Erectile Dysfunction Medications

Are they right for weak erections
caused by
 Peyronies disease?

Erectile dysfunction medications are a really bad idea if you have Peyronies disease.

Yes, a BAD idea.


erectile dysfunction medications and peyronies disease weak erections

Because, you may not need them at all. And, they come with some very serious possible side effects. Including, but not limited to:

  • Heart attack

  • Stroke

  • Blindness

  • Death


Yes, just read the warnings that come on the sheets in the packages.


"Erectile dysfunction medications
will NOT

straighten out your erections."

The Good News Is:  If your weak erections or non existent erections have been cause by Peyronies Disease, a bent penis, they will probably return to normal as soon as you straighten out your erections.

That’s right.

Please read that again. “...they will probably return to normal as soon as you straighten out your erections.”

So, why risk taking dangerous erectile dysfunction medications if you don’t really need them at all?

Be Smart
Straighten Yourself Out

Yes. Erectile dysfunction is a major part of the problems that can come along with Peyronies disease.

Having severe bend is a definite cause of weak erections and impotence.

If your bending started just before your ED began, there’s a very good chance the bending is the cause of your ED.

Be smart. Before you go risking your health (and possibly your life) with erectile dysfunction medications, straighten your erections out first.

No matter how impossible this may seem to you right now, it’s very easy for 99.9% of men.

Simple Safe Effective Straightening

may be all you need
to get normal erections again

Even as you straighten out your bend, you’ll probably notice your erections returning to normal. Without any erectile dysfunction medications at all. Even before your are normally straight again.

It’s an amazingly wonderful feeling!

It really lifts the spirit!

And, yes, it is normally just that simple.

Why face all the possible horrible side effects
erectile dysfunction medications
when you don’t need to?

How do you know if you if they are totally unnecessary?


Straighten out the bend in your erections and find out. I think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised.

It’s Easy To Straighten A Bent Penis

I know. You tried bending it straight with your hands and it felt like a piece of solid steel. Didn’t it?

It’s frightening. Right? You feel like there is no hope outside of a risky expensive surgery. Am I right?

Well, even though surgery can be very effective, it also comes with a lot of horrible possible side effects. Like impotence. Yes, impotence. And, besides that, surgery is not the safest and most effective treatment.

Correct penis traction is.

penis traction devicepenis traction device

Is Straightening Really An Easy Thing To Do?

Yes. For 99.99% of men it is.

It’s easy if you do it correctly. Safely and gently over a period of time with correct traction.

Correct traction can straighten a bent penis 99.99% of the time. And, correct traction is medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide.

With correct traction:

  • You face none of the serious possible risks of a penile surgery

  • You use no expensive injections (that have only proven about 35% effective at best)

  • You use no drugs (Which also have been clinically proven to give only minimal results)

  • You don’t waste your time and money with enzyme therapies

Don’t Rush Into A Disaster

Please: Don’t rush into a possible disaster with erectile dysfunction medications.

Let me ask you this:  Why rush out and get a prescription for risky erectile dysfunction medications when your erection is bending horribly anyway?

Erectile dysfunction medication will not straighten your erections out.

And, let me ask you this also:  Is a hard, painful, severely bent shaft going to be useful? Or, impress anyone?

Of course not.

But, when we are bending terribly, we panic!! We all do.


Of course we do.

Man oh man! It’s our penis. Our manhood. Not only does it have a terrible bend now, we can’t even get decently hard. It seems things just keep getting worse! We feel sexually ruined! We need to fix this right away!

Right? Am I saying what you’ve been experiencing and feeling?... You’re not alone.

Safe, Effective, Inexpensive

I want you to remember this: There’s no need to panic.

If you’re like 99.99% of us who went through what you are going through right now, you can straighten yourself out safely, easily, and inexpensively with the #1 medically endorsed and recommended straightening method.

Take your time.

“99.99% of the time,

even severe penile bending can be straightened
Safely and Easily
 without surgery, injections, or drugs.

And: The cost for one of the best straightening devices in the world, that is medically endorsed and recommended, is under $400.

That’s correct. Under four hundred dollars.

So, please. Be patient. Take your time. Forget about erectile dysfunction medications right now.

If your bending has caused your ED or weak erection problems, then straightening yourself out will probably reverse the problem.

Forget About
Erectile Dysfunction Medications

Take a deep breath now. Relax. Forget about erectile dysfunction medications. At least for now. OK?

Realize you’re out of commission sexually right now.

And, you’re going to be out of commission sexually for a period of months while you’re straightening yourself out.

Yes, months. But, if you do nothing, or use ineffective and risky methods, you could be out of commission permanently. So, don’t grumble.

There is no quick fix here. Take the time to do it safely.

You’ll never regret doing your straightening correctly.

It’s A Serious Problem
and, Fortunately
Normally A Very Simple Fix

I know this seems like a very short article to handle a problem as serious as ED. Especially when it’s such an emotional experience.

But, I don’t think you need volumes of information to recognize simple truths.

The information on this website will teach you everything you need to know about Peyronies disease and a bent penis.

On this website you will learn why Peyronies is not really a “disease”.

You will learn how this bending can cause ED and weak erections.

And, you’ll learn how truly simple it is to straighten yourself out again
99.99% of the time.

The fact is: 

If your weak erections, or even your total ED, was caused by the bending you are experiencing from Peyronies disease (and severe penile bending is a definite cause of ED), straightening out your erections will probably return your erections to normal. Then, you’ll need no erectile dysfunction medications at all.

erectile dysfunction medications for peyronies disease

Be Well.....

~ William

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