When Peyronies Disease Returns

peyronies disease returns again

What the Heck Happened??

"My Peyronies Disease is coming back! I thought it wasn't a disease. I straightened my bent penis out. But, now it's bending again!"

Occasionally I get a message like this. And find a man in panic.

It is nothing to be alarmed about. And the answer for it is quite simple.

And, no, it is not a "disease". It is a condition. Like a broken bone, or a bruise. It's a scarring problem. And, that is all.

When a Peyronies Disease condition happens again it can be very disheartening. The first time was mental trauma enough! You spent months straightening it, and just when you thought you were all fixed up, you notice your erections bending again.

"It can be deeply disturbing.
Especially if you don't know what is actually happening."

Is Your Scar
Still Shrinking?

One of two things is happening:

1)  The more obvious is that your cock suffered another trauma (injury). That new trauma (injury) could even have been your previous peyronies treatment: Surgery, or a needle procedure that produced new scars.

You never improved your diet. Your cellular connective strength and healing powers are still sub normal. So, your new scars are thickening and becoming hard just like before.

But, don't be worried. 99.99% of the time, you can straighten it out again with traction.

2) Your scar tissue is still shrinking and your erection is bending a bit more. This is what usually causes a slight (and much less severe) second bend.

Again, 99.99% of the time, correct traction will straighten you out again.

Let's Take A Look
At The Process

#1 is obvious. If your body has not improved it's healing powers, every time your dick suffers a trauma, you can expect to get Peyronies again. And you will.

But, in situation #2 all that is happening is that you scar tissue has continued to shrink over time. This can go on slowly for years. It doesn't happen for everyone. Most shafts stay nice and straight after the original straightening.

Some will curve again 1, 2, or 3 years down the road.

Just Like
A "Face Lift"

The natural progression of a scar is shrinkage. The bigger and thicker the scar the more it can shrink. And the more curvature it can cause as time goes by.

The original scar was a patch job by your body. Your body is now continuing it's work.

This shrinkage process is very well known in the field of plastic surgery. In fact, people and cosmetic surgeons count on it to get a better tighter face lift.

When a person is given a "face lift", it is very common for the lift to look better 5 years down the line than it did after it first healed up.

The reason for this is the scars continued to shrink and pulled the skin on the face a little tighter.

with Peyronies
The Same Thing Happens in Your Shaft

This same scar shrinkage may happen to the bent penis you got from Peyronies Disease.

After you successfully straightened your cock, the scars that caused the original bend may continue to shrink over the next few years. (If you chose to straighten your dick surgically, the new scars may be shrinking also.)

If this is the case, you will notice that the new bend or curve is not nearly as big as the original bend. But, it may be significant enough to be disturbing or upsetting.

You Don't Have to Worry!

If you used correct traction to straighten your original Peyronies bend, you can do the same thing with the new bend caused by the scar(s) shrinkage.

As I said, you will notice the new bend is usually much milder than the original bend.

And, the traction you used to straighten the original bend will work equally well on the new more minor bend. And, this new bend will straighten much faster and much more easily.

Be Well.....

~ William

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