Is Penis Curvature
Something to Worry About?

is penis curvature something to worry about?

Penis curvature is not that unusual. In fact about half of all penises have some noticeable curve or bend.

Then there are all kinds of various shape irregularities and size differences also.

And what all this means is that only about 18-20% of all penises are considered "normal".

And that's just plain crazy! Most penises are "normal". They just vary in size and shape. And a lot of them curve a little.

penis curvature is easy to fix

Penis Curvature
Nothing To Worry About

A permanent penis curve can be caused by something as simple as constantly wearing clothes that are too tight or something as severe as a fractured penis. There are many different causes of penis curvature.

But, a simple curving, that does not interfere with intercourse, is really nothing to worry about.

What About
A Bent Penis?

Peyronies Disease is the most common cause of what is called a bent penis. A bent penis differs from a simple curvature in that the curve is far greater. A penis with severe Peyronies Disease can actually form a right angle when erect.

If you have Peyronies disease, you have probably seen that new curve get worse and worse. That becomes highly disturbing. Especially when your doctor tells you you have a penis "disease".

Oh my God! Talk about panic, worry, and depression!

If Peyronies Disease is what you have, you can relax! Please go back and click on "Peyronies Disease" and you'll see that it is really just a simple condition that is very easy to fix.

The Biggest Problem
is Usually:
How a Curved Penis Makes You Feel

penis curvature in young men

The biggest problem with a dick that curves is the way it can make a man feel. Especially a young man.

All young men like to believe they are super studs. Possibly one of the world's greatest lovers. Ever! And there is nothing wrong with that!

Or, they feel they may be humiliated when they are about to lose their virginity. And they may also fear that NO WOMAN will ever want to have sex with them.

If that's the case, it's not true. Almost no woman is going to notice a simple curve in your dick. And if she does, she's not going to run away or jump back into her clothes.

But, a penis curvature can cause a young man to withdraw from normal social conduct. And THAT is not healthy.

For a man with a few more years (or many more years!), a cock that has taken on a curve, that he did not have before, can make him feel like he is "old" or "over the hill" or "past his sexual years". All nonsense!

But, if this is something that is causing you severe mental distress, there is no reason why you should not take action to correct it.

Is Your Penis Curvature Giving You
Sexual Insecurity?

We, as a society, just put FAR too much importance on our sexual powers.

As long as things are working, and not causing any pain, we're good. Really. That's all that matters.

A small curvature in your erection is not going to cause a problem for your sex life or sexual powers.

In fact most women won't even notice the curvature unless they are scrutinizing your erection. Which some do. And then it becomes a more of a momentary curiosity for them than anything else.

I've never heard of a woman who wouldn't sleep with a man who made her happy just because he had a slight penis curvature. Never!

But as men, we have our own sexual egos. And that is the difference between worrying about a curvature of the erection and not caring about it.

There's Nothing Wrong
With A Small Curve

A small curvature is nothing to worry about.  Nothing. But, it may be upsetting you. Your pride might be suffering.

Did you know that over 50%, yes over half, of all men have some degree of penis curvature? Yes. That's true.

There is nothing wrong with a healthy ego. In fact a certain amount of ego puts satisfaction and sparkle in our daily lives. It makes us want to do better and be better. That is healthy! So, if a small penis curvature is causing you great mental distress and you just don't feel OK about yourself, you may want to just get a little reality check.

I'm not talking about a severely bent penis here. I'm talking about a small but definite curvature. A small bend.

None of us are perfect. We all have our little flaws and abnormalities.

That's part of being a human being!

Tomorrow take a good look at every nose you see. How many are really straight? Penises are pretty much the same.

If You Want
Straighten the Bend

If having a straighter cock would really and truly make you feel better, or happier, then by all means straighten your dick out. It is very very easy to straighten almost any penis curvature.

Straightening a simple curving does not require surgery, injections, drugs or any other drastic measures.

"99.999% of all penis curvatures

(and even severely bent conditions)

can be straightened with simple correct penile traction."

Correct traction has been clinically proven to be the safest, most effective, and easiest way to straighten almost any bent penis.

Don't Worry!

There is nothing abnormal about a simple penis curvature.

And, a simple curvature will not affect your abilities or pleasures in the bedroom.

But, if your penis curvature really bothers you, 99.999% of the time it is very easy to fix .

Be Well.....

~ William

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