Does Peyronies Disease Cause

impotence caused by a bent penis, peyronies disease

A number of men have asked me if Peyronies Disease causes impotence.

No. Not true in it's true form. But Peyronies can definitely create a problem that mimics this condition .

What do I mean by that?

Well, that means there is no real problem with your body's functions. But, your mind is telling these functions not to perform.

All the necessary ingredients to create an erection are there. But your body is just refusing to operate in order to avoid erectile pain.

True Impotence
Erectile Dysfunction

True impotence is usually a lack of sufficient hormones and other natural chemical substances which are necessary to cause the body to create an erection.

Simply put, a number of chemical are produced in the body that cause your cock to become erect. When your body is incapable of producing enough of these chemicals, an erection can not be created.

This type of impotence comes from malnutrition, sexual over abuse, and emotional stress or prolonged physical stress.

Erectile malfunction can also develop from arteriosclerosis. The blood vessels get too clogged up to enable enough blood pressure to form in the penis and create an erection. Or an erection of any real quality.

This type of impotence is common in older men and men with advanced diabetes.

With these types of impotence your body is physically unable to create an erection.

False Impotence

With the "false impotence" created by Peyronies pain, your body could create an erection, but it is not willing to.

Let me explain:

Peyronies Disease is simply a scar and/or plaque formation within the shaft of the penis that causes the penis to curve a bit or bend severely.

And that is all Peyronies Disease is. Some scar tissue. This scar in your penis will not cause impotence any more than a scar on your elbow will.

The erectile pain that comes during Peyronies Disease is what causes this "false impotence" to develop. The pain associated with erection is telling your brain that something "anti survival" is happening. So your body eventually shuts the process down.

This is a simple genetic survival mechanism. Like "don't put your hand in fire".

How Peyronies Impotence Develops

Your body does not like pain. It is a warning that something is wrong or that something is being damaged.

Over millions of years the human body has developed an intelligence all it's own. It is the intelligence to survive regardless of what you may be thinking.

It is the same intelligence that gets you all hot and bothered when you see a vagina or a beautiful pair of female breasts. It is the same intelligence that makes you hungry.

If you didn't have this "genetic intelligence", our species would disappear. No one would want to have intercourse. And you might forget to eat.

You've probably also heard of the "fight or flight" response. Same genetic survival system.

In an attempt to survive your body responds without conscious reasoning.

This "genetic intelligence" takes over whenever you experience pain. Your mind and body say: "Get away from and/or stop what is causing the pain."

Why do you think you quickly pull your hand out of a fire without thinking about it? It's the same genetic response system.

The Mind/Body Connection

You mind/body connection start to relate erection to "Bad pain. Avoid this." So erections and pain start to become the same thing to your genetic intelligence. Something you gradually and subconsciously do not want to get.

It can be extraordinarily frustrating.

It's like offering a dog some very hot meat. The smell drives him crazy with desire, but every time he touches it he gets pain from the heat. A cruel thing to do to an animal! They will back off from eating.

Peyronies can be equally cruel to the psyche of a man. First his body says: "I need sex". Then it starts saying erections are painful and dangerous! Psychological impotence follows with "no erection" or "minimal soft erection that causes no pain".

Eventually, thank God, dogs figure out that the food cools down. And when the pain from erection goes away, your body figures out that erections are OK.

Reversing Impotence
Caused By
Peyronies Pain

To understand how simple it is to reverse erectile dysfunction caused by Peyronies Disease pain, let's use a simple comparison. A broken leg.

Let's say you broke your leg. Now you can not use it to walk. You're crippled! But, we all know this doesn't mean you'll be crippled for life.

Your bone just needs to be set and then needs some time to heal. Then you'll walk again.

The same is true for psychological impotence caused by Peyronies Disease.

If you were having no erectile troubles before your penis started to bend, you'll undoubtedly have no trouble getting a good solid painless erection once you straighten your penis out.

Unless, of course, you straighten it surgically. Then you run the risk of cutting enough nerves in your penis to create permanent irreversible impotence.

Getting An Erection Again easily

overcoming impotence caused by peyronies disease

If you have developed impotence or erectile dysfunction because of pain from your Peyronies condition, don't worry.

As soon as you straighten your penis out, or even straighten it to the point where you no longer have pain on erection, you will find getting an erection starts becoming easy again. And fun again!

The Biggest Problem
Peyronies Disease

The biggest problem men with Peyronies Disease have is never getting proper education on how to straighten their penis safely and effectively.

For about 40% of the men who get a Peyronies condition, the condition will greatly reduce (sometimes even disappear) by itself in about one year.

For 60% of men who get a Peyronies condition, some kind of action will have to be taken to straighten their shaft out. If they don't do anything, they will probably suffer with a bent penis for the rest of their life.

Straightening A Bending Cock
Usually Very Easy!

Straightening an erection caused by Peyronies disease is usually very simple and easy. Correct traction has been clinically proven over and over again to be the safest and most effective method for straightening a bent penis.

Penis traction does, however, take some months to do.

But results from correct penis traction are so effective that you can begin to see and feel your progress in a relatively short period. When you make such noticeable progress, the daily practice is not a chore or struggle.

There is nothing more exciting, energizing and inspiring than feeling better and watching yourself improve!

impotence and peyronies disease
reversing impotence caused by peyronies disease pain

Staying Healthy
Prostate Massage and Prostate Milking

For good prostate health, it's very important to keep the fluids moving in your sexual system. Men who spend their lives in abstinence have much greater risk of prostate cancer.

If your erections have become bent to the point where they are painful or you are currently not able to have one, or ejaculate, some prostate massage and prostate milking can be very therapeutic.

You can milk your prostate gland (drain the semen from your body) with some correct prostate massage until the time you are able to have an erection and ejaculate again normally.

By milking your prostate gland regularly, you will move the semen out of your body and help to keep your prostate clean and healthy!

Also, with regular prostate milking, you will remove the internal pressure inside your prostate gland. It is this internal pressure that actually causes you to feel "horny". Your body is telling you it's time to ejaculate and procreate.

When your prostate gland is emptied, you do not feel "horny". And you will not get a spontaneous erection. This can really help if you are getting very painful erections.

reversing Chronic Peyronies Disease

Chronic Peyronies "Disease" ONLY occurs when a bent penis has never been straightened.

But the straightening process may be started at any time. It is never too late. Even if you have suffered with a bent penis for decades!

As I always try to explain: Peyronies Disease is not actually a disease. You are not sick. You simply have a scar. If you have a scar on your face from shaving, do you then have a disease?

Of course not! And the same holds true for the scarring in your penis.

So even if you have had a bent penis for many years, it is still just a condition. And 99.999% of the time it can be straightened out safely and easily with correct traction, no matter how long the condition has been there.

It is also OK to start correct traction when the Peyronies condition is just beginning. It may save you a lot of future mental and physical discomfort.

It's EASY!

You don't have to let a Peyronies Condition destroy your sex life and your self esteem.

If Peyronies Disease pain has caused your body to create a condition of false impotence, see how your life changes as you safely and easily straighten your penis out again!

reversing impotence caused by peyronies pain
impotence and peyronies disease pain

Be Well.....

~ William

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