Enzyme Therapy
Peyronies Disease

enzyme therapy for a peyronies disease bent penis doesn't work

"Enzyme therapy

in clinical trials for Peyronies Disease,
has been shown to be possibly effective
in reducing the pain during erection.
But that is all."

"For effectively straightening a bent penis or a curved penis,

therapy using enzymes has failed in every clinical trial."

"In 2015, the American Urological Association (AUA) developed its first-ever clinical guidelines on the diagnosis and management of PD. To date, pharmacologic treatment of PD consists of oral, topical and injection therapies. Despite a wide variety of options, treatment outcomes have been disappointing."

reference:  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5125733/

Don't Be Fooled!

Don't be fooled by the latest new Gimmick on what is supposed to fix your bent or curved penis.

Enzyme therapy being the latest.

OMG! It sounds so great. And, seems so easy and believable. And, there are pictures of doctors all over the internet ads. Just pop a few pills during the day and you're a new man!

But, no matter what the ads say, in the actual studies enzyme therapy has been a dismal failure.

What About
Newest Injectable?

enzyme therapy by injection for peyronies disease

In this article I am talking mainly about the oral enzyme therapy you find advertised on the web. Tablets and pills that you consume orally.

Since I originally wrote this article a new injectable, FDA approved, has come on the market. It is an intralesional injection (injected directly into the penis) of collagenase called colagenase clostridium histolyticum (CCh). The trademarked name is Xiaflex®.

It can give improvement. Up to 35%. But, that is only for "certain types of cases".

Unfortunately, the current cost for a full set of Xiaflex® injections at this time (February, 2019) is in the $30,000 range. Yes, thirty thousand dollars. And, it is not without some possible serious side effects:

"...Because of these side effects, clinicians should inform patients with PD prior to beginning treatment with intralesional CCh regarding potential occurrence of adverse events, including penile ecchymosis (a discoloration of the skin resulting from bleeding underneath), swelling, pain, and corporal rupture (rupture of the erectile chamber)."

reference:  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5125733/

Enzyme Therapy

Not Effective
for Peyronies Disease

Enzyme therapy is a fantastic new discovery in health care.

Some new therapies of this type are enabling many people to safely and effectively reverse certain conditions and enjoy a much higher degree of health and well being.

Because of this, systemic enzyme therapy (orally taken enzymes that reach the whole body) is now being tested on Peyronies Disease. A penile bending or curving caused by scar tissue and/or fibrous plaque.

And even though the clinical tests are proving to be a failure for straightening erections, the products are being sold as if they are the greatest things on Earth for Peyronies Disease. They are not.

The Benefits of Enzyme Therapy

Pain Relief

The greatest benefit of this form of treatment in Peyronies Disease has been shown to be pain relief.

The three main items currently being recommended for dissolving fibrous tissue in Peyronies Disease are:

These are all natural food substances. They are called proteolytic (protein dissolving).

None of them require a prescription.

They have been used individually and together.

Enzyme Therapy IS Effective

Proteolytics have been shown to be effective in reducing or relieving uterine fibroids, hardening of the arteries, rheumatoid arthritis, fibrocystic breast disease, carpel tunnel syndrome, and pulmonary fibrosis.

Pretty impressive!

These conditions present similar fibrous tissue pathology. In scientific circles, this is often sufficient clinical justification to use a treatment in related conditions.

This is where the problem comes in for Peyronies Disease sufferers.

For pain relief, use of these substances as treatment seems to be as effective as aspirin, ibuprofen, other NSAIDS (non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs) as well as steroids.

The advantage to these is that they do not have the immunosuppressive and other possible dangerous side effects known to accompany the drugs. Very nice indeed!

Do Not Randomly Mix enzymes
With Medications

Enzymes used for systemic therapy are best taken between meals on an empty stomach.

The reason is: They are digestants (they dissolve things). If you take them with meals they will be mostly used up digesting the food and never make it into the blood stream.

But they should not be taken together with the type of medications mentioned above. They can intensify the strength of these medications and could potentially cause bleeding.

In clinical tests, healing and pain relief using enzymes in many related conditions has shown improvement and diminish of pain to be more than 100% faster than in the placebo control group.

Oral Enzymes
Failed in Every Clinical Trial
Peyronies Disease Straightening

Oral enzyme therapy does not work if you're trying to straighten or fix a bent penis.

In the clinical trials for Peyronies Disease, oral enzyme therapy has been shown to be possibly effective in reducing the pain during erection. But that is all.

For effective straightening, this treatment has failed in every clinical trial. Yes, every one.

Once you truly understand the causes of the bending in Peyronies Disease, it becomes very easy to understand why. So, let me explain.

Clinical Trial Results

In the clinical trials on bent penises caused by Peyronies Disease, it took at least 18 months for the enzyme therapy to dissolve the associated fibrous plaque.

None of the penises reached a satisfactory degree of straightness with this therapy.

Correct penis traction, on the other hand, has proven to lengthen both the scar tissue and fibrous tissue in every clinical test. And, every penis in these tests was able to reach a satisfactory degree of straightness using correct penis traction.

Pain during erection was also completely eliminated long before the penises were straightened.

Correct penile traction will usually straighten a Peyronies curvature in about 6-12 months.

So, what is the point of wasting your money ($1,500+) and a lot of your time (18+ months) on this type of treatment?

There is no point in it.

The Three False Assumptions

Enzyme Therapy
Peyronies Disease

There are three major false assumptions with the use of this treatment to straighten or fix a bent penis:

First:  The biggest fallacy (something false) is that dissolving the fibrous plaque will straighten or fix a bent penis. It won't. That is the premise this treatment is based on.

It has proven not to work because:

Even if you are successful in dissolving ALL the fiber, you will still have scar tissue remaining. And scar tissue is the primary cause of almost every penile curvature caused by a Peyronies condition.

Even with ALL the fiber gone the tough scar tissue will still cause a penis to bend or curve.

Second:  The second assumption is that these substances will rapidly dissolve the fiber. They won't. In the clinical trials it took 18 months or more to dissolve the plaque. But the scar and the bend in the penis remain.

So what is the point of doing it?

Correct penis traction, on the other hand, can normally straighten a bent penis in only about 6-12 months?

Third:  The assumption is that the treatment is inexpensive. It is not.

18 months of orally consumed enzymes in the usually recommended dose will wind up costing a man between $5-$15 daily. That's $2700 - $8100 for an 18 month supply. WOW!!! And then you still have a bent penis!

The most effective injectable will run in the $30,000 range.

Again, compare that with a high quality penis traction device that will cost under $200 and do the job completely in usually about 6 - 12 months.

It's Easy
Fix a Bent Penis!

From all the clinical results, systemic enzyme therapy for a bent or curved penis just does not work.

This type of treatment has proven highly effective in other compromised health conditions. Not for Peyronies Disease. And now you understand why.

Clinically proven, the most effective, safest, and best way to straighten a penile curvature  is with correct penis traction. With correct traction it is very easy to fix a bent penis 99.999% of the time!

Penis traction has also proven to be the fastest way to permanently eliminate the painful erections that can come as a result of Peyronies Disease.

AND, correct traction is medically recommended and endorsed in 29 countries worldwide.


We all want products that are going to give us the results we desire. Especially if they are quick and easy to use. But, enzyme therapy for penis straightening is not a winner.

Enzyme therapy has shown some good results in relieving the pain associated with Peyronies disease. But, that is all it does.

In all of the clinical trials, oral enzymes failed to effectively straighten a curved or bent penis. In the case of injectables, only partial results were achieved in the best cases.

Be Well.....

~ William

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