Jelqing Techniques
Ruin Your Sex Life

Jelqing techniques can be super dangerous.

“You have a better than 50/50 chance of
causing yourself
penile damage with these techniques.”


Because we live in a time when we are taught to expect quick results.

Jelqing gives very slow results.

Why Do Men Jelq?

 1)  Mostly because they want a bigger dick.

 2)  They don’t want to spend any money on proper safe equipment.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a bigger cock. Men have been stretching their cocks out for thousands of years. Effectively.

Yes, you can have a bigger dick!

Correctly done, it is normally possible to add significant measurable permanent size to an average size cock.

But: It takes some time.

And: Doing it safely requires extreme patience, OR, the proper equipment.

Plan on 1 - 2 years. And, that’s if you do it correctly.

Effective Penis Stretching
Has Been Around
For Thousands Of Years

In recorded history, dating back about 2,000 years, it has been found that men worked on stretching their cocks to gain size, and, were quite successful at it.

The method recorded earliest was in the mid east and Africa.

The technique is simple and effective:

You sit naked from the waist down and suspend
stones from the tip of your shaft
for 6 - 8 hours each day.

If the stones are of the proper weight, in about a year, your cock will be noticeably longer.

Interesting history lesson? Yes.

Do you have the time or the desire to do this? No one I know does.

But, back then, men often had a lot of free time and no entertainment. So, why not?

Stones Evolved Into Penis Weights

jelqing techniques and penis weights

The method, though extremely boring to modern men, was the actual first method of penis traction.

It worked! It was effective.

And, stones were actually much safer than even modern jelqing techniques because the pulling and stretching could be constantly controlled with the stone sizes.

Stones evolved into weights.

Exactly the same principle. Only weights were more refined and easier to use.You could use them for a couple of hours a day after work. For a couple of years.

Again, who has the time, patience, or desire for that?

Then Came Jelqing Techniques

After manual jelqing (done by hand) came the devices.

jelqing device

Jelqing devices are cheap. About $29 - $79. The advertising was excellent. So, a lot of men tried them out.

The only ones who found these thing to be “great” were the people who sold them and made lots of money.

Usually these devices were just another item we buy, get bored with after a month or so, and then put in the closet and forget about. Until one day our kid finds it and says: “What’s this for Daddy?....”

Jelqing Techniques Are Now Called
Penis Exercises

Today, the manual jelqing techniques (done with your hands) are called “penis exercises”.

Why are they called “exercises”? I don’t really know. You can’t exercise your shaft because it has no muscles.

But, the terminology creates wonderful mental images of working out your cock and watching it grow the way your biceps can. Sounds good. Right?

I think the whole Jelqing device scam got played out and unscrupulous marketers needed a new politically correct term to fool men into buying a new program to try to make their cocks bigger.

So, now we have “penis exercises”.

Jelqing Techniques Work
But Are Extremely Risky

Yes. There are actual “exercise” programs that are decent and that work.

They are just very slow and involve a lot of serious risk.

Men even use them to try to straighten a bent penis a little bit. And, they can be moderately effective for this too. If you have an enormous amount of patience.

Mostly these "exercises" give very disappointing results.

Jelqing techniques
cause a lot of serious penile damage.

Yes, serious damage.


Two reasons:

  1)  Men do them wrong.

 2)   Men get frustrated with the lack of results and start pulling too hard.

We are impatient. As a society.

We are taught to expect quick results. Am I right? If we don’t get fast results with jelqing techniques, we do them harder and harder.

That’s where men get into serious trouble.

What Are The Risks?

Your shaft can only take so much pulling.

If you pull it too hard and too long you can tear your shaft and burst blood vessels in it.

What does that mean?

First:  A serious possible tear. Possibly inside your shaft. One that could require medical attention.

Second:  The tip of your penis can turn purple from the broken blood vessels. Permanently.

jelqing techniques are dangerous

This means:

  • You can lose sensation in the tip of your penis.

  • You can become unable to orgasm.

  • You can become unable to get a decent erection.

  • You can become impotent if the damage is severe enough.

Still want to try using them?

Gentle Jelqing Techniques
Can Be Beneficial

Jelqing techniques done mildly, however, are actually a nice addition to a program of correct penis traction.

They can stimulate the blood flow after your traction and help speed your progress. As well as providing some soothing after a day of traction.

Which brings me to my next subject:

Jelqing Techniques
Correct Penis Traction

If you have been reading the articles on this site, you know how amazing correct traction can be.

Correct traction can be used to straighten a curved or even a severely bent penis.

And, correct traction can be used to enlarge a man’s shaft.
 Measurably and Permanently.

Correct traction is Safer than jelqing.

Correct traction can produce results about
400% faster.

What Is The Modern Penis Traction Device?
Who Invented It?

The modern penis traction device was invented back in 1994 by a penile surgery specialist named Dr. Jorn Ege Siana.

Here’s what it looks like:

jelqing techniques or correct penis traction

Originally Dr. Siana designed the device to keep a man’s shaft straight after a penile surgery.

Then he found he could straighten a bent penis with the device alone and NO surgery at all!

This was A MAJOR medical breakthrough for men who suffered from Peyronies Disease (a bent penis that develops later in life).

With continued use, he found his device could measurably and permanently enlarge a man’s shaft with new cellular growth that was permanent.

correct penis traction is safer and easier than using jelqing techniques

And, the device is super simple to use.

You wear it under your clothes as you go about your daily activities. It does all the work for you. And, no one even knows you have it on.

Correct Penis Traction

Medically Endorsed And Recommended

Yes. Correct traction is medically approved.

Jelqing techniques are not medically endorsed. And, they come with a huge potential risk for penile damage.

The fact is, whether you want to straighten a bent penis or you are interested in significant “Male Enhancement” (creating a permanently larger cock), correct traction is the only medically endorsed and recommended method that can safely do both.


Although there are devices available to jelq with, you can do the stretching by hand with no equipment of any kind.

With jelqing techniques you risk serious possible penile damage and sexual malfunction. This is because you are not limited to how hard and intensely you can pull your shaft.

Most men can not tell when they are pulling their cock too hard.
This is how they cause serious damage.

“ With correct penis traction, you have controlled pulling, over a much longer period of time. You avoid the the over pulling associated with jelqing techniques.

Correct traction is medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide.

Correct traction, has proven to be the Safest and Most Effective method for both penile straightening and for measurable permanent ‘male enhancement’. ”

Do yourself a huge favor, and stay away from jelqing techniques. They can cause you serious penile damage.

If you are serious about straightening your bending erections, or, adding measurable permanent size to your shaft, correct traction has been proven to be the Safest and Most Effective method.

Be Well.....

~ William

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