Understanding Peyronies Disease
the Scar that Causes It

peyronies disease and the scar that causes it

For a man with a bent penis caused by Peyronies Disease, it is very important to understand scar tissue and how this scarring creates the bending erections.

Once you understand the cycle of the scarring process, Peyronies "Disease" will not frighten you. You will understand why this "Disease" seems to get "worse". And why it often goes away with no treatment.

If you are one of the less fortunate men whose condition does not resolve by itself, you will also understand why it is so easy to fix.

Why Can a Scar
Get So Strong and Thick?

A scar is a mend in broken or cut tissue. This seems rather obvious.

What is not so obvious is how your Mother Nature looks after you. In all of her infinite wisdom, she has recognized that a tissue (or bone) must have been weak where it was torn or broken.

So, she patches up to tear or break with even stronger tissue than was originally there. This way, if the same pressure is put on it again, it will hopefully be strong enough to withstand damage the next time.

It's brilliant! Isn't it? And miraculous! It's actually referred to as genetic intelligence. It developed over millions of years as one of our survival mechanisms.

"Why is the One in My Shaft
Causing This Problem?"

peyronies disease problems

If you have normal healing abilities, your scar will not be too much thicker than the surrounding tissue. And it will be almost as flexible.

But, if you are like about 5% of the population and have dramatically different or impaired healing abilities, you will get a thick heavy often fibrous scar. This scar in or on your shaft is what causes this condition that is called: Peyronies Disease.

Peyronies disease is most often a genetic cause. But, sometimes, maybe just as often, the Peyronies Disease scar is caused by long term lack of (or deficiency of) certain nutrients in the diet. Primarily Omega 3 fats, Vitamin C, and protein.

When your dear Mother Nature does not have the correct building blocks (nutrients) to make a strong supple thin scar, she will make a bigger thicker one out of the inferior weaker materials to make sure the scar has sufficient strength.

This is also why some Peyronies Disease scars have a fibrous plaque associated with them. It's all about Mother Nature giving strength to the repair.

In normal person non-medical language, that's all there is too it!

Almost Every Penile Curvature
Very Easy to Fix
99.99% of the time

A bent penis does not usually occur when a man scars normally. And, if it does occur, it will normally straighten out all by itself in about 12 to 18 months as the scar matures.

With an abnormally thick and fibrous scar, the erection will not straighten out by itself and you will have to straighten it with outside assistance.

In any event, a bending or curving erection caused by Peyronies Disease (a scar and/or fibrous plaque) is not a "disease". No matter how grotesque and frightening it appears, it is merely a condition. I'll explain more about this as we go on.

"And, this condition called Peyronies disease
is almost always very easy to fix without surgery, injections, or drugs
99.999% of the time!"

How the Scar
Turns Into
Peyronies Disease

A scar is not just a stagnant mend or patch. A scar evolves and changes over time. Especially during the first 18 months. Then eventually it pretty much settles down and becomes very similar to the original tissue.

So let's take a look at what happens during a scars evolution:

The Stages of a Scar:

1) First you have an injury. A cut, or a tear, or a puncture.

2) A scab forms from the blood cells and seals the wound.

3) The cells of the tissues multiply and bind the wound together (stage 1 scar tissue)

4) The scar thickens to provide strength (stage 2 scar tissue). Normally this causes no problems. Even in your shaft.

5) The scar shrinks a bit (stage 3 scar tissue. )This and the next stage (stage 4) overlap, and, for a while happen at the same time. A person with normal healing abilities may or may not see a slight penile curvature.

6) The scar softens and becomes more flexible (stage 4 scar tissue). The slight curvature from stage 3 usually straightens out again.

With Peyronies Disease:

Now, here the trick with Peyronies disease:

About 5%-6% of the male population develop scar hardening in mid life. Scars get thicker, more fibrous, and harder. This usually happens 20 - 30 years after the injury. That's why many say the bending is a mystery. It is no mystery at all.

For most of the scarring on your body, this is something you will never notice.

But, because your shaft has to expand 3 to 5 times it's size during erection, you notice it here. You can't help but notice it. Your erection may be bending at a 90 degree angle.

This is only happening because your internal scar has hardened up so much that it can not stretch during erection. It forces your erection to bend to whatever side it is on.

Peyronies "disease" is completely that simple. And, I hope you now understand why this condition is not a disease regardless of the name it was given almost 300 years ago. Yes, back in 1743.

Is the scar on your hand a disease? What about the one on your face? Or your foot? Are they a disease? Neither is this one.

Why Peyronies Disease Gets Worse
Then Sometimes Disappears All By Itself

Because Peyronies disease sometime disappears by itself, is another reason some believe it to be a "disease". Again, just so you have no doubt, it is not.

When it disappears by itself, it is simply the scar tissue loosening up again (step #6 above). This doesn't happen often. But, yes, it does happen. About 12% of the time. And, that is during the first 18 months.

This scarring cycle explained above explains why your cock bends and then often unbends all by itself. Why they say your "disease" got "worse" then "better". There is no disease. It's not getting better or worse. It's just the natural progression of scar healing.

For the impaired healer, it also explains why the erections do not straighten out.

In the impaired healer, the scar does not have the necessary nutrients to shrink and become more flexible. So the scar stays hard and brittle and never regains the strechability of normal tissue.

That's all there really is to Peyronies Disease.

You only notice the scar because you get erections. The exact same scar anywhere else on your body would be no problem at all. And it would never be called a "disease".

You Can Stop Worrying!

It's pretty simple isn't it? And not so frightening now that you understand what's happening.

You're not ill. You're not sick. You don't have a "Disease". You have a scar that is going through it's natural healing cycle. Doesn't it feel better to know that? And to know you can easily fix it?

If you are one of the unfortunate 60% of men whose cock stayed bent after 18 to 24 months, don't despair.

Even scar tissue that has very little elasticity can be easily lengthened with the proper traction equipment. Erections can be straight and pain free again in 99.999% of Peyronies Disease cases.

It really is very easy to fix a bent penis 99.99% of the time.

successful, effective peyronies disease treatment

Be Well.....

~ William

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