Peyronies Disease
Other Symptoms

peyronies disease symptoms

peyronies disease

Is it peyronies disease?

Sometimes when a man has Peyronies Disease symptoms, other symptoms are present which indicate other things are going on besides, or instead of, a Peyronies condition.

Peyronies symptoms are very specific.

Other symptoms are often mistaken as part of the condition. But, they indicate that something else may be going on as well or instead of Peyronies Disease.

If you have any of the symptoms listed below, or develop any, you should have them checked by your Urologist.

Is It Something Else?

The questions below may give you a very general look at other some other possible issues that may be related to or are causing some of the problems you are having with your penis.

Or, there may be no connection at all. Only your doctor can tell you for sure.

1) Is there any open sores or lesions anywhere on your penis? Or anywhere else on your genital area, your pelvis, your groin or your lower abdomen?

2) Is there any pus, blood, or unusual fluid coming out of your penis?

3) In the area of your penis or groin, do you have any abnormality or discoloration that was not there before the bending developed?

4) Are you experiencing any discomfort or pain anywhere else in your lower abdomen, groin or pelvis that started about the same time as the pain in your penis?

5) Are any of these pains or discomforts more intense or more frequent than the pain you experience in your penis?

6) Are you experiencing a loss of energy or more fatigue?

7) Have you noticed an unusual loss of appetite?

8) Have you had any unusual weight loss recently that was not caused by dieting or exercise?

9) Have you Been diagnosed with an STD (sexually transmitted disease)?

10) Have you had any sexual activity that may have exposed you to an STD

11) Does your family have a history of cancer?

12) Have you ever been diagnosed with any type of cancer?

did you answer "Yes"
to any of the above questions?

If you gave a "yes" answer to any of the questions above, it opens the possibility that you may have other things going on in addition to, or instead of, Peyronies Disease.

Answering yes to one or more of these questions only means that you should talk to your doctor about it. That way he will be fully informed.

For your own health, safety and peace of mind, it is always good to find out what is actually going on.

Peyronies Disease, by itself, is almost always a very simple condition to fix. Other conditions may require other special attention.

Be Well.....

~ William

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