Ruining Your Penis
With The
Nesbit Procedure

nesbit procedureIs this something you really want to do?

When it comes to straightening out a bent penis caused by Peyronies Disease, the Nesbit Procedure is what most American Medical doctors recommend. They say this procedure has less chance for causing erectile dysfunction and impotence than grafting (surgically adding tissue to the shorter sides).

But ALL penis straightening surgery carries these possible tragic risks:

  • Immediate or future impotence
  • Permanent nerve damage
  • Inability to achieve or maintain an erection
  • Loss of sensation
  • Inability to achieve an orgasm
  • Urinary infection

These side effects are usually played down. But, they are all too common.

And, due to the very risky side effects that are associated with any penis surgery, most doctors will usually recommend a Nesbit Procedure ONLY if sexual intercourse has become impossible without pain and the condition has not improved after a year or two.

This is because there is significant risk of side effects.

The Nesbit Procedure:
How It Is Done

nesbit procedure

This is how a penile Nesbit operation is performed:

1) A butterfly needle is inserted into the penis and sterile saline is injected to cause an artificial erection

2) Penile tissue with plaque is removed from the penis

3) The penis is straightened with a clamp, and tissue is excised (cut off) or bunched up to secure its position.

4) The penis is sewn back together

Seems simple, huh?

The Nesbit procedure is called a "simple operation".

Please do not let that fool you. There is nothing simple about cutting open a penis, cutting and permanently damaging the nerves in the penis, and possibly leaving a man impotent, now is there?

And, why should any man risk these tragic events if there is a much better and safer method of solving his bent penis problem without any of these possible side effects?

How To Straighten A Bent Penis
Without Risking
Any Of These Tragic Side Effects

It has been clinically proven that a superior method of penis straightening is available.

This method is called penis traction.

The modern medically approved penis traction device was invented by Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, M.D. in 1994.

Dr. Siana is a penis surgery specialist and a director and founder of the Scandinavian Clinic of Plastic Surgery in Denmark and Germany.

Penile traction is so effective and so superior to penis surgery for straightening a bent penis that it is now medically approved and recommended in 29 countries worldwide!

And, Penile traction has been clinically proven to be safer and superior to penile surgery for straightening a bent penis caused by Peyronies disease.

AND here is an extra bonus:  Instead of paying $9000+ for a surgical Nesbit Procedure, you will spend under $200 for one of the finest medically approved penis traction devices in the world!

Nesbit Procedure Surgery Is Performed

So why would anyone ever recommend a Nesbit Procedure when there is a far better method? Well:

If you are a carpenter you fix things with a hammer and nails

If you are are a plumber you fix things with pipe and a wrench.

If you are a tailor you fix things with a needle and thread.

If you are a surgeon, you fix things buy cutting and sewing back together.

The Nesbit Procedure is not available because it is the best remedy for fixing a bent penis. It is available because a surgeon saw a way to correct a condition using surgery. Period.

The fact that this Procedure has many possible horrible side effects is beside the point.

The idea of actually stretching the shortened tissue and building new tissue is totally not in a surgeons way of thinking or training. They are taught to cut and sew. That is what they do.

Not until Dr. Siana invented the penis traction device did any medical doctor even consider anything but surgery for correcting a penis curvature.

Now, penis traction is the primary choice for penis straightening with many doctors in 29 countries around the world.

There's No Need To Risk
Crippling Side Effects

My Uncle was a somewhat famous medical man and he called it "risk vs reward". He said all of medicine is based on that.

So, if your bent penis is so crippling (physically or mentally), you may be willing to risk the Nesbit Procedure if that is the only option you know about or are told about.

But, if you can straighten your penis safely, without pain, without damaging side effects, and without diminishing your savings or retirement account, wouldn't that be a better choice?

Of course! And thank God you found this page!

The Safest

Penile traction has been clinically proven to straighten a bent penis caused by Peyronies Disease in virtually 100% of cases.

It is medically endorsed in 29 countries around the world.

What you want to be sure of is that you use a medically approved device of the highest quality.

Because there is no prescription required for purchasing a penis traction device, there are a lot of inferior units available.

They all look pretty much alike, but the materials used for construction and the workmanship vary. And some of the more cheaply constructed units have caused serious permanent penile damage.

The cheaper inferior units only cost about $100 less than the best ones.

And for $100 you do you really want to risk damaging your penis permanently? Of course not!

What Is
The Best Choice?

There are 23 different penis traction devices currently available. I've researched every one of them.

There are only two units that meet all of my requirements for quality, safety and comfort. They are the Quick Extender Pro and the Pro Extender and units. The Quick Extender Pro is preferred 4 to 1 by my readers because of it's comfort.

Both units are:

  • Medically approved and recommended
  • Made of medical grade materials
  • Class 1 medical devices
  • "CE" stamped . This is a stamp of safety given to medical devices by European Health Authorities.

And, both come with a money back guarantee. (How many surgeries will give you that?)

Both units are pretty darn equal. It is simply a personal preference.

Important Decision

When you decide how you are going to fix your bent penis you need to know the options. The Nesbit procedure has proven to be a dangerous and unnecessary choice.

This website is devoted to explaining not just the Nesbit procedure, but all the different options currently offered to fix a bent penis. It is worth taking the time to read them. What you learn here could save you from disaster!

You will see why penis traction has proven to be the absolute best, most effective and safest method available. Ironically, penile traction is also the least expensive method.

From all clinical research, the Nesbit procedure is clearly not the best choice for most men. In clinical study, penile traction has proven superior in every way.

And with a Nesbit procedure, besides risking permanent sexual dysfunction, you will permanently shorten your penis by about 1/2".

Be Well.....

~ William

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