Penile Injections
Can Cause The Exact Problem

You’re Trying to Overcome

penis injections that can cause a bent penis, peyronies diseasePenile Injections can cause future penis bending

Yes, penile injections can cause your penis to bend or curve. Permanently!

That’s correct. If you have a bent penis or a severely curved one and you are trying to straighten it out by using penis injection therapy of any kind you may very well be causing yourself more future harm than good.


Injection Scars
Can Cause Future Bending

The reason for 99.99% of bent penis conditions is a scar and/or plaque formation inside the shaft. These scars are on the inside chambers that fill with blood to form your erections.

These chambers are called the corpus cavernosum and the corpus spongiosum.

How did that scar/plaque form there?

Well, some time in your sexual history your injured it. Most likely during rough or very intense sex.

  • You may have missed the vagina when you came out on a hard thrust and tried to go right back in.
  • Your partner may have been pulling it to the side too hard during oral sex or a hand job.
  • You may have pulled through the fly in your pants too hard and fast when you were erect and in a hurry for satisfaction.....
  • Worse, you may have even tried some kind of penile injections to make your dick bigger.

There are countless ways you could have bent your erect shaft while having an erection.

At the time of the injury it maybe didn’t even hurt much. So you didn't even know there was any kind of problem.

The Scars
That Are Making Your Erections Bend

But, a tear of some kind happened on the chamber wall and a minor tear occurred. It healed with a scar.

After that your erections might have been as normal as could be for years.

Here’s the strange part: As we aged, for some men, these scars hardened (became less stretchable). Now, 10 or even 20+ years later you one day notice your erections are curving and bending. Sometimes in more than one direction. And sometimes severely.

Some of the severe bends can become quite painful.

They can prevent intercourse and even keep you from getting any kind of decently hard erection.

penile injections may cause a bent penis

Penile Injections
Can Cause More Bending

Every single time you get a penile injection a small hole is cut into your penis from the needle.

These are rarely given as a single treatment. They usually are administered in a series if 12 or more.

Often a man gets quite a few series of these.

This means many dozen holes are made inside the penis that have to heal with yet another new scar each time.

Each New Injection
Increases Future Risk

That is correct!

Each and every one of the holes from the needle will cause a tear that will be closed by a scar.

They are small, yes. But when you get 12, or 24, or 50+ of them you are starting to talk about a sizable amount of scar tissue.

Especially when all of them are usually done in the same place.

These needle scars, just like any other scars, can harden and develop plaque formations.

In other words, the scars they cause can become quite unstretchable. When there are enough of them, if they harden they can cause your erections to bend.

You usually will never see anything different at all when the shaft is soft and limp. Just during erections.

The more of these needles you get, they greater your risk of developing another bent penis later.

The "Remedy"
That Causes Future Bending

The irony here is that penile injections are frequently used to remedy (soften/dissolve) scar tissue inside the shaft.

Then, if a man gets a badly curved penis in the future from all these needles, he thinks his “disease” has returned!

Know this: A bent penis is almost never was a disease in the first place and it is not one the 2nd time around.

It is a condition caused by scar tissue that can not stretch enough during your erections. That is ALL it is. It is NOT a disease 99.999% of the time.

If you cut you hand and a scar forms, is that a “disease”? Of course not!

And neither is it a disease when it happens inside your cock.

Peyronies is Not a Disease
it is
Simple Cause and Effect

penile injections and peyronies disease

If you hit yourself hard enough you will get a bruise.

If you drink too much alcohol you will get a headache and vomit.

It you create tears on your corpus cavernosum you will get scars.

If you are one of the men whose scars there harden and form plaque, your erections will bend.

Getting Better Results
Without Injections

Penile Injections, in my opinion, should never be used to straighten a curved penis. Ever.

In fact penile injections have been clinically shown to give no more than 28% improvement to this condition at best.

And they are expensive. About $150 per treatment. Or, about $1,800 per set.

How about 4 sets of those that don’t solve your problem and put 48 new scars in your penis? That’s $7,200 down the drain for nothing!

That’s especially silly when the very best clinically proven, medically endorsed method to fix a bent penis has proven to be correct penis traction.

penile injections or penis traction therapy (PTT)

Are Your Erections

for the future cause of a bent penis.

If your bent erections are causing severe pain (from the tissues pulling) instead of penile injections to soften the scarring, topical ointments of Verapamil are available that are supposed to be as effective.

This type of treatment typically will not straighten a bent penis, but it has been shown to soften the tissue, over time, enough so that it doesn’t cause so much pain.

But why waste your time and subject yourself to unnecessary drugs?

Correctly applied penis traction has proven to eliminate the pain caused by a severe curving long before it even straightens the erections out.

And with correct traction you don’t risk dangerous surgery or any drug side effects.


It's pretty easy to see: Penile injections, of any kind, are a high risk potential. And, a much safer medically recommended method for penis straightening is penis traction therapy.

Be Well.....

~ William

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