Can You Fix
Micro Penis?

micro penis, true chode

What is a Micro Penis? It is an erection of an adult male that is 2 inches or less.

Although the true micro penis, is quite rare, there are a lot of fairly small cocks. Some can be made bigger. Some can not.

I will discuss the alternatives and “fixes” for both.

The Micro Penis
The Chode

Young men, who enjoy being mean to each other for sport, will often call another’s smaller dick a chode when that is not really the case. (Technically a “chode” is one that is wider than it is long.)

But, the mocking can cause huge emotional insecurity.

chode 2chode
micro penismicro penis
micro penis 2micro penis

Can You Have
Successful Sexual Intercourse
a Micro Penis? 

A micro penis, and very often even a chode, can usually still perform it’s natural function: deliver enough sperm into a vagina to impregnate a female.

And most micro penises are not chodes. They are just small compared to normal or larger penises.

This is a very important difference.

The cock that is simply small in comparison to normal is just as useful as a normal or large one in sexual intimacy.

It’s just not as satisfying to the female.

It's all about
Self Esteem

Having a smaller than average dick can cause a real and serious self esteem issue for a man. It doesn’t have to.

I used to work with a fellow who was famous for having a really tiny cock. Why was he famous for it? Because he tried to bed every woman in the office and succeeded with quite a few. Those women seemed to like to talk. So everyone heard his amazingly small cock.

He was also fat and totally out of shape. Not especially good looking. And he had a tiny dick! But he had a Great personality!

He didn’t care how many jokes were told about him when the women gossiped or who said he had a tiny dick. And, he didn’t care if he pleased anyone other than himself.

He acted as if he had absolutely NO self esteem issues. Ha!

He also was only in search of the constant “new one night stand”. Those characteristics in themselves often reflects a HUGE self esteem issue!

But, a smaller dick, with a great personality often succeed where bigger dicks fail. It all depends on the man.


On the other hand, there are many men who suffer greatly from embarrassment when they sleep with a woman the first time and they feel their hard cock is just too small. Even though it is considerably larger than a chode or a micro penis.

And, many women really prefer bigger dicks. And they can can be mean about it.

So, a man with a smaller dick can become very self conscious and unconfident.

Embarrassment can make men unable to perform.

And it is just not necessary. But, it is a reality for many men. And for most of these men, there is a remedy!

You have to understand: there is world of difference between a micro penis, the true chode ,and just a relatively small cock.

If your dick is just smaller then normal, count your blessings!

A micro penis is much smaller than what you are working with.

Can a Micro Penis Be Fixed?

By fixed we mean made normal in size. Made bigger.

For some men yes. For some men no.

If you are one of the men who has a true micro  penis, there is no natural method that will be able to lengthen it sufficiently. But, I will discuss workable options for you below. Options that can help you be a great lover and satisfy your woman <i>completely</i> every time!

If your dick is simply smaller than average  you probably can lengthen it significantly. Even dramatically.

That can have a huge positive effect on your self confidence and from that, your love life!

But, don’t expect to add 2 or 3 inches to it. And don’t expect you’re going to look like a porn star when you’re finished.

For most men who simply suffer from a smaller penis, male enhancement (as it is referred to) is very possible. With out any kind of dangerous surgery.

Creating More Size

A true micro-penis is a rare genetic condition. It will never mature to a normal size.

Most men with a micro penis/chode can have satisfactory pleasure during intercourse. But, their partner will probably not be satisfied from the intercourse.

If you have a true micro penis, say a cock that is 1/2” long and 3/4”wide you are definitely sexually challenged as far as bedroom activities go.

You have two choices, really, for giving your partner satisfaction with intercourse:

   1)   A strap on erection

  2)   Penile reconstructive surgery

The Superior Alternatives

By the time you are reading this you know how much ridicule having a very small dick  has  caused you as a young man and how insecure it makes you feel sexually today.

As an adult, it is simply a bedroom problem. But, that can be very important to you and your partner.

The only two remedies I know of, to satisfy deep full  vaginal penetration, are

     1)  A strap on imitation erection

     2)  Reconstructive surgery

The Consequences of Surgery
can be horrifying

Let’s talk about surgery first, because for some dumb reason, that is all people seem to know about.

"Reconstructive surgery is dangerous,
just like any other surgery,
it has many drawbacks."

Penile surgery for a micro penis or chode carries a number of hideous possible side effect all it’s own. Such as never being able to orgasm ever again.

The only reason to get surgery would be to satisfy a partner in the bedroom with your own skin surfaces without using a device.

For some men this is a true desire. Just know the huge consequences before you make such a radical decision. And know the procedure is irreversible.

After surgery, it is not like you have a normal cock either. I want you to be very clear on this.

    - It does not feel the same.

    -It may have little if any sensation at all.

    - It will not really look the same. (But, it will be functional for intercourse. And it can satisfy your partner sexually.)

    - With a constructed member you will never experience an orgasm again. Ever.

    - The surgery is very much the same as the surgery for a transgender (a woman who wants to be a man). A “cock” is crafted from your own skin. It will not get erect by itself, but, rather by a pump that is usually installed in the scrotum.

Is that what you want?

Only a man who desires to please his partner with intercourse when normal intercourse is impossible and does not wish to use an outside device would choose this option.

I think it is totally foolish. Even insane. But, having a micro penis is not my circumstance. And for some men this is their choice.

If you think you are one of these men, have a good serious talk with your partner and see if it even really matters that much to her. You might just find that she loves you as you are and a strap on and oral gratification make her happy just as long as you are there.

REMEMBER:  Penile reconstructive surgery is a very severe, serious, and personal decision to make. It is also irreversible.

There is
a far Superior Alternative

There is a much better, safer, saner alternative to reconstructive surgery:  A strap on erection.

"Strap-ons" (as they are called) are commonly used by lesbian lovers to satisfy the need for male penetration.

There is nothing dirty or pornographic about using a strap on if it brings you and your partner happiness.

They are wonderful and amazing devices for sexually challenged men. A God send in fact! Because, with one, you can satisfy your woman and make her cum like crazy!

Strap-ons are easy to get. Good ones are very lifelike, and they can satisfy a woman almost as well as a real Big cock.

And, you and your partner can choose the size! So you might as well get a really large one! You will make your woman gasp with pleasure. Yes, YOU will. Because: It’s all about who is using it.

A strap on device, I think, if you and your partner are in love, is a wonderful solution to your intercourse desires.

It may also be even more pleasing to your partner than a reconstructive creation because the good ones are usually made from molds of actual real erections. And, they are relatively inexpensive.

The major benefit of using a strap on device and leaving your anatomy as it is would be: She can still give you pleasure if your micro penis is unaltered.

That is completely impossible with a surgically constructed cock.

Again:  If you decide on the surgery, you will never again experience a natural orgasm again. Ever!

The Regular Small Cock


For those of you with just a small cock and not an actual micro penis , I hope you read the preceding two sections.

"Don’t stupidly risk your entire future sex life
because you are unhappy with your size."

For you, penis surgery, in my opinion, is insane. Totally insane! You may destroy your natural sex life forever. You may never even be able to get an erection again

You will not get a longer penis from a surgery either (well, maybe 1/4 inch longer). It may be thicker, but  you will risk losing the ability to ever get an erection or an orgasm ever again.

For men like you, natural male enhancement has been proven to be the safest and most effective method available in the world.

And, it is medically recommended and endorsed in 29 countries worldwide.

Best of all:  It works!!! For almost everyone!

"Male Enhancement"

Natural male enhancement has been going on for thousands of years.

Yes, thousands of years ago (and this is documented) men were busy making their dicks Bigger!

However, thousands of years ago men had time to sit for hours a day with heavy stones hanging from their dicks while they gazed at the trees and the stars.

I just don’t think any of us would even have the patience for that today.

Most men reading this article are simply smaller than normal or thinking that what they do have is too small.

Most of you do not have a chode or a micro penis.

For all of you that fall into this category true natural male enhancement (creating a bigger dick) is normally very possible and safe if you do it correctly.

You just want to chose the method that is:

  • The Best

  • Most Effective

  • Safest

Fortunately, that’s not as difficult as it sounds.

The Method
Proven BEST!

The best method (which has been proven in study after study) is correct penis traction.

As you have learned, correct penis traction is now  medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide.

And, the results are permanent!

In most cases, you can do your enlarging while you go about your normal daily activities.

Nice, huh!?

The True Micro Penis,
The Chode,
The Regular Small Dick

A true micro penis or chode is too small to use a traction device on.

But, a regular below average size dick can use one. And normally, quite effectively.

Again, if you have a 3 1/2” erection don’t expect to wind up with an 8 or 9 inch one. It will never happen.

But, whatever length and width you can safely add will make a difference in your overall look. And, more important, in your self confidence and the feel your partner experiences.

A bigger stronger erection will undoubtedly increase your self assurance. And it can make you and your partner much happier in the bedroom.

What Makes You Happy

In fact, it’s very important!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a bigger dick! Nothing.

It is no different than wanting a different hair color, or a new suit of clothes,  or a different shaped nose, or a woman wanting bigger breasts.

If it makes you feel better and doesn’t hurt anyone (including yourself) in the process, then: Enjoy!

The Best
Medically Endorsed Equipment

Again, the true micro penis can not be lengthened with traction. Simply because it is too small to fit in the traction devices.

But, most small cocks are not micro penises. And, regular small dicks can almost always be lengthened safely and effectively.

The important thing is:  Choosing the right traction device. You want Safety and Great Results!

There are good ones and bad ones. They all, unfortunately, look very much the same.

I have written some specific articles that will familiarize you with what I feel are the best, safest, and most effective traction devices available today. And I will tell you why I chose the devices I did.

Here are links to 2 of these articles. I strongly suggest you read them both before making your decision:

Is It a Micro Penis?

By now you know if your cock is a true micro penis, chode, or just smaller than normal or smaller than you wish it was.

And, if it is simply a small cock, now you also know the best, safest, and most effective medically endorsed method for adding more permanent size to it.

With correct traction, the size you add will be permanent and last for the rest of your life!

For most of you, your cock is not a chode or a micro penis. It is just a smaller than average. Normally, you can safely, and easily make it bigger.

Be Well.....

~ William

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