Why Do I Have
Bent Erection?

"When my cock is limp it looks normal,
I am now getting a horribly bent erection!"

Well, that's what this entire website is about!

When a hard cock bends, it is formally called Peyronies Disease. It is named after Francois de la Peyronie: the man who, in 1743, discovered how an internal scar causes this bending.

what causes a bent erectionFrancois de la Peyronie

But, Peyronies is not really a "disease."

As frightening as it may be to you right now, a bent penis, even a severely bent one, is usually just a simple condition that is easy to remedy.

What is
Making It Bend?

the bent erection

A Peyronies bent erection is almost always caused by some scar tissue and/or plaque inside the shaft.

You don't normally notice the scar or plaque when your shaft is flaccid (limp). Although, if you feel your flaccid shaft where it is bending, you can usually feel a small lump. That's the scar.

When you get hard, and your member stretches 2 - 5 times it's usual size, the scar is unable to stretch like the rest of your tissues.

This makes your shaft curve or bend in the direction of the scar(s).

That's all there really is to it.

It's not a virus, a bacteria, a STD (sexually transmitted disease), etc...

And, this scar is no more a "disease" than the scar on your hand, face, or feet.

Did I Get This?

Any tear or break in the penile tissue will cause a scar of some type. There are many ways this can happen.

Often men never even notice or feel the injury that is now causing their bend or curve. But, there is always a cause.

This lack of noticing the injury made Peyronies "Disease" a mystery for hundreds of years. And, that's how this condition mistakenly got named a "disease".

"For most men, these scars will heal easily and naturally. Their cock will never be affected by it.

But about 5% of men scar heavily and poorly. We are the men who get Peyronies 'Disease'."

Is the bending
Getting Worse?

A scar has a certain pattern of evolution. It usually takes about 18 - 24 months for it to complete it's cycle.

In the beginning months of it's cycle, the scar gets thicker and stronger. This makes it less and less flexible. So the bend or curve increases.

In the ending months of it's cycle, the scar gets softer and more pliable. It is able to stretch more. So your bent penis may straighten out all by itself.

This is why in a small amount of bent erection (Peyronies "Disease") cases, the shaft straightens out (or partially straightens out) all by itself in 18 - 24 months.

But, for most  cases, the scar does not mature properly. That is totally dependent on a man's personal healing abilities. These dicks will continue to be bend when hard unless they are fixed.

can i fix my bent erection?

All the techniques for straightening you cock out are listed in the navigation bar on the left side of this page.

It is a good idea to take the time to read them all.

bent erection straightening with correct penis traction

Of all these techniques, correct traction has been clinically proven to be the:

  • Best method
  • Safest method
  • Most Effective method

for fixing a bent or curved penis caused by Peyronies Disease.

Straightening can be very easy

You Don't Have To worry anymore

You're in the right place.

This entire website is devoted to bent penis, curved penis, bent erection, Peyronies conditions.

"It doesn't matter how ugly your bent penis is to you. Or, how physically or emotionally painful it may be at this moment.

99.999% of the time, it can be straightened out easily, painlessly, and without drugs or surgery."

Peyronies "Disease" is really nothing to worry about. Really. I promise.

And, a bent penis or a curved penis caused by scar tissue (Peyronies Disease) , is the most common type of bent erection there is. In fact, it is super rare for a bent penis to be caused by anything else.

99.999% of the time it is very easy to fix a bent erection if you do it correctly!

fixing a bent erection
straighten a bent erection
a bent erection caused by Peyronies disease is easy to straighten

Be Well.....

~ William

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