The 4 Types
Bent Penis

Medically reviewed by Leonard N. Zinman, MD, FACS, FRCS
Written by William Zmachinsky

the four types of bent penis

There are 4 specific types of bent penis:

  • Genetic
  • Stretched
  • Peyronies Disease
  • Fractured

Let's look at them one by one:

Genetic Bend

The genetically bending penis is the most common. It usually a very mild bend or curve. This bend is simply something you got from your genealogy (what you inherited from your parents and ancestors). It is caused by a mish mash of genes combining.

Just like the color of your hair and eyes. Like the shape of your teeth. They can be beautiful or a little strange.

A genetically bent penis is usually only upsetting to the man who has it. The curve in the penis is usually far too insignificant to cause any problems with intercourse.

And this type of curvature is extremely easy to correct in almost every case.

Stretched Penis

The bend from a stretched penis is way more common than most men realize.

It normally develops in young adult men. It is caused by stretching or pulling an erection to one side over and over again.

The stretched bent penis is most commonly caused by the way a young man masturbates and tight clothes that constantly pull the penis to one side.

This type of bend can actually form a fairly perceptible curve. Again, nothing that normally interferes with intercourse. But, it may cause embarrassment in the bedroom.

This type of bend is also the one that mystifies medical people because they can find no physical evidence of abnormality that caused the bend (such as a scar or plaque found in Peyronies Disease ).

The bend or curve caused by stretching or constant pulling is also one of the easiest to straighten out.

Peyronies Disease Bend

OK. For those who haven't read the other pages on this site yet, Peyronies Disease is not actually a "disease". It is just a condition.

And it is a condition that is caused by trauma (injury or impact), and, develops because of lack of certain nutrients that are necessary for normal healing. Primarily Omega 3 Fats, protein, and B vitamins.

Peyronies Disease is simply a scar and/or plaque formation in the penile tissue that does not stretch sufficiently when the penis becomes erect. So the penis bends in the direction of the scar(s).

This is the most misunderstood of all the bent penis conditions because the bend can be quite severe and men are led to believe they require a penis surgery to correct it.

Nothing could be farther from the truth in 99.99% of all cases.

Even a penis with a 90 degree bend and be safely straighten without surgery in almost every situation.

Bend From A Fractured Penis

This is the most serious bend of all. A fractured penis is a medical emergency. If you think this is what just happened to you, get to an emergency room immediately.

fractured penis cause peyronies disease

A fractured penis occurs when an erect penis (never a limp penis) is forceably bent. It happens suddenly just like a broken bone. (But, there are no bones in your penis.)

An erection was never designed to be bent. But it can happen. And when it is bent too far, you can break the tunica albuginea inside your penis. If you bend it hard enough you may also tear the corpus cavernosa and urethra.

tunica albuginea and a broken penis
corpus cavernosa and a broken penis


All that means (if you didn't click on the words) is that the chambers that fill with blood during erection (corpus cavernosum) and the sack they are enclose in (tunica albuginea) can be torn. So can the tube your pee comes through (urethra).

If not properly treated (usually by surgery) when the tear happens, you can wind up with a permanently bent penis. You may even develop a bend or curve in your penis at a much later time where the remedial surgery was done.

In either case, the resulting bend from a fractured penis can also be straightened.

Fixing A Bent Penis

Almost any type of bent penis can be straightened without surgery by using a simple medically approved traction device.

penis traction device, bent penis, peyronies disease straightening

Penis traction devices are now medically recommended in 29 countries world wide. You don't hear as much about them because there is no real profit to be made selling you one.

You can get one of the highest quality penis traction devices for under $200. A corrective penis surgery costs between $6,000 and $15,000. If you were in business, which one would you rather sell?


Penis traction has been clinically proven to be the safest and most effective method for straightening any bent penis. You can normally do it yourself without supervision.

But, it is always wise to get a medical check up first to make sure you don't have any other kind of penis health condition that would prohibit you from using a traction device.

And, if you have fractured your penis, the fracture will need to heal first (normally 6 to 12 weeks) and possibly be surgically repaired before you attempt any type of bent penis straightening program.

So don't worry. Most any bent penis is easy to fix!

It just requires a little time and patience.

bent penis from peyronies disease
a genetic bent penis
fix a bent penis from fracture
penis traction to straighten penis curvature

Be Well.....

~ William

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