What Is Your Tunica Albuginea?

And What Does It Do?

What exactly is the Tunica Albuginea and what does it do?

Just the name makes your head spin! But that's what medical terminology is all about. You're not supposed to understand medical words.

On this website I try to make it easy to understand everything so that you can make sane decisions.

This is the bent penis website. And it is my intention to educate you in what is really happening with penile curvature so that you will know how to handle it safely, effectively, and without worry or complication.

let's take a look
see what it is

Your Tunica Albuginea is simply the balloon-like covering of the chambers inside your shaft that fill with blood and give you an erection.

The term comes from the Latin "tunica" (covering or coat) + "albuginea" (white) = a covering that is white.

tunica albuginea and erection

It is this tough thin tissue that makes it possible for your cock to get hard and straight.

It is the external envelope surrounding the corpus cavernosum. (the chambers that fill with blood to give you an erection). It is formed partly of muscular fibers. You also have a Tunica Albuginea over each of your testicles and also one over your urethra.

In the simplest normal persons way of speaking, it is a very tough tissue that encloses another body part to give it strength.

This tissue is a very thin but tough piece of tissue. And it fits over a weaker more fragile body part, gland, or organ very much like the skin on a sausage. It holds everything together.

When you have
bent penis

If you have Peyronies Disease, you have a scar that is causing your erections to bend.

Most often that scar is on this tough layer of tissue or your corpus cavernosum. The scar is usually cause by a trauma (injury) to your shaft. Almost always when it is erect. Often, because of your current physical condition, you don't even realize the trauma when it occurs.

The injury often happens when you are younger. Even 20 or 30 years before the scar thickening and penile bending begins. That is why Peyronies Disease is often called a "mystery".

"There is no mystery to Peyronies 'Disease'."

The development of heavy reinforcement of scar tissue later in life is usually genetic. This affects about 5% of us men.

However, when your body does not have the correct building materials (nutrients), even the smallest injury can cause heavy scarring.

Wherever this scar is, the remedy is simple and easy 99.99% of the time.

peyronies disease

Peyronies Disease is not actually a disease, but rather a condition.

"The normal 3-dimensional structure of the tunica affords great flexibility, rigidity and tissue strength to the penis, which are lost consequent to structural changes in Peyronie's disease."
ref: Brock G, Hsu GL, Nunes L, von Heyden B, Lue TF. www.pubmed.govt

The reason most men suffer from structural changes in Peyronies Disease is a lifetime of nutritional deficiency. Especially a deficiency in the necessary fats that will enable tissue to grow and heal properly.

The human body is a magnificently self healing mechanism. It will heal perfectly when it has a normal internal environment. When it does not, all kinds of mutation occur including cancer, arthritis, and conditions like Peyronies Disease.

broken penis
is almost always tear in your
tunica albuginea

broken penis, fractured penis, tunica albuginea

If you have a broken penis, the injury is almost always first in the Tunica Albuginea. It can also be in the corpus cavernosum, corpus spongium.

But the Tunica Albuginea surrounding the corpus cavernosum is the first place to break.

The reason is: This tissue is already stretched to it's maximum during erection. If you forceably bend your erection, it has no more flexibility or stretchability. So it will tear (or "break") it.

This hurts like hell! The intense pain is your first clue as to what just happened.

A penile fracture (broken penis)  is a medical emergency
you should get to a medical emergency room as soon as possible."

There are a few methods used to fix a penile fracture. They all require medical attention. Immediate medical attention. I can not stress that enough.

  OK. So, that is what your Tunica Albuginea is! And that is what it does.

Be Well.....

~ William

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