Is It Really A Disease?

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Peyronies Disease is the official name. And, that name is where all the real problems seem to begin.

It may be horrifyingly ugly. It may be painful. But, it is actually just a simple condition caused by some internal scar tissue that creates an erectile problem. But, is it a "disease"? No.

And, the good news is:  A bent penis caused by Peyronies is very easy to fix 99.999% of the time!

Peyronies is a CONDITION
a "Disease"

First you must understand, not everything that was named "disease" is actually a disease. Some things are just physical conditions.

This particular condition has been around for a long time. It is simply some scar tissue and maybe some fibrous plaque inside the penis that makes a man's penis bend "mysteriously".

In Reality:  There is really no mystery to it at all.

It Makes Your Penis Bend

Scar tissue and fibrous plaque do not stretch as much as regular tissue. Anywhere else on you body, you would probably never notice the exact same scar.

But, when you get an erection, your penis may expand to 3 - 5 times it's flaccid (limp) size. The scar isn't stretching enough. So, your penis bends in the direction of the scar(s).

That's all there is to it!

If this scarring wasn't capable of causing a severe bend (a full right angle can occur) and pain, it probably wouldn't cause much concern and probably never would have been labeled as a "disease".

This Simple (though personally horrifying) Condition
Was Falsely Named:

a "Disease"

I know. It look pretty darn horrible. And, it possibly hurts terribly when you try to get an erection. Right?

But, a lot of other things do too. And, many of them are not serious either.

It's just that this is your penis and the whole situation is terrifying, humiliating, and embarrassing. Not to mention enormously depressing. Right?

As you learned, this bending is not really a disease at all. It is just a condition caused by scar and/or plaque formation.

And, it's very easy to fix! When you know how.

peyronies disease is caused by internal scar tissue and/or plaque deposits

This non-disease was named after the man who finally discovered why there were so many penises "mysteriously" bending. He is the one that discovered the scar tissue factor.

peyronies, the non-disease named after Francois De La PeyronieFrancois de la Peyronie

This man's name was Francois de la Peyronie.

He announced his discovery in 1743.

Back in 1743, "modern medicine", as we know it, was just beginning to get organized. Everything was just beginning to be categorized, named, and labeled.

And everything that went into the books was pretty much called a "disease".

So when M. de la Peyronie found out what was making so many penises bend and curve, those in medical power decided to honor him by naming the condition after him.

I imagine the scenario went something like this:

"OK. OK. Old de la Peyronie found this one out. Just some scar tissue. Humph! No disease at all! What do you make of that? Now I suppose he thinks he's a big deal!

Well, OK. Let's acknowledge him properly or we'll never hear the end of it. But how??? Ah, yes, of course. Name the damned condition after him.

But what to call it? Hmmmmm... "de la Peyronies Condition?.. Peyronies Bending Penis?"... Hmmm, maybe: "Peyronies Affliction?"..... No. No. No. It might sound like the poor chap is afflicted himself! Hmmmmm.....

Ah! We will let it be his "Disease". Good! A new disease for the books! "de la Peyronies' Disease". Magnificent! That's it! Excellent! Very good! Yes! So, it will now be up to him to find the "cure"! HA HA HA! Good! Now we can move on to other things....."

A Scar Is A Scar Is A Scar

a Scar is NOT a "Disease"

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet."
- William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet.

Not exactly an ideal comparison... But, you get the point:

A rose is a rose is a rose. Doesn't matter what else you may call it. It's still a rose.

And: A scar is a scar is a scar. Doesn't matter what else you may call it. It is still just a scar.

Some scars are bigger and some are smaller. Some are thicker some are thinner, Some are harder some are softer... They're all just scar tissue! And that's all they are.

One may be on your arm. One on your stomach. One on your face. One on your foot. One in (or on) your penis (Peyronies)..... They're all still just scars. Nothing else.

Scars are not a "disease".

Fixing a Bent Penis
Safely and Easily

Now that you know what the bending actually is and what it is caused by, it's time to learn (if you don't already know) what scar tissue is and why it develops and sometimes changes once it is formed.

When you understand that, you will understand why your penis bent the way it did. And, why the bending increased over time. You'll also understand why it was not a "disease" getting worse.

You will then be able to make the best decision on how to correct the condition.

And you will understand why simple, safe, correct penis traction is the preferred medically approved method used to fix a bent penis. And you will understand why surgery, injections, and drugs are not nearly as effective as correct penis traction.

Peyronies is not nearly as scary as it it seems.

It is actually very easy to fix a bent penis 99.999% of the time!

Be Well.....

~ William

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