Jelqing Exercises

Do They Really Work?

Do jelqing exercise work?

Men often ask me about Jelqing Exercises (penis stretching "exercises"). They want to know if they really work. Will they make a dick bigger?

And if they can, what is the correct way to do them?

Yes, they can make your dick bigger if you have the time and patience to do them correctly. Of course, results will vary from man to man.

But, first I must warn you that jelqing exercises can cause you more harm and frustration than good. Especially if you are trying to fix a bent penis. You can easily make your condition worse!

Jelqing Exercises Take A Very Long Time
Give Results

First let me explain that jelqing exercises are not really "exercises" because there are no real muscles in the shaft of your cock to exercise.

Jelqing exercises are really just stretches and pulls.

Once upon a time, long long ago, the only way to make your cock bigger was to pull on it by hand. Hour after hour, day after day, month after month, year after year.

If you do this, you will eventually get a bigger cock.

Where They Came From

Jelqing exercises are said to have started in the Sudanese Arab culture.

Young boys were taught to perform pulling techniques from the time they began puberty. They said this successfully enlarged their cocks. Often claiming a 10" penis!

Well, centuries ago young men also had all kinds of spare time on their hands. There was no TV. No night life. And few if any books to read. Pulling on your dick was a fun thing to do!

And if you have an hour or two each day to devote to jelqing exercises you too can make your cock longer and thicker. Maybe as much as an inch. But it will takes 4 or 5 years time.

If you try jelqing exercises just once, or for only a couple of months, you won't see any real difference. They take a long time to produce results.

And, in using them to try to straighten or enlarge your penis, it is very easy to injure yourself. Even injure yourself permanently.

Here is a list of Dangers
Jelqing Exercises

These days, most of us are all in a rush to go as fast as we can to any given destination. So, with jelqing exercises, in an effort to speed up progress, many men pull too hard and cause all kinds of damage including but not limited to:

  • Burst blood vessels (these cause temporary or permanent discoloration at the tip of the shaft)
  • A bent or curved penis
  • Damage to the dorsal nerve (the large main nerve running up the middle of your shaft)
  • Loss of sensation
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence)

These men could have saved themselves from all this damage and really gotten a bigger cock by using a high quality traction device.

The better traction devices are medically approved and are clinically proven to do the job 460% faster. Used as directed, they will do it without all the risks associated with jelqing "exercises".

That means getting the kind of results you want in a year or less. Instead of 4 or 5 years.

You must be sure to use only a high quality device. The cheap "look alike" devices often cause serious injury.

If You Really Want to Try Them
Here's the Proper Way

Since you are curious, here are the proper instructions and techniques.

Again, I caution you:

"If you perform jelqing exercises too vigorously,

you will cause damage to yourself."

Possibly serious permanent damage. So if you decide to try them, use them carefully. With caution. And proceed slowly.

Instructions for length:

For lengthening the shaft it is usually recommended that the jelqing techniques are performed with a limp or only semi erect (but NOT a hard) shaft.

It's a good idea to warm it up first. You can either take a hot bath or wrap a hot wash cloth around it for about 10 minutes first.

1) Lubricate it well. The best thing to use is pure Olive Oil. Olive Oil nourishes the skin and penetrates deeply.

KY jelly or Vaseline will work also. (Do not use soap. Soap will irritate your urethra beyond belief! It will sting really terribly and make you feel like you are peeing liquid fire!)

jelqing exercises position 1

2) With your left hand (palm facing towards you), you'll be making a circle with your thumb and first finger only. Grasp the base of your flaccid cock securely in the circle made by your two fingers. Hold it firmly.

jelqing exercises position 2

3) Now with the right hand, make the same type of circular hold around your shaft right above the left hand, but with the palm facing away from you.

4) Then slowly start "milking" your cock. The left hand stays in place and the right hand squeezes gently and pulls forward (towards the tip).

You will be forcing blood from the base of your shaft, through the shaft, to the tip. (To avoid damaging nerves in the tip, stop at the base of the head of your cock).

Each milking stroke should last about 2-3 seconds.

Stop the process if you get an erection.

Instructions for thickness:

For widening the shaft it is usually recommended that the techniques are performed with a Semi hard or fully hard erection. This will not work with a limp cock.

Warm up the same way.

Follow the same procedure as for lengthening, BUT use a twisting motion as you pull through the movement and be sure your dick is hard or at least semi-hard. This will not work if you are limp.

CAUTION:  If you twist a limp dick, you may tear it inside and cause serious damage. So be careful here.

Proceed Slowly!

I can not stress the importance of that too much!

Be firm but gentle. If you are causing yourself pain, you will injure yourself. It means you are pulling and/or twisting too hard.

You will need to do your jelqing exercises at least 1 hr. every day. To get the most out of your efforts, alternate length and width techniques each day.

If you feel discomfort from them, stop for a few days and then resume. Give your body time to recuperate and heal itself first.

The process should be pleasurable and feel good!

Best Possible Results

If you are seriously trying to lengthen your cock,
or straighten a bent penis,
jelqing exercises are not the way to go.

 If you are like most men you will get truly frustrated and extremely bored with the whole process.

Also, with jelqing you can easily cause serious damage to your cock.

If you really want to get the best results, you will need a high quality traction device.

Correct penis traction has proven to be:

  • Safer!
  • 460% faster!
  • Easier!

jelqing exercises vs penis traction

With a high quality traction device, you'll really be able to see the results in a relatively short period of time. Results always inspire continued action! And you won't risk the possible damaging side effects that can come with jelqing exercises.

Be Well.....

~ William

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