Erectile Dysfunction

Peyronies disease

erectile dysfunction treatment for peyronies disease

Erectile dysfunction treatment, when you have Peyronies disease, is usually a very bad idea.



“If you were having normally hard erections

before your bending became severe,

you will most probably have nice hard ones again
once you straighten your bent penis.”

That’s right.

Straightening your erections is usually all the erectile dysfunction treatment that is needed to reverse the ED caused by Peyronies disease.

erectile dysfunction treatment
Really Be That Simple?

Yes. Effective erectile dysfunction treatment for ED caused by a bent penis is usually that simple.

Other types of erectile dysfunction treatment, when you have severe penile bending, is worthless and unnecessary.


First:  What good is a nice stiffy going to do you if your erection is bent at a 90 degree angle and hurts?

Second:  Common erectile dysfunction treatment is usually an erectile drug of some kind. And, those drugs are dangerous. They can be especially dangerous to the men who don’t even know they at risk of a heart attack.

So, if you don’t need them, why subject yourself to the possible serious risks?

Peyronies Disease
can definitely cause
Severe Erectile Problems

erectile dysfunction treatment for peyronies disease

For those of you who are reading this website for the first time, Peyronies disease is not really a disease.

That’s correct. And, I will repeat that statement so it really sinks in: Peyronies is NOT a “disease”.

is a simple condition
that is easy to correct 99.99% of the time
if you just know how.”

And, it causes some degree of erectile dysfunction in 90% of men who develop it. Yes. It’s a problem maker.

Therefore:  If you know you have Peyronies, and, your erections are not as good as they were before you got it, you should now have a pretty good idea as to what exactly is causing your erectile problem.

Most of the time, the only erectile dysfunction treatment needed, when ED is caused by a bent penis, is effective straightening.

The ED that can come from severely bending erections is a real nightmare for the uninformed:  After our penis starts to bend like some alien creature, we often find ourselves becoming impotent, or, very sexually challenged.

But, most men do not know this bending can be all part of the same simple (though personally horrifying) problem. So, most of us begin thinking about erectile dysfunction treatment as a whole different issue. Usually, it's not.

We think this new ED is yet another cruel act of the Universe, and wonder what ill fate is going to fall upon us next.

Am I right? Have you been thinking along those lines? Are you now wondering about getting erectile dysfunction treatment of some kind?

MOST of us did. It’s just a nightmare and a cruel adventure.

Unfortunately, we’re never educated on this topic in school or anywhere in life. Until, we get the hideous problem ourselves. So, naturally, most of us panic.

We get depressed, frustrated, embarrassed, we feel humiliated.... on and on....

For right now, until you get your erections straightened again, forget about all other erectile dysfunction treatment. Once you get straight again, I think you'll be glad you didn't try them out.

Now, here’s the especially good news:

A Bent Penis
Easy to Fix
99.99% of the time 

Yes. Easy. Yes. 99.99% of the time.

IF you do it correctly.

I know the bending in your erection seems too horrible for that statement to be true. If you tried to pull it straight, it felt like the short part was made of steel. Am I right?

And, it only seems to get worse.

Now, of all the medically recommended methods, only surgery and correct traction have proven truly successful.

Simple correct traction can reverse this problem 99.99% of the time. Without surgery, injections or drugs.

erectile dysfunction treatment, bent penis from peyronies disease

What About
The Other Methods?

"If you try injections, drugs, vitamins, herbs, etc....
You’re going to be disappointed.
Unless your expectations are very low."

injections: $6,000 - $30,000
drugs: $2,400 - $5,500
vitamins: $500 - $2,500

Why will you be disappointed with these other methods of penile straightening?

Because in all the clinical trials and tests, every one of these other methods proved either fruitless, or, only “up to 35% effective” at best. And, that 35% was just for “certain kinds of cases”.

35%. At best. That’s really kind of terrible when you consider the cost.

Do you know how much a set of those 35% injections cost?

Hold on to your hat: $30,000. Yes: thirty thousand dollars.

That makes surgery, at $7,000 - $19,000 sound like a real bargain! Doesn’t it?

But, most of us (including myself) don’t really want to be cut up if not absolutely necessary. Especially down there.

Now:  Correct traction, the other one of the only two medically endorsed and recommended methods proven effective, costs under $00 for one of the best devices in the entire world.

And, straightening with simple correct traction will also most probably prove to be an effective erectile dysfunction treatment if ED was the result of the severe bending.

  • Drugs or Vitamins:  $500 - $5,500

  • The Latest Injections (up to 35% effective):  $30,000

  •  Penis Surgery:  $7,000 - $19,000

  • Correct traction:  Under $300

What Makes The Most Sense

You just learned that there are only two medically endorsed and recommended methods that have proven to effectively straighten bending erections. They are surgery and correct traction.

As you also now know, the Safest and Most Effective medically endorsed and recommended Peyronies disease treatment is called correct penis traction.

The advantages to traction over surgery are:

  • You risk NONE of the horrible possible surgical side effects

  • You have no down time

  • You can do penis traction, with one of the best devices in the entire world, for under $300

  • A surgery of this type will cost you $7,000 - $19,000

If every other method is only partially effective at best, and the only real choices are surgery and correct traction, what make the most sense to you to try first?

Two Things

1)  If you try traction first, and, you are not satisfied, surgery is still and option. You’ll can even get a full refund of your money on the traction device.*

 * If you use one of the devices I found best. Not all companies give this money back guarantee

2)  If you try surgery first, and are one of the unfortunate gentlemen who has a possible unfortunate surgical side effect such as:  impotence (yes, possible impotence), lack of sensation, inability to orgasm... traction will not be able help you.

The Problem
Traction Devices

Yes. There is a problem.

Rather, there are three real  problems:

Problem #1  -  There are a lot of traction devices out there. And, in the advertisements they all look alike. Believe me, they are not. Not even close. Some are excellent medical grade devices. Some are OK. Some are dangerous junk.

Problem #2  -  Some are $400. Some are $89. What’s the difference?

Problem #3  -  If you use an inferior cheaply made device, and it breaks while you are wearing it, you can cause yourself permanent penile damage.

Want a little help here?

Let me tell you my experience:

Only Two Manufacturers
All My Personal Requirements
Safety and Effectiveness

Unfortunately, just two.

Since nothing was over $500, cost was not really an issue. It's not like it was going to cost me five or then thousand dollars. Saving $100 or $200 wasn’t going to be life changing on this.

Safety was my #1 concern.

Of course getting results as quickly and efficiently as possible was the other.

There were 23 different devices out there when I was looking. There may be more now.

Out of all of these, only two manufacturers met, and still meet, all of my personal requirements for Safety and Effectiveness.

These companies are Pro Extender and Quick Extender Pro.

Take a look:

erectile dysfunction treatment with penis traction therapyPro Extender

reversing erectile dysfunction and a bent penisQuick Extender Pro

Both are the best you can get.

These Are
Medical Grade Devices

Both of these companies make top of the line medical grade devices. Yes, even though they are easy to buy on line, they are categorized as Class 1 medical devices.

I found either one of them will do the best job possible.

And, both offer a money back guarantee if you are not successful.

So, please, click on both those links. Read all about both of them. You don’t need both. After you read all about them, you decide which device you think is best.

Why Are There So Many Different Brands?
Why Are Some So Cheap?

Here’s a bit of interesting information that will clear up why these are almost always advertised as “male enhancement”  devices:

If you’ve never heard that politically correct term before, it means:  They will make your cock bigger.

And, they can. If you use them past the point of straightening. Those enlargement results are also permanent.

Now, here’s why the ads are almost always about penile enlargement:

How many anxious young men do you think there are out there that would be willing to spend $89 - $300 for the promise of a bigger cock?

Do you see?


The penis traction device was invented in 1994 by a penis surgery specialist in Denmark named Dr. Jormn Ege Siana.

He invented his device to keep a man’s cock straight while it was healing from penile surgery. That was the entire original intent.

Dr. Siana soon found he could straighten a man’s shaft without surgery just by using the device. Can you see how this was a major medical breakthrough? Straightening without the need for a surgery?

Before this time, only a surgery could be depended on for real straightening. And, that came with the risk of the horrible possible surgical side effects.

Well, he decided to see what further use could do. And, there you have it. Real, measurable, penis enlargement.

Increased penile length and width that was permanent!

Now how many men do you think buy these for penile straightening? And, how many for a bigger cock?


20 to 1. Enlargement vs straightening.

Now do you see why most of the advertising is geared to size increase?

And, do you see why there are so many cheap knock offs?

A lot of anxious young men will willingly and quickly part with under $100 for the possibility a bigger cock. Especially when some of these advertisers promise the 3” more in 3 months....

It’s a big business. And, there are manufacturers that just don’t care what risk they subject us to. Sad, but true.

“But, make no mistake:

High quality penis traction devices


the Safest and Most Effective

penis straightening devices available in the world.”

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
Peyronies Disease


  1)   If you are like most men whose ED was caused only by the sever penile bending of Peyronies disease, correct traction should be the only erectile dysfunction treatment you’ll need.

  2)   If you will wait until your cock is straightened again, you'll most likely have no need for any other kind of erectile dysfunction treatment.

  3)   With a high quality traction device you can straighten a bent penis safely and easily 99.99% of the time.

Please, don’t risk damaging your shaft with a poor quality device. The savings of one or two hundred dollars can turn into a very expensive and permanent catastrophe.

Every man can afford to use one of the best. You’ll never regret that decision. And, you’ll most likely lose the need for any other erectile dysfunction treatment once you straighten out your erections.

Be Well.....

~ William

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