Penis Lengthening Surgery
Give You
A Bigger Erection?

Penis lengthening surgery can be effective for giving you a longer flaccid (limp) cock.

But, during erection, your cock will be no longer than it was before the surgery.

And after surgery, your cock will no longer point upward. Instead it will be loose at the base, stick straight out or point downward, and be much more susceptible to injury and penis fracture.

Can Penis Lengthening Surgery Do?

This is a surgical procedure that releases (cuts) the suspensory ligaments that attach the shaft to the under surface of the pubic bone.

penis lengthening surgery, suspensory ligament

When these ligaments are cut, the portion of the shaft that is normally inside of the body is released and moves outward.

The cock then appears longer when it is limp. As much as 1 1/2 inches.

HOWEVER, almost all of this internal portion of your shaft extends out when you get an erection. So after penis lengthening surgery, your erection will not be much longer. Usually no more than 1/4 inch (that's correct, only one quarter of an inch!).

In every study no shaft ever attained more than 1/2 inch in erectile length gain after penis lengthening surgery.

"I've Seen
Some Real Disasters."

Your cock is a very sensitive and delicate organ. That’s what makes it so fantastic! And penis lengthening surgery is a risky procedure.

In a Europen Urology study on penis lengthening surgery, Dr. O'Leary (a famous European penis plastic surgeon) states: “I’ve seen some real disasters".

He goes on to describe times he has repaired the damage caused by this type of augmentation when it has gone wrong. Complications including scarring, infections, loss of a normal erection angle, decrease in sensation, and impotence.

Occasionally, he found penis lengthening surgery actually made the shaft shorter. This happens when the scar tissue reconnects the shaft to the pelvis and pulls more of the shaft into the body.

What Are The Risks
Penis Lengthening Surgery?

There are a large number of risks associated with this surgery.

These risks include and are not limited to:

  • Erectile dysfunction (difficulty with erection).
  • Nerve injury resulting in decrease of penile sensation.
  • Loss of erect upward angle of the erection. li>
  • Scarring causing a shorter shaft and/or a now curved erection
  • Keloid scars (a thick scar). - The number one cause of Peyronies disease: a bent penis
  • Fibrosis of superficial vein. - May lead to Pyronies Disease: a bent penis
  • Infection.
  • Ecchymosis (bruising).
  • Skin incision separation.
  • Loss of some penile skin.
  • Bleeding.
  • Seroma (collection of serum fluid under skin).

* Some of these complications may require further surgery.

Penis Psychosis

Even though the average erection is 4 - 6 inches long, the corresponding flaccid or limp shaft may range from only 1 inch to almost 5 inches.

Some men don't care about a longer erection, they just want to look good at the gym or in front of their partner.

These men too often risk all the side effects and possible complications of this penile surgery just so that they can feel "more masculine" in front of others.

Undergoing surgery for this reason is not really sane. It is clinically called: penile psychosis. And, it's a lot more common than you may think!

Men with a normal size cock, who insist they are too small, have the honor of having earned the psychiatric diagnosis of: penile dysmorphic disorder.

These men would undoubtedly benefit from seeing a psychologist instead of a surgeon.

I'm not being rude with that comment. If these men felt comfortable knowing they were perfectly normal, they would not risk the health or function of their penis with an unnecessary penis lengthening surgery.

Fat Men
Seem to Have Shorter Cocks

A lot of the men who legitimately think their cock is below average are considerably overweight. Their cocks are normal. But, their cocks look shorter because they are buried in fat.

Being well overweight can also make a man's normal size look proportionally smaller than the rest of him.

If you are fat, slimming down can help your cock look bigger and longer. Dropping 35lbs or more, and adding a little abdominal exercise, will reduce the fat pads in the pubic area considerably. This can make a man's shaft look much larger!

What is
The Cost?

This type of penile surgery is also expensive.

The costs include:

  • 1) Surgeon's fee

  • 2) Assistant's fee

  • 3) Anesthesia fee

  • 4) Operating room and recovery room

  • 5) Related surgical supplies

  • 6) Followup care

A lot of stuff!

You will be looking at between $8,000 - $17,000 in costs.

When is
Penis Lengthening Surgery

There are only two conditions where this special surgery may be appropriate.

When a man has a:

  • Buried penis
  • Retracted penis (similar to, but less severe than a buried penis)

These are congenital defects (birth defects that are present at birth, but, not necessarily hereditary) that can make a man very self conscious and uncomfortable being naked in front of his partner or in a locker room type situation.

In boys and young men, a retracted or buried cock can cause serious ridicule from his peers. It can result in severe mental trauma and emotional dysfunction.

There is nothing wrong with taking the necessary cosmetic surgical actions to correct this problem and give a young man the sense of "feeling normal".

penis lengthening surgery - buried penisburied penis

penis lengthening surgery - buried penis released, ligament cutburied penis
the ligaments are cut

If you have a retracted or buried cock, this surgery may be your only cosmetic option. And the reward may outweigh the consequences.

Outside of this, there is just no sane reason to risk this specialized surgical procedure.

Creating A Longer Erection

If you are trying to lengthen an erection, lengthening surgery is not the answer! This surgery should really be called "flaccid (limp) dick lengthening surgery".

For lengthening an erection, correct traction has been clinically proven to be the Best and Safest Method. (Not to mention a very inexpensive method also.)

All the cost, misery, and erectile misalignment from penis lengthening surgery has never added more than 1/2" to any penis when erect. Usually far less. It's a misuse of the surgery and a totally wrong answer for a longer erection.

This surgery was never designed as a method for increasing erectile length. It was designed for those who suffer from penile retraction (when the shaft is pulled inside of the body).

And although there are a number of surgeries available for widening a cock, there is in fact NO surgery available for effectively lengthening an erection.

"Correct traction is now medically recommended and endorsed in 29 countries world wide for both lengthening a cock, widening a cock, and straightening a bent or a curved penis."

The Advantages of
Correct Penile Traction

Correct penile traction:

  • Can add up to 1 1/2 inches in length to an erection
  • Has none of the possible side effects of penis lengthening surgery


1)  Penis lengthening surgery has a distinct purpose: The surgery can release a retracted or buried shaft so that it will look normal when it is flaccid (limp). But, this surgery has definite consequences and many post operative risks.

2)  Penis lengthening surgery is NOT something that will make an erection noticeably longer. It is not possible to lengthen an erection with surgery.

3)  Correct traction, on the other hand, has been clinically proven over and over again to be the best, safest , and most effective method for attaining a longer and wider erection.

4)  Correct traction is medically approved and currently recommended in 29 countries around the world for this purpose!

Be Well.....

~ William

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