Can Tight Clothes
Cause a Bent Penis?

tight clothes can cause a bent penis

Can tight clothes cause a curved penis? Or even a bent penis? Yes definitely! Without question. They are a disaster for sexual health in every way! Tight clothing decrease your circulation.

They can cause:

painful prostate problems,

testicular pain, heart attack, and a bent or curved penis.

When a man constantly pulls, constricts, or constrains his penis in any given direction (by wearing tight clothes), it will eventually take a curve in that direction. That is where a curved penis or even a bent penis often comes from.

Form fitting and well tailored clothing that allow free circulation and movement of your equipment are not a problem. But, any clothing that constricts is.

tight clothes can cause penis curvature

Do Your Erections Bend?

Living tissue is malleable. That means it has the ability to be shaped, or stretched. Most men wearing tight clothes do not realize this.

By "tight clothes" we are talking about:

  • Tight pants or shorts of any kind
  • Tight blue jeans (there is nothing worse!)
  • Tight underwear
  • Clothes that become tight when sitting

Any clothing that becomes constricting when sitting, and pulls your rod sideways over and over again, is going to eventually cause it to curve in that direction. This is one of the major "unknown" causes of a bent penis, or a curved penis.

It takes time. But, continual stretching of any body part will elongate it. That is why dancers and athletes continually stretch out their muscles. To make them longer.

tight clothes are bad for sexual health in men

Your Equipment
No Different!

The same holds true for your shaft and your erections.

When your clothing continually pulls your shaft to just one side, day after day, it is eventually going to bend or curve in that direction. This usually happens a little later in life when the skin and other tissues become less elastic.

But, it can happen at any age.

Trauma From
Tight Clothes

The worst circumstance, with constricting clothing, is when you start to get an erection and it is tightly confined. This can cause serious damage!

This greatly increased blood pressure in the constrained shaft can create tears in the penile tissues that later may scar and cause Peyronies Disease.

When you are having a romantic evening, it is very easy to get sexually excited while you are still fully dressed.

The blood will be pumped into your shaft during sexual arousal whether you are naked or wearing clothes. I'm sure you have felt this quite a few times in your life while wearing tight clothes or when your rod was somehow trapped while sitting!

If you are wearing anything constricting and your organ is trying to expand (become erect), the blood will pump in wherever it can. When your shaft is bent and constrained during the erection process, it is weakened in the bent places and very vulnerable.

This is especially common in younger men who can not control their erections yet and love to wear tight clothes.

This greatly increased blood pressure can also cause minor tears in the internal tissue of a constrained bent penis. You may not even feel a pain. But as the torn tissue heals, it may scar. This scarring, again, can lead to what is called Peyronies Disease.

In extreme cases this can even cause a penis fracture.

tight clothes

"Can I
Fix the Bend?"

That's the first question I hear most of the time from men who have this curvature.

If you have a considerable bend I want you to know that it is very easy to fix a bent penis 99.99% of the time with a simple high quality traction device. You can get one of the very best penile traction devices in the world for under $300.

Now if you just have a very slight curvature like this:

mastrubation curved penis

don't worry about it.

Don't be upset or insecure about it. A slightly curved penis is normal. You didn't know that did you?

In fact:  Over 50% of men have some kind of minor curvature in their shaft. That's right, a perfectly straight penis is less common then a slightly curved one. So it's no big deal at all.

Don't get all self conscious and shy about a minor curve like that. Many women actually find it very sexy. The others don't care about it at all as long as you know how to use it.

Your Penis Should Have

In our natural state, we didn't wear clothes. Our equipment moved about freely. When we got erect, there was no interference. The shaft filled fully and evenly.

For greatest sexual health all your sexual equipment should always be unconfined.

In modern society we all wear clothes. So it is important to wear clothes that are loose around your genitals. And, NO briefs!

Tight "sexy" briefs can ruin your sexual health. And, give you prostate problems. Not so sexy then!

Unlike women, men with good hygiene, just don't have any real use for underwear. It's some ridiculous puritanical piece of clothing that manufacturers make millions on today. Get rid of your underwear! It is a health hazard!

If you must wear underwear (for whatever reason), wear boxer shorts. But, you're better off without them. And, don't worry, women will be more impressed with no underwear than with anything you could possibly put on!

Be Well.....

~ William

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