How do You
Broken Penis?

fix a broken penis

Can you fix a broken penis? Normally, yes.

A broken penis is a MEDICAL EMERGENCY.

Get yourself to an emergency immediately.

Yes, it is a Medical Emergency.

A broken penis normally hurts like hell! And it can look frightening!

You'll be willing to do most anything to stop the pain and straighten it out again. But be cautious on what method you choose.

The Good News is: It's normally pretty easy to fix a broken penis. Also called a fractured penis. It may require surgery. Or, it may just require some simple penis traction.But, you'll need an immediate medical diagnosis to make sure you are safe.

There are two basic types of surgery used to repair or fix a broken penis.

The most common is done with a procedure that is called "degloving".

fix a broken penis

Degloving is VERY invasive surgery. The recuperation period is long. And there is a great risk of serious side effects.

fix a broken penis with degloving

Basically, in degloving, the outer skin of the shaft is cut all the way around just below the tip.

Then the outer skin is slid down and off the entire length of the shaft.

It is much like pulling a glove off of your hand. In this case, your actual skin is the "glove".

With degloving, a surgeon can see everything inside the shaft. Then he can decide on what needs to be repaired.

Side Effects

With degloving there is a huge risk of possible serious side effects. These side effects include but are not limited to:

  • Impotence
  • Inability to obtain maintain an erection
  • Loss of sensation
  • Infection

You will also encounter the risks associated with general anesthesia (which include possible death).

With all of this, you will have a 3-5 day hospital stay, a drain tube coming out of your penis, and usually a catheter.

Then you will be given some post operative anti-erection drugs (usually diazepam or estrogen) so you don't accidentally get an erection and tear the whole thing open.

Degloving is a very serious operation! But, commonly used to fix a broken penis.

Degloving Is Used

Degloving should ONLY be done when the broken penis is severe and internal bleeding is health threatening.

The shaft will be very swollen at this time. The only way to locate the actual injury is with degloving and/or corpus cavernosography or ultrasound (Two very expensive types of medical picture taking).

There Is Simpler
Much Safer Surgery

But, if your physician says it is safe for you to wait a week to 12 days before surgery, there is a far less damaging surgery to fix a broken penis.

Delaying the surgery for 7-12 days allows the swelling of the broken penis to go away. This makes it easy to identify location of the tear(s) and repair it.

Once the swelling has gone, the tear can usually be felt just by running a finger over the bent area. It usually appears as a small lump. This lump is usually just clotted blood.

This method has be extremely accurate in discovering the location of the wound.

However, waiting is not always possible. It depends on the extent of the injury.

broken penis surgery

Then (instead of completely peeling the skin off of the penis), only a small 2 cm incision is made directly over the lump.

The clot is removed. The tear inside is sewn up. And then the incision is closed.

The entire operation usually takes only 10-15 minutes and is done under local anesthesia. The patient normally returns home the same day.

Using this method to fix a broken penis, there are usually none of the side effects that can accompany the degloving technique.

Saving Your Penis
Your Sex Life

Surgeons like to operate. That is what they do. They will always want to operate. Immediately.

This has caused countless men a destroyed or compromised sex life.

So when you have to fix a broken penis it is very important to discuss the option of waiting with your physician and surgeon. If there is no threat to your health, you will probably be better off waiting for the swelling to subside.

You don't want to risk your health or even your life by letting a severe injury go without a medical diagnosis. But, as intense as the initial pain may be, you may not even require surgery at all. So proceed with caution. And definitely see a doctor!

Will Your Penis Be
Permanently Bent?

After a penile fracture, even after surgery has been performed, a man may develop a bent or curved penis. The bend may take months or even a year or more to develop.

The bend or curve that develops is due to scarring (and sometimes plaque formation) that comes from the fracture or the surgery.

At that point you will be very disheartened or upset.

But a bent penis is very easy to remedy. If you know how. And it does not require surgery 99.99% of the time. A high quality penis traction device can straighten almost any bent penis (even the grotesquely bent ones) safely and easily.

Don't Worry

If you think you have broken your penis, go see your Urologist. You may or may not have.

If you have a broken penis it may hurt like hell and look horrible. But, don't despair.

Your broken penis can be fixed. The bend can be straightened. And, after you fix a broken penis you can have a normal healthy sex life again!

Be Well.....

~ William

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