What Are
Benefits of Jelqing?

Are there any benefits of Jelqing?

Yes, there are. If you don’t mind the risks and have a lot of time to waste.

Why I Don’t Recommend

benefits of jelqing

If you’ve been reading the articles on this site, you know that I always advise staying away from jelqing. Even though the benefits of jelqing can be quite pleasing.

So why do I suggest not doing it?

Because this type of penile stretching can be, and too often turns out to be, dangerous for most men.

And, why is it dangerous?

Because after a rather short time most men will jelq too hard. This will cause serious penile injury. And, far too many men do hurt themselves and damage their penis. Often permanently.

Still, there are benefits of jelqing that you may desire.
So, I am going to show you how you can get all the benefits of jelqing without the serious risks.

Your Penis
More Delicate
Than It Seems To Be

I’ll get to the possible benefits of jelqing in a few moments.

“First, you have to know,
your penis is more delicate than it seems to be.”

Yes, I know, when it’s soft nothing other than catching it in your zipper really seems to hurt it.

And, when it is hard, it seems to be invulnerable. Invincible.  Right? Hard as rock. Solid as blue steel. The good wood.....

Which is why so many men wind up damaging their shaft in the worst ways when trying to get the benefits of jelqing. Those injuries and risks are just no longer necessary.

"The hazards highly outweigh
benefits of jelqing."

Here’s How
You Can Seriously Hurt Yourself

Before I go into the benefits of jelqing, I want you to see a partial list of the serious possible damage you can cause when you jelq too hard:

1)  Blood vessel breakage in the tip of your shaft (accompanied by nerve damage)

this causes:

  • Lack of sensation
  • Possible inability to orgasm
  • Erectile dysfunction

2)  Damage to your shaft:

this can cause:

  • A bent penis
  • Peyronies disease
  • A broken penis

You Can “Break” Your Penis

Most definitely. And, it’s serious. It’s considered a medical emergency.

No, your shaft doesn’t have any bones, even though it feels like it does.

But, that pump of blood that makes you so rock hard is the result of your erectile chambers filling with blood.

erectile chambers

When your erectile chambers are filled, they can not be stretched any more. That's why you feel "hard". If you try to bend the chambers when they are filled with blood, you can easily tear them. A severe tear is what is called a “broken penis”.

When you tear one of those chambers badly enough, you will need immediate surgery or you could lose your cock all together.

That’s right. If it is too severe and not treated in time, gangrene can set in and they’ll cut your bad boy right off you so that you don’t die. That's true.

Horrible!! Right?

Inability To Orgasm

Well, fortunately, that really terrible stuff is very rare. But, the blood vessel breakage that can turn the tip of your shaft purple (permanently), a common injury, can cause you to lose the ability to achieve an orgasm. That is not so uncommon.

dangers of jelqing

A tear from pulling too hard that results in a scar, can mean future Peyronies Disease (a severely bent erection) for many men later in life.

Do these sound like risks that are worth taking to get the possible benefits of jelqing?

Do You Think
This Won’t Happen To You?

I’m going to talk a little more about these possible consequences. Because when you start to jelq, it seems so harmless. We all feel like we are not the ones who will get into trouble.

So, how does all this damage happen?

We get anxious. Impatient. We want the benefits of jelqing. And, we want the benefits of jelqing as soon as possible.

When you jelq for a couple of months and see no real results,  you’re probably going to start pulling harder and harder.  As most men do. You get tired of wasting your time.

Hey, your cock is strong. It doesn’t hurt much. So everything must be OK. Right?


That’s where ALL the damage comes from when you jelq. Pulling too hard.

"Men usually don’t realize they’ve jelqed too hard
until the damage is done.”

So how can you do it right? How can we get the benefits of jelqing without the severe risks?

The Benefits of Jelqing

The benefits of jelqing come from long term, moderate, persistent, pulling. And, it’s a time consumer. At least 45 minutes a day for a year or more.

Yes. It’s not a quick fix. And, compared to correct traction, it is a complete waste of time and energy.

What are the benefits of jelqing?

You Can:

  • Straighten a bent penis
  • Correct Peyronies disease
  • Enlarge your cock permanently

That’s pretty impressive!

Yes, even though it is slow and fantastically boring, the benefits of jelqing safely are real and quite wonderful.

But, it’s a huge waste of time that comes with serious possible risks.

“If you choose to jelg,
penis straightening or enlarging

will take 400% - 500% more time and effort
simple correct penis traction.”

Penis Stretching
Has Been Around For Thousands Of Years

Both of these methods we’ve been talking about here operate on the same principle. Stretching your shaft daily.

Men have been doing this for thousands of years. Yes, really. Thousands.

In Africa and the mid-east, men used to sit for hours every day for months on end with stones suspended from the tip of their cock. They often didn't have much to do, or much entertainment. So, why not?

And, it worked. It's actually safer than when you jelq.

But, do you have the desire to spend five or six hours a day doing that? I certainly didn't. I don’t think anyone does anymore. Who would really want to do that these days?

Continuous Stretching
Is What Gives Ballet Dancers
Long Leg Extensions

By continually stretching the tissues of your shaft, you cause stretch and actual create real growth in your shaft.

It’s the same way professional ballet dancers and many other athletes get those beautiful long leg extensions. Dancers, ice skaters, runners.... all use this same principle of stretching.

This is how it works:

Long periods of sufficient stretching cause tiny tears between the cells in the tissues being stretched. You don’t feel these tear. You don’t see these tears. They don’t hurt and they don’t bleed.

However, these tiny tears have to heal.

When these little microscopic tears heal, they heal by forming new cells to reattach the ones that separated. Do this a few hundred times and you’ll see some new, measurable, permanent growth in your shaft.

Any systemized system of stretching can do this: the jelq, stones, weights, penile "exercises", correct traction.

In the case of a bent penis, you’ll see your shaft straightening during erection. That is because the shorter tissues lengthen first.

If you start with a normally straight shaft, you can get new, measurable, permanent length. And, some width!

It's a pretty amazing process!

What Are
Jelqing “Exercises”?

These are not really “exercises” because you have no muscles in your shaft. They are simply pulling and stretching “exercises” that you can do by hand or with a device. They give all the benefits of jelqing because they are essentially the exact same thing.

If you’ve never seen jelqing exercises, you can find them here.

What Are
The Benefits Of Jelqing?

OK. Here we are. Sorry to take so long answering the original question.

These are the possible benefits of jelqing:

  • Straighten a curved or bent penis
  • Enlarge your cock
  • Increase blood flow in your shaft

And, all these things are possible.

Jelqing requires at least 45 minutes of effort every day. Yes, every day. Not just once or twice a week.

If you’ve never tried it, it’s kind of fun at first. It might even turn you on.

After a week, it gets quite boring.

After a month, especially if you're not seeing the benefits of jelqing, it’s so mind numbingly boring that you just want to bang your head against the wall.

Very few men will continue for a year. And, many men will cause some serious damage to their cock before they get the benefits of jelqing because they got impatient and started pulling too hard.

If you have enough determination, and more than a year to invest in this, the benefits of jelqing may amaze you. If you are careful and don’t hurt yourself in the process.

Yes, it’s possible to straighten a bent penis most of the time.

And, yes, it’s possible to increase the size of your erections.

If you had nothing to do with your life, monotony never bothered you, and you had the patience to do this for 4, 5, or even six hours a day. You’d probably see some nice results in 6 months or so. Instead of a year or more.

But, 4 - 6 hours a day?... No way!

You Can Have
The Results
Four Times Faster

and you can have those results Safely!

With correct traction, you are giving your cock that 6 hours of stretch every day. Yep, all the benefits of jelqing 4-6 hours a day without all the mind numbing work. Or, the horrible risks.

Sound good?

It is.

With a small hidden device that you don’t even have to pay much attention to. You simply wear it while you go about your normal activities.

That’s right. You wear it under your clothing and no one but you knows that you’re using it.

You can get one of the very best medically endorsed devices in the world for under $300. And, it’s guaranteed* to work. That's how good they are.

* not all devices carry this guarantee
Is six months to a year of your time and effort worth only $300?.. NO.

benefits of jelqing and penis traction

“With a high quality traction device,

you will get all the benefits of jelqing

with none of the risks,

your results will come 400% faster.

penis traction or jelqing?

That’s right. 1/4 the time.


Because correct traction works for you all during the day while you go about your normal daily routine.

penis traction is discreet

You wear the device under your clothing and no one even knows you have it on.

It works for you hour after hour, day after day.

It takes about a minute to put the device on, and, about 15 seconds to take it off.

Nice, huh?


And, what I feel is the best part:  With correct traction, you have none of those horrible possible risks that you just read about above.

Please Let Me Warn You
About one Thing

Everything sounds really great so far. Right? And, from my experience it is really great. The positive benefits of jelqing are very real.

However, I have to warn you, or caution you, on one very important point:

There are a LOT of different penile traction devices out there. A lot.

You can find then ALL with a simple search on the web.

Here’s the problem you will face:  Unfortunately, they all look alike.

Yes. When you see the advertisements, the junk and dangerous garbage looks just as nice as the best units in the world.

penis traction vs jelqing

"Why are there so many brands?
And, why are some so poorly made?"

Good questions!

The reason is: These devices are sold primarily as "male enhancement" devices. That means they can make your cock bigger. They sell about 20 devices for "male enhancement" to 1 for penile straightening. And, that's also why the primary advertising goes in that direction.

A lot of young men are interested in this. So, some manufacturers try to make them as cheaply as possible just to get sales quickly. Sadly.

If you can spend $500, or $300, or $150, or $80, and they all look the same, which would you choose?

Well, if they all look alike, and you don't know there are definite differences, the $80 one! Right? Of course! You’re not stupid.

But, they are not all alike.

A couple are world class high quality medical grade devices. Some are OK. Some are total dangerous junk and a disaster waiting to happen.

The Results From
My Own Personal Research

By my last count, there are 23 different ones still available.

When I needed one of these, I researched them all. You can too if you want to spend about $3,000 buying them all.

Or, you can take a look at my experience and then make your own decision.

What I found was, there are, unfortunately, only two manufacturers that met all my own personal requirements for Safety and Effectiveness.

These companies are Quick Extender Pro and Pro Extender.

Both of these companies make the highest quality devices available.

You don’t need both. Click on those two links, read all about both of them, and then you decide what you think is best.

Why Do I Find These
Than The Rest?

What you see in the pictures of all the companies are some really great professional photos, videos, and advertising lay outs.

However, when you hold the devices in your hands... You can feel the differences almost immediately. Quality of materials. Quality of construction. Tension of the springs. Ease of movement.

Yes, they are all designed to do the same job.


What Are Some Of The Risks
Poorly Made Devices?

What if a cheap unit, made with inferior materials and workmanship, breaks while you’re wearing it and it punctures your shaft? Yep. Puts a nice (painful) hole right in your shaft.

What if that sends you to the nearest hospital emergency room to sew you up?

Or, what if the cheap unit strangles the tip of your shaft and bursts the blood vessels there? A (possibly permanent) purple tip on your shaft. Possible sensation loss. Possible inability to orgasm because of lack of sensation.... Wonderful. Right?

Was that worth the $100 you saved on buying a “great deal” instead of a quality product?

Of course not. But, that is a risk you take with inferior products.

You Have Only One Penis
Don’t Ruin It!

By now you know you want the benefits of jelqing. Hopefully you now realize correct traction can give all the benefits of jelqing Safely and much more Quickly.

Do yourself a BIG favor, spend a few extra dollars, and buy only a high quality device. You will never regret it.

We all want the benefits of jelqing. Fortunately, we no longer need to take all the terrible risk to get those benefits. And, now you know you can get results 4X faster with a simple, medically approve high quality traction device.

don’t risk ruining your one and only cock with jelqing
or a poorly made traction device.

The devices I found best are both:

  • Guaranteed to work or your money back

  • Made with medical grade materials

  • Medically endorsed and recommended

  • Rated as Class 1 medical devices

Yes. Medically endorsed and recommended. Jelqing is not.

The Fastest Safest Results Possible

Yes, the benefits of jelqing can be very satisfying. But, the method comes with some very serious risks. And, it takes so darn long to accomplish your goal.

You can avoid those risks and get the positive benefits of jelqing 4X faster with medically endorsed and recommended traction.

Want the benefits of jelqing? Sure! Go get them! Just do yourself a favor. Forget about the jelq as your method to those results.

REMEMBER:  A high quality penile traction device has been proven to be the Safest, Fastest, and Most Effective way to straighten a bent penis or add some permanent size to your cock.

I hope this helps you.

benefits of jelqing for middle age men
benefits of jelqing for younger men
benefits of jelqing for older men
the benefits of jelqing

Be Well.....

~ William

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