Omega 3 Fatty Acid
A Bent Penis

omega 3 fatty acid and peyronies disease

Bent Penis Often Begins

What does the Omega 3 fatty acid have to do with Peyronies Disease?

Your Peyronies disease was undoubtedly caused by malnutrition that would not allow an injury to your penis heal properly.

Yes, in this amazing country we live in, it's hard to believe that over 80% of the population is malnourished! But it's true.

We are the most overfed Nation for sure. But mal nourished: Lacking in the nutrients we need to maintain and create health. Especially the Omega 3 fatty acid.

And lack of this essential fat (oil) and Vitamin E are one reason why maladies such as Peyronies Disease even exist.

What Caused
Your Peyronies Disease?

So what exactly does this Omega 3 fatty acid have to do with Peyronies Disease and having a bent penis? Often EVERYTHING!

When your penis is injured sufficiently and your mending abilities are impaired, your body won't heal the way it should. This impaired healing often results in heavy scarring.

A heavy thick scar is usually the body saying it didn't have the best material to work with. So, it is using more of inferior materials to create the needed repair.

Never thought of it that way, did you? But, it's true! The body itself has an incredible genetic intelligence. That is why you keep breathing. Even while you sleep.

When There Is
Lack Of Proper Building Materials

We take healing for granted because it happens so naturally and spontaneously. But it is a miraculous and complex process.

And just like repairing a house, if you don't have enough of the correct materials to do the job, it doesn't come out right.

The body does the best that it can with what it has available. It will heal. But without enough of the specific building materials (specific nutrients), the result is usually not quite what you hoped for. It just "doesn't come out right."

The Omega 3 fatty acid is one of these specific nutrients. And it is lacking in the diet of over 80% of our population.

How Necessary
Omega 3 Fatty Acid?

These body rebuilding building materials include Protein, the B Vitamins, Vitamin E, and the Omega 3 fatty acid.

Most people have heard of Protein and Vitamins and understand they are necessary in creating a healthy body.

Many people are familiar with Omega 3 for cardio vascular health.

But most people don't understand that the Omega 3 fatty acid is one of the many fats we require for health and proper healing. And, Omega 3 is missing from most modern foods.

And, not only does this amazing fat help heal your body, it also does wonderful things for your mind and your sense of well being! Omega 3 depression studies found: in Norway, where a lot of fat rich fish are eaten, there is no clinical depression! It just doesn't exist!

The Importance Of
Eating Healthy Fats

Fats are given such a bad rap these days that most people are scared to eat the very foods that would give them the greatest health and well being.

It's absolutely true!

Did you know your brain is made up of 90% fatty acid material? And most of that is cholesterol! That's right, cholesterol.

Cholesterol is NOT your enemy. Cholesterol is essential to life! And we are taught to fear cholesterol like the plague.

It's insanity! Cholesterol is so important your life that your liver usually produces more cholesterol each day than you could ever eat.

The whole myth about fats causing heart disease and cancer is just pure nonsense!

Fats definitely show up in heart disease, but that is only because the body is not metabolizing food properly due to mal nutrition, stress, dehydration, trans fats, or high sugar consumption.

Healthy Fat
The Most Healing Food

That's right. With all the "no fat", "low fat" nonsense we read about almost every day,

Eating enough healthy FAT

is important

For Good Health.

Yes, all this "no fat", "low fat" nonsense is killing people.

Meat fats, butter, cheese, nuts, pure Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, and Fish Oil. These are the healthy natural fats!

AND: They are GOOD for you!

Healthy fats are one of the most healing foods we can eat. And, you can not heal properly without them.

The studies have proved this over and over again:

Babies on formula with insufficient fat don't grow properly. Body builders on super low fat diets can't develop or grow muscle.

And, the studies show that men and women on ultra low fat diets have 50% MORE heart attacks and strokes! 50% more! Why? Without sufficient fat, the blood vessels become weak and brittle.

What Can Happen
When You Lack Omega 3 Fatty Acid

It's easy to get most of the good fats you need if you eat plenty of the foods mentioned above.

The problem is getting enough of the Omega 3 fatty acid we so desperately need.

The Omega 3 fatty acid and Vitamin E no longer occur in the natural abundance that they used to. This is due to our agricultural, animal farming, and food processing methods.

Without sufficient Omega 3 and natural Vitamin E you can form thick heavy scars and often plaque deposits as well.

This is the case with the scarring and plaque formation found in Peyronies Disease.

The Best Sources
of the Miraculous
Omega 3 Fatty Acid

omega 3 fatty acids from natural foods

Natural Omega 3 sources are most plentifully found in fish, flax seeds, and fresh raw nuts.

The very richest source of the Omega 3 fatty acid is found in pure fish oil. Flax seed oil is the vegetarian equivalent. But flax seed oil has been related to aggravating prostate cancer. Whereas, fish oil has no such effect.

omega 3 fatty acids from fish

Omega 3 supplements are usually sold as Omega 3 capsules. Most commonly they are just some type of fish oil and/or flax oil in a capsule.

If the Omega 3 supplement is anything else, you don't really want to be eating them. Those others are usually laboratory extractions and not natural to the body.

The laboratory extracts don't assimilate properly and will not work the same way as a purely natural whole food such as real fish oil.

What About

Omega 3 capsules are usually quite expensive.

To get an adequate amount of the Omega 3 fatty acid from fish oil an adult needs at least 1 teaspoonful. 2-3 is more realistic. In therapeutic use, as much as 9 teaspoonfuls a day are used.

2-3 teaspoonfuls (1 tablespoonful) is usually sufficient for any adult. Omega 3 for kids is also extremely important. The amount used is proportional by body weight.

You need 7 large or 21 small capsules of fish oil to give you just one teaspoonful of oil. A huge waste of money!

High quality liquid fish oil is also very inexpensive. If you find you just can't stand the taste of the pure fish oil, it is even available in flavors like mint and orange and lemon.

What Can Omega 3 Fatty Acid Do
A Bent Penis?

Proper nutrition alone will usually not cause a bent penis to straighten out if it has been bent for a year or more.

Correct penis traction, on the other hand, can and will straighten out practically any bent penis. But, if you don't start nourishing yourself adequately, the chances of having it bend again are greatly increased.

If you do nourish yourself properly, the chances of getting a Peyronies (bent penis) recurrence is practically non existent.

If you are in the process of straightening a bent penis with penis traction, the Omega 3 fatty acid and natural Vitamin E can help you enormously.

Nature's Magic
Just For You!

It's just amazing how many "diseases" are caused by the way we have screwed up our food supply. This includes Peyronies Disease.

Don't allow lack of the Omega 3 fatty acid to short change your physical and mental health. A little fish oil added to your daily diet can often work many miracles!

Be Well.....

~ William

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