Peyronies Treatment
That Has Proven
Safest AND Most Effective

peyronies treatment that is safe and effective

“Peyronies treatment doesn’t always give you
the results you want.
In fact, most treatments don’t give very good results,
or any results at all.”

That’s correct:  no results at all.

And, these Peyronies treatments can be very expensive.

Now, on a positive note: What if you found out that the Safest and Most Effective Peyronies treatment in the entire world costs under $300 and can be effective for 99.99% of men with a bent penis?

Sound too good to be true?

Well, the fact of that matter is:  That is true!

Good news! Right?

Let me tell you why that is true.

Most Peyronies Treatment
NOT Very Effective

You read that correctly.

Most available Peyronies treatment is not very effective. At least that’s what the clinical trials report.

I mean, the practitioners are hoping they’ll work. But, even in their own clinical trails, most of the various methods used just don’t perform satisfactorily.

Even the newest most expensive injections ($30,000 for a set) have given only a 35% improvement. And, that was only for certain types of cases.

Then why is all this stuff even used?

Mostly because a lot of men want to avoid a penile surgery.

What About Surgery
Peyronies Treatment?

“Before 1994, penis surgery was the only medically approved
Peyronies treatment that had proven to
straighten a man’s bent erections.”

Today, Peyronies surgery is one of the worst choices you can make 99% of the time.

So, what was the problem that made men search for alternative methods? Why did men fear a penile surgery of this type?

First: The obvious: You’re getting your penis cut up seriously.

peyronies treatment with penis surgery

Second, and more importantly:

“With Peyronies surgery

you risk a lot of very serious possible side effects.”

The surgery may go great. When it is done, and you are all healed up, if all goes as planned, you’ll have straight erections again.

Your erections will probably be a little shorter. But, they should be nice and straight again.

The cost? Usually in the $7,000 - $16,000 range.


On The Other Hand:

What if you are one of the unlucky ones?

What are the possible risks??

The Possible Horrible Side Effects
of a
Peyronies Surgery

There are some possible horrible and even hideous side effects associated with penile surgery for Peyronies treatment.

Yes, terrible ones.

These include and are not limited to:

  • Impotence

  • Erectile Dysfunction

  • Lack of sensation

  • Inability to orgasm

  • Inability to attain or maintain a decent erection

  • Infection

  • Urinary problems

Nice, huh?

Your erections will now be straight. If you still get them. But,... maybe you are one of the men who became impotent and can no longer can get erections...... or orgasms..... or....

You don’t have to risk being one of the men who says: “Oh my God! What have I done?”

Now you know why so many other treatments are tried and experimented with before surgery.

What Is
The Safest AND Most Effect
Medically Endorsed and Doctor Recommended
Peyronies Treatment?

“There are only two medically endorsed and recommended methods
of penis straightening that have proven to work.

Surgery and Correct Penis Traction.”

The Safest AND Most Effective method of penile straightening is not surgery.

The Safest AND Most Effective method is: Correct Penis Traction.

This new medically endorsed and recommended treatment became available in 1994. It is still (in 2017) considered the Safest and Most Effective method today.

“More and more,
the medical community is turning to correct penis traction

as the first line of treatment
Peyronies Disease.”

reference: Dr. Paolo Gontero
Medical News Today

With correct traction, you use a simple high quality traction device daily for a period of time. You can get some of the best traction devices in the world for under $300.

peyronies treatment using penis traction
peyronies treatment without surgery, drugs, or injections

Yes, for under $300 you have everything you need to straighten a bent penis 99.99% of the time.

Correct traction is medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide. Including the USA, Canada, France, England, Belgium, Germany.....

“Correct traction can be effective for 99.99% of men
who suffer bending from Peyronies.”

Why Doesn’t Every Man Use
Correct Traction
Peyronies Treatment?

Simple. Most men don’t know about it.

Also, unfortunately, they haven’t learned how effective and it is.

You are learning about it right now.

So, let me ask you a simple question here: If the best medically endorsed and recommended method for straightening a bent penis:

  1. Costs under $300

  2. Can be effective for almost everyone

  3. Is GUARANTEED to work for you*

  4. Has NONE of the surgical side effects

Who wouldn’t want to try it first?

*The manufacturers I found best, and I will tell you about then soon, guarantee their products will work for you.

Just One Important

Yes, almost everything has a negative side. Or, possibility. Traction devices are no exception.

The problem with using traction is:  Learning which penis traction devices are high quality and which are dangerous junk.

There are currently 23 different devices available by my last count.

If you search them on the web, they ALL look pretty much alike. Am I right? Have you seen the ads?

A couple manufacturers make world class devices.

Some others are almost as good, but, cost as much as the better ones. So, why bother with these.

Some, unfortunately, are down right dangerous pieces of junk that can easily injure you badly and permanently.

How Do You Make A wise Choice

When They ALL Look Alike?

In the photos, they all look pretty much the same. They are not.

Why is there garbage being sold?

Good question. Here’s why: Because, these same devices can be used to actually lengthen and widen a penis after it is straight. And, the results are permanent.

It’s called “male enhancement”. Making a bigger penis. And, there are approximately 20 times as many young men who want bigger dicks as there are older men who want Peyronies treatment that works without having to risk a surgery.

Make sense?

So, many manufacturers prey on the sexual insecurities of these young fellows, have great advertising, and offer cheaply made devices for under $100.

Disasters waiting to happen.

Be smart. You have only one penis. If you injure it seriously, you can not replace it.

If you can’t afford one of the best devices, wait until you can.

And, how do you know which are best?

I Found These to be
The Best Penis Traction Devices in The World

I have researched every available device out there.

There are actually only two manufacturers that make penis traction devices for Peyronies treatment that meet all of my personal requirement for Safety and Effectiveness.

Unfortunately, just two. But, I have found these products to be excellent and superior to the others.

These are Pro Extender and Quick Extender Pro.

Their devices are:

  • Made with Medical Grade materials

  • Easy to use

  • Durable

  • Guaranteed to work for you, or your money back

Please click on those two links and take the time to read all about both of them. It’s time well invested.

Then, you decide what you think is best.

You don’t need both. The best from either company will give you the quickest and safest results possible.

You Don’t Have To Continue

You, and I, and tens of thousands of other men around the world, know a bent penis can ruin not only your sex life, but your entire emotional well being as well. Am I right about that?

It’s not a disease. It’s a simple condition that is easy to correct 99.99% of the time if you just know how.

And, now you do.

Only two methods have proven successful. Surgery and correct traction.

Now, you also know which Peyronies treatment:

  • Has no surgical risks

  • Is also medically endorsed and recommended

  • Can be effective for 99.99% of men

  • And, can be had for under $300

peyronies disease treatment with penis traction therapy (PTT)Pro Extender

successful peyronies treatment

You don’t have to keep suffering from a bent penis.

And, 99,99% of the time, the Peyronies treatment of choice is no longer surgery.

Be Well.....

~ William

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