What Are The Best

Natural Cures
Peyronies Disease?

natural cures for peyronies disease

There are essentially just 4 natural cures for Peyronies Disease:

  • Correct Penis Traction
  • Stretching massages (incorrectly called "penis exercises")
  • Penile weights

Which Methods Really Work?

The only two methods that really will make an erection straight again are correct penis traction and penile surgery.

The surgery is so unnatural and comes with so many possible horrible risks and consequences that it just makes no sense at all in 99.99% of Peyronies cases.

This is why you and most other men are looking for natural cures for Peyronies Disease.

The most successful and safest of the natural cures for Peyronies disease is correct traction.

In fact, correct penis traction, which is 100% natural, is even the method that the medical community prefers today. Nothing else works as well or is as safe.

This natural method for straightening a bent penis is so good that it is medically endorsed and physician recommended in 29 countries worldwide.

Are There Any

The word "cure" implies that there is first a "disease" present. And Peyronies "Disease" is not really a disease. Peyronies is really just a condition caused by scar tissue. It is no more a disease than a broken leg.

The only reason "Peyronies Disease" is called a disease is that it was named for the man who discovered the condition that was causing so many penises to bend "mysteriously".

This was back in 1743 when everything out of the norm was labeled as a "disease".

It should really have been named "Peyronies Condition". But, it wasn't. So we still have to suffer with the terminology and all that it incorrectly implies.

A Sane Decision

So, when looking for natural "cures" for Peyronies Disease, we need to redefine the word "cure" in this instance. And what it means here is: "correction".

"Natural cures for Peyronies Disease" should actually be called "Natural corrective methods for straightening a bent penis caused by scar tissue and/or fibrous plaque formation".

Now we are making some sense! With that in mind, you will be able to find a healthy and sane answer to your problem.

The Best, Most Effective
Natural Method

Of all the natural cures for Peyronies disease, simple correct traction has proven to be the safest, best and most effective method.

penis traction device for peyronies disease straightening

In fact correct penis traction is so good that it has been found superior to any other method (including surgeries) for:

  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Permanent Results

That is why it is now medically recommended and physician endorsed in 29 countries worldwide.

And it is 100% natural!

The Other
Natural Methods

The other three natural cures for Peyronies Disease are really not practical and none very effective. But they were all that was available as natural cures for Peyronies disease before Dr. Siana's invented his wonderfully effective device.

All three of these other natural cures for Peyronies disease will give some results.

And with all three of these other natural cures for Peyronies disease, it is easy to damage you penis permanently.

Since the development of the penis traction device in 1994, the other methods have become obsolete. However, there are people who will still try to sell them to you because that is how they make a buck.

Let's take a little look at each one:

Stretching Exercises: These are extremely laborious, requiring at least an hour a day. You do them by hand. They are only usually moderately effective.

And they take a LONG time to get results. Usually in excess of one year.

If you do them wrong, you can wind up bending your cock in yet another direction!

Jelqing:  Jelqing is a technique that resembles "milking a cow".

It is done by wrapping the thumb and index finger around the base of your shaft while semi-erect. Then repeatedly drawing the wrapped fingers away from your body to force blood into the glans.

Jelqing is done to create more vascularity in the corpus cavernosum and associated tissues. This adds mass to the shaft.

natural cures for peyronies disease include jelqing

There are even jelqing devices available for sale. They cost about $50 - $100 and they can be so weak that they do nothing, or so strong that they can really cause severe and permanent damage to you.

Risks that exist from jelqing can be severe. Burst blood vessels is the major problem.

These burst blood vessels can result in:

  • Temporary and sometimes permanent erectile dysfunction.
  • Permanent discoloration of the tip of your shaft.
  • Serious infection and other complications.
  • Bleeding from the urethra.

other natural cures for peyronies disease include penis weights

Penile Weights:  are a very old method used for making a cock longer. It is claimed they originated in the mid east and Africa over 2000 years ago.

If you have a couple of hours each day to sit around with no pants on and let weights hang off of your penis, you can make it straighter over a period of many months or years with penis weights.

It's truly absurd today. But, it's a choice.

Getting Permanent Measurable Results

natural cures for peyronies disease include penis traction

Simple correct traction is the only one of the natural cures for Peyronies disease that really works.

The modern device was invented by Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, M.D. in 1994.

Dr. Siana originally invented the device to keep shafts straight after a penis surgery. Dr. Siana soon found his device worked so well that it could actually replace many surgeries and do the job much more safely and effectively.

Correct traction pulls the shaft similarly to the other natural methods. But, it does this in a very controlled, precise, and gentle way.

Correct traction pulls it straight, evenly, and gently so that you don't wind up over pulling your shaft or bending your cock in yet another direction. It has been clinically proven to be the safest method of straightening available.

And, unlike the other methods of pulling, correct penis traction is painless.

Which Traction Device?

If you choose to use traction, you just want to be sure to get a high quality device.

Cheaper imitation models often look the same. But, they are usually made of inferior materials that can break and cause severe injury to your penis.

The best ones are only about $100 more than the cheaper imitation models. Is it ever worth risking permanent damage to your cock to save $100?

There are currently 23 different devices available. I have researched them all.

Only two have met all of my personal requirements for safety and efficiency. These are the Pro Extender devices and the Quick Extender Pro devices.

Both units are Excellent! And both are made following the original design of Dr. Siana.

They are both:

  • Medically endorsed and physician recommended
  • Classified as Class 1 Medical Devices
  • Made of the best Medical Grade Materials
  • Bear the "CE" seal. This is the stamp of safety, given by European Health Authorities, to medical devices.

Natural Cures for Peyronies Disease

Of all the natural cures for Peyronies disease, simple correct traction really has no competition.

In fact, correctly applied traction has proven to be the best, most respected, clinically proven method of all the natural cures for Peyronies Disease. It has also proven to be far superior to any other method of straightening, including surgery.

"Penile stretching (penis traction therapy, PTT)
is an effective therapy for PD."

ref: Sexual Medicine Reviews, International Society for Sexual Medicine
Penile Stretching as a Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease: A Review

Be Well.....

~ William

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