Why Did I Get
Peyronies Disease?

peyronies disease causes

"Why did I get Peyronies Disease?"

"Other men have penile injuries. Worse than mine. But they didn't get a bent penis. So, if it's not a "disease", why do I have an erection that bends?"

These are common questions when a man first hears that he has this so called "disease".

What he usually doesn't learn is that this "disease" is not actually a disease. Just a condition that comes about from over healing.

Peyronies Disease Indicates
You Heal Differently Than Most Men

The most basic answer I can give to the "Why" of Peyronies Disease is this: Different people heal in different ways.

We may be all similar as human beings, but we have a lot of differences.

For example:  Some of us have very white skin. Some yellowish skin. Some have freckles. Some have brown skin. Some skin is darn near pure black. Some people have lots of moles. Some have almost none.

The same is true for healing characteristics. Peyronies "Disease" is actually a healing condition. Some people scar easily and thickly. Some people barely scar even when the cut or skin damage is severe.

Some people bruise when you touch them too hard. Some people can be hit by a baseball bat and never turn black and blue.

The difference with Peyronies is, your scar tissues harden more than the average person's. And, they usually begin that hardening in mid life.

That's why you see your Peyronies problem begin at this time in your life.

Peyronies is NOT a Disease
Peyronies is NOT a Mystery

Everyone knows their body is made up of billions of cells. And these cells have to stick to each other to form skin, organs, bones...

When the necessary nutrients are not present in sufficient quantity, the bond between cells is weak. This is obvious in the case where someone bruises very easily.

If a man has weak cellular connection, he can tear some tissue in his shaft and not even feel it.

This very often the cause of Peyronies Disease. That is why Peyronies so often seems to come out of nowhere.

Peyronies also comes about from an injury you were well aware of, but didn't realize how it might affect you later. Did you every have some really passionate sex when you were younger? Of course you did!

At one of those times, did you ever slip out of your partner's vagina, thrust back in forceably, and miss? Ouch!! Right? Can you remember ever doing that? The "ouch" was probably a small tear inside your shaft. It healed nicely back then with a little scar you never even noticed. Until now....

So, the bent penis you get with Peyronies can happen and appear 20 or even 30 years after the original injury took place. This is why it's cause is so often called "unknown". Or, a "mystery".

Nonsense! It's no mystery and there is ALWAYS a cause.

People also tend to believe this bending is a "disease". Why? Because it is named Peyronies  "disease".

However, nothing could be less true.

"There is no disease present with Peyronies 'disease'.
The bending comes from some hardening scar tissue
on your erectile chambers.

This scarring now won't stretch like the rest of the chamber during erection.
It makes your erection bend in it's direction.
That's all there is to it. Really. That's all."

peyronies disease causes  #2

Is the scar on your hand, or face, or leg a disease?

Neither is you Peyronies scar.

Your Genetics
What You Eat

Genetics account for a definite amount of how your body will heal.

But, diet (what foods you eat, not how much you eat) is responsible for most of our healing ability.

When a body is fed the correct nutrients it will heal very cleanly and nicely with very little scarring.

It will also live longer and function better through it's entire lifespan. You know that.

When You Heal

The major cause of poor and improper healing is diet. Not genetics.

When a body does not mend well it tends to make thick heavy fibrous scars. Exactly the type encountered with Peyronies Disease.

The reason these scars are so thick and heavy is usually because the body did not have the proper materials (nutrients) to for stronger thinner more elastic mends.

Whenever your body is damaged, Mother Nature tends to repair the injury with a stronger patch than the original tissue. This is done so the area does not break as easily again.

Whenever a bone is broken, for example, the place where the break occurred always mends stronger than the rest of the bone.

Why These Thick Heavy
Penis Bending Scars

This is very interesting.

Your body has what is called a "genetic intelligence". It is what causes the blood to clot when you are cut. It then hardens to a scab. Then the torn skin makes new cells that mend together and seal the wound.

This is genetic intelligence.

It's all about survival. You don't have to think about these things. If these processes didn't happen naturally, spontaneously, and by themselves we'd all bleed to death with the first minor cut we got.

Now, when mending tissue, Mother Nature always makes the mend stronger than the original tissue. If your good mother does not have the correct materials (nutrients) available, she'll use whatever she can.

But, she'll often need much more of the inferior material to make the mend strong enough. That can cause a thick heavy fibrous scar.

Still, if you were to compare the strength of one of these thick fibrous scars with the strength of a thinner stronger more supple scar, you would see that they both were about equally strong.

"These thick, heavy, fibrous scars are not supple.
They do not stretch enough when you get an erection.
And, this makes your erection bend in the direction of the scar(s).

That is what Peyronies 'Disease' is."

Optimum Health

Almost everyone thinks they eat OK. But, the fact is, over 80% of Americans are malnourished! WAY overfed. But, malnourished. Lacking enough essential nutrients for good health.

We have so many "diets" these days. Everyone claims to be "the best"! That's because everyone with a diet to sell you is out to make a buck.

But, if you trace back the evolution of the human being, you will see what diet our bodies were created from. Agriculture and grain eating really only began about 10,000 years ago.

For the hundreds of thousands of years before that, man lived on what we now call the primitive diet.

A primitive diet has been shown to reverse virtually EVERY chronic disease known to man. It has also proven to improve the immune systems and every form of healing.

This is because the primitive diet is the diet that created the human being over hundreds of thousands of years. The body was designed to function in perfect health for a lifetime.

And according to the scientific research on ancient bone, there was no cancer, arthritis, etc... before we started altering our natural food supply.

When you screw around with the building blocks (food) of the body, the body gets compromised. It becomes weaker and less able to heal properly. Diseases are created.

Improving your diet this way won't straighten out the penile bending you have with Peyronies. But, it may keep it from happening again.

Creating Strong Supple
Cellular Connections

The weakness of the cellular connections can be caused by many things. But, the primary nutrients necessary for strong and supple cellular connection are:

  • Vitamin C
  • Protein
  • Animal Fat
  • Omega 3 Fats

Let's discuss each of these a bit:

The Importance

Vitamin C

Every animal and plant on the planet produce Vitamin C within their body. But, there are a few exceptions: the Human being, the ape, the guinea pig, one form or rodent, and one type of trout.

With animals, the more stress they are under, the more Vitamin C their body will produce.

An Average size dog (40-50 lbs) produces 2,500 to 3,000 mgs of Vitamin C on an average day. It can be 3 or 4 times more on a stressful day.

The average 175 lb. man gets less than 100 mgs per day from the foods he consumes.

Of the mammals that do produce their own Vitamin C, none have ever been found to have Peyronies Disease. Interesting. Isn't it?

Why You Need Plenty
High Quality Protein

You've probably heard of collagen. Right? It's big in the wrinkle cream ads that are in all the women's magazines.

Collagen is a protein that that holds your cells together and gives the skin elasticity and strength.

Without adequate protein AND Vitamin C, collagen is not produced well in the body.

Animal Fat is Good for Your Health

Animal fat??? Yes. The fat we are all taught to fear by the media?? Yes.

Animal fat is healthy and necessary to normal cell growth and function.

Body builders can not build muscle efficiently without it.

People on very low fat diets have 50% MORE heart disease and strokes!

That exactly opposite of what we've been taught to believe. But, that is what the statistics prove as true.

Saturated animal fat is necessary to keep blood vessels strong and supple. Without it they become weak and brittle. Vegetable oils alone will not do the trick.

Lack of sufficient animal fat is what causes most of the heart attacks and strokes on very low fat diets. The blood vessels break too easily.

The Magic

Omega 3 Fats

These babies do Amazing things!

I'm sure you've heard of how good fish and fish oil are for you. Am I right?

Here's why:

Omega 3 fats help keep tissues soft, supple, and strong. Lack of these fats is one reason why many people wrinkle so easily and have such leathery looking skin.

These fats enable scar tissue to be much more supple.

"Omega 3 fats also increases you feeling of well being,
diminish inflammation,
and can help reduce pain.

Omega 3 fats are deficient in over 80% of civilized diets. These fats used to occur naturally in our foods. But, due to modern agricultural practices, they are no longer present in sufficient quantity in out modern diets.

The very best source of Omega 3 fat is pure fish oil.

Improve Your Healing
Fix Your Bent Penis

A Peyronies Disease condition is very easy to fix 99.999% of the time.

But a proper diet with added Vitamin C and some fish oil (Omega 3 fat) can help a body mend better, more quickly and make it stronger than it was before.

And, even if your genetics are weak, this kind of change in your diet can help prevent Peyronies Disease from happening to you again.

Be Well.....

~ William

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