ever other method for 99.999% of cases.

The Hideous and Horrible
Possible Side Effects
Penis Surgery

These possible side effects include, but are not limited to:

  • A shorter penis

  • Impotence

  • Inability to attain or maintain an erection

  • Inability to achieve orgasm

  • Urinary problems

  • Infection

The Safest and Most Effective
Doctor Recommended Method

For straightening a bent penis or a curved penis, surgery is not the best choice, or even a good choice, 99.999% of the time.

Penis traction, on the other hand, has been proven to be the:




form of treatment for straightening a bent penis caused by Peyronies Disease.

It has also proven to be the best medically approved method for penis enlargement.

Most men are simply unaware of how good correct penis traction really is.

Correct penis traction is so good, in fact, that it is now medically endorsed in 29 countries world wide.

Using Surgery

Sometimes, surgeries can do miraculous things!

But, they are always a risk. Hopefully you will never have to undergo any of them in your lifetime.

If you do, it is wise to save them for the times when they are the ONLY choice.

Be Well.....

~ William

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