What Causes
Peyronies Disease?

It Is Very Easy to Understand

what causes peyronie's disease?

Most men don't really understand what causes Peyronies Disease. I mean what REALLY causes their erection to bend.

I don't mean the scar or plaque. I mean, what is responsible for the formation of the scar or the plaque forming the way it does? That is what actually causes the problem.

And, very unfortunately, until you understand what causes Peyronies Disease bending, you are risk of getting it over and over again.

Peyronies is not a "disease"

it's just a simple,
thought personally horrifying, condition

that is easy to correct
99.99% of the time

Peyronies is not actually a disease.

Peyronies "disease" is simply a condition: Internal scars and/or fibrous plaque formations that don't stretch enough and cause your erection to bend.

Scars and plaque formations are not diseases.

So what caused the heavy, thick, stiff, often fibrous scars? Genetics or malnutrition is what causes Peyronies disease.

I Want You to Understand
What is Actually Happening

Simple scar tissue and/or plaque were discovered to be what causes Peyronies disease bending.

Super simple!

Francois de le Peyronie, the man who discovered what causes peyronies disease

This was discovered by a man named Francois de la Peyronie in 1743. So, the condition was named after him.

Unfortunately, back then, they named almost everything a "disease" and this unfortunate incorrect name remained. It's not a disease. But, the name "disease" scares almost everyone of us who gets this bending.

So, RELAX! You're in for a wonderful surprise!

Most professionals like to say "What causes Peyronies disease is really uncertain." That's a lot of nonsense. Don't believe it.

What causes Peyronies disease is very clear and definite. And, you can get rid of that cause, and the possible future severe bending, once and for all!

This is What is
Causing the Problem

what causes peyronies disease is simple scar and/or plaque deposits inside your penis

The thick heavy scars and fibrous plaque are not actually a "disease". They are scars and plaque. That's all!

They are the cause of the bending, yes. But, they are not actually what causes Peyronies Disease. The heavy thick scars and fibrous plaque are really just symptoms of the actual cause.

If you don't eliminate what causes Peyronies Disease, you can get the same condition or "disease" over and over again.

NOTE: Even if you eliminate what causes Peyronies disease, if you already have scar tissue causing your erection to bend, you still will most likely have to correct the current bent penis condition manually.

Once the scars form, they (more often than not) need to be manually stretched out in order to have a straight erection again.

There are Only Two
Underlying Causes

The First Cause is Genetic:

Genetically, some of us will have our scars harden as we enter mid life.


Ask God. Truly. We don't know. My guess is probably because tougher harder scars protect us better. It was a genetic survival mechanism. They are stronger. Unfortunately, they can also cause erectile problems (bending).

The Second Cause is Entirely Nutritional:

If you don't get certain nutrients, your tissues are more prone to hardening.

Either way,

you can still straighten you cock 99.99% of the time,

Safely and Easily,

without a risky surgery, injections, or drugs.

If You Currently Have
Peyronies Disease

If a severely bent penis is currently causing you distress, I'm sure your first concern is how to straighten it out. Right?

You can relax on that one. It's not as scary or as difficult as you may think. It's actually very easy to fix a bent penis 99.999% of the time!

After that, you will want to learn what causes Peyronies disease bending so you can avoid having it happen again.

Your Cock Started Bending in Mid-Life

Your personal healing abilities are what caused your internal penile scars to harden. That is what made your penis start bending when you get erections.

Also, as we age, our bodies change in their abilities to heal. And scars often thicken and form plaque years later.

This is why the condition may show up many years, even more than 20 years, after the actual trauma and original soft scar formed.

That is why many often say the condition is a "mystery". It is no mystery at all.

Often the injury or internal damage that cause the scarring is not ever really felt or noticed. That is why is seems to have "unknown" causes. But there is ALWAYS a cause. And, what causes Peyronies disease is virtually always some type of trauma (injury).

Now, when you get this internal trauma (from rough sex, tight clothes, rough masturbation, impact, etc...), your Mother Nature wants to take good care of you.

She wants to mend the damage and make the mend (with a strong scar) stronger than the original tissue so that you will not break in the same spot again. Make sense?

Your Mother Nature always makes scar tissue stronger than the original tissue. She tries to keep that area from being broken again. So, she makes it stronger than normal.

Anywhere else on your body, this may be an advantage. It's a disaster for erections!

If You Have
Nutritional Deficiencies

If Mother Nature doesn't have the right materials (nutrients) to make a normal strong thin supple scar, she will use whatever is available and make the scar thicker and harder and fibrous, so that it will have the same strength as a normal scar would.

So you want to make sure you body has all of the ingredients it needs for proper healing. If you do that, your dear Mother can do a proper mending (scar).

Normally, a small internal scar will not cause any problem. And about 40% of men whose penises do bend, will see them straighten out all by themselves in about 18 - 24 months. This is the normal scar tissue cycle.

But, for the other 60%, the scar tissue does not progress normally because it is abnormally formed. Or, because it is just too big. It stays thick and hard and the erections remain bent.

Some Simple
Nutritional Prevention

What causes Peyronies Disease is simply genetics, or, malnutrition.

Malnutrition does not always mean you are living in some 3rd world country trying to survive on maggots and snails. It simply means some nutrients are missing from the food you are eating.

When your body is optimally nourished, weak blood vessels will become strong and supple. Bruising and internal scarring will decrease dramatically. Scars that do form will be thinner, stronger and more flexible.

what causes peyronies disease can be malnutrition

As far as overall nutrition, a primitive diet is always best. It doesn't matter which author or movie star says their "diet" is better. The primitive diet is what our bodies were developed on, in perfect health, over millions of years.

The primitive diet is the one Mother Nature gave us. We only started screwing that up about 10,000 ago when agriculture and grain harvesting and sugar eating began.

That coincidentally is where all degenerative diseases are originally traced back to.

What Causes Peyronies Disease
Also Causes Many Other Serious Diseases

What causes Peyronies disease is also what causes most of our other chronic diseases like cancer, arthritis, etc... All these diseases were non existent in human remains discovered before grain and sugar eating became a regular practice. Interesting, isn't it?

The more we screw with our natural diet, the sicker we become.

And today, because of modern agricultural practices, and food animal raising practices, even some of our correct and best foods have become deficient in certain nutrients. Namely, Omega 3 fats and Vitamin E.

These nutrients are vital to forming proper scar tissue.

So, we now require some food supplements to achieve optimum health and healing abilities.

OK. That's my small sermon for today!

Let's get back to what you came here to learn:

Getting Your Erections Straightened
Safely and Easily

So now that know what causes Peyronies disease, you know how you can greatly reduce your risk of ever getting it again.

And if you currently have this condition, you know you don't have a "disease". Just a condition caused by some scarring and/or plaque formation.

Straightening a curved or bent penis is really a simple easy process.

Correct penis traction has been clinically proven to be the safest, most effective, and best way to straighten a curved penis 99.999% of the time. Even a severely bent one!

What causes Peyronies disease is simply genetics and/or years of inadequate nutrition.

You're most likely going to have to straighten your cock out manually.

But, after you do, getting proper nutrition today, and for the rest of your life, can help keep you from ever getting this problem again!

peyronies disease is easy to fix
successful peyronies disease straightening
learning what causes peyronies disease

Be Well.....

~ William

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