Do You have a fractured penis?

fractured penis

Is there such a thing as a fractured penis? We usually think of the word "fracture" when we hear about a broken bone.

Even though we often called our erections "Boners" as kids, there are no bones in our cocks. But you can break it!

How does it happen?

First I'm going to explain exactly what makes an erection happen. The reason for the whole explanation is that I want you to be able to easily understand how you broke it.

This will help you see why it is normally easy to fix a fractured penis.

OK, when you get sexually aroused, a certain specific enzyme (Guanylate cyclase) is released into your blood stream. This can also be made to happen artificially by such drugs as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, etc...

This enzyme causes the smooth muscles lining the arteries in your shaft to relax. This relaxation makes the blood to flow into your shaft and become "hard".

At the same time, this enzyme causes the veins of the shaft to constrict (close up like a valve). Therefore, blood gets in much more easily then it can come out. So it blows up like a balloon.

a fractured penis occurs on the inside chambers

When your cock gets hard there are actually 3 chambers inside the penis (2 corpus cavernosum and 1 corpus spongiosum ) filling up with blood.

These chambers can hold 10 times as much blood when your shaft is erect as opposed to when it is soft and limp.

After you orgasm, or when you are no longer aroused, the veins and arteries return to normal and the blood flow returns to normal.

The painful "snap"!

Now, surrounding these cavernosum chambers you have a very strong covering called the tunica albuginea. This is the part the usually breaks first.

When your cock is limp, this tunica albuginea is thick and soft.

But, when you get an erection and the corpus cavernosum chambers are filled with blood, the tunica albuginea is stretched very thin and tight. This is what gives the erection strength and rigidity. It is what makes your shaft feel hard like a bone.

However, when your cock is erect the tunica albuginea is stretched very close to it's maximum. Just like a rubber band. Ever notice you can only stretch a rubber band so far? Then it stops stretching.

And what happens if you pull that rubber band harder? It snaps and breaks! Right?

So does the tunica albuginea inside your cock. That was the snap you heard. And, that is  a fractured penis.

What Causes a fractured penis?

This ONLY happens when you have erections. Never to a limp or soft cock.

The cause is simply too much bending pressure on an erection. You'll never break it just because you're so hard you feel like you'll explode!

And, it only happens when you bend an erection.

A fractured penis can happen during rough sex. When you are trying some unusual positions that place too much bending pressure on your erection.

You can even fracture your penis in missionary position! If you suddenly pull out, thrust too hard, and miss the vaginal opening, you can bend your erection and break it inside.

A penile fracture also commonly happens when your partner is on top, comes down hard on your shaft but misses.

It can also happen during rough masturbation. Or, from unconscious manipulation during a nocturnal erection (rolling over on your erection while you are sleeping).

Your erection was designed for nice straight smooth movements inside a woman's vagina. That's all. No bending. When you bend it too hard, you can break it. It's that simple!

Is Your Penis Broken?

How do you know if you broke it? It's easy to tell.

Symptoms of a fractured penis include:

  • Sudden intense pain
  • A bent penis
  •   Your cock (and sometime surrounding areas) turns purple shortly after you feel the snap

Is It An Emergency?


A fractured penis can be a serious emergency. Or, it may be not so serious enough to require medical treatment .

It all depends on how bad the tear in the tissue(s) are. You can tear other things in your shaft if the bend is severe enough.

Besides the tunica albuginea (chamber covering) being torn, you may also have torn the corpus cavernosum (chambers) and/or the urethra (the tube you urinate through).

If you tore the urethra you may see blood come out of the tip of your cock.

If you are in pain, your skin is discoloring, and/or you are bleeding from the tip of your cock, you can be sure you are in need of some prompt medical attention. A visit to the Hospital Emergency room would be wise.

If, on the other hand, you have very little in the way of fractured penis symptoms (other than some tenderness) you might not be in need of any serious medical treatment.

But, a prompt trip to the emergency room or your urologist is always a good and smart idea.

Be Well.....

~ William

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